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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Payment Options and other Payment Options-related topics:

Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Payment Options and other Payment Options-related topics:

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To be (domestic) or not to be (domestic), that is the cross-border question

Voice of the Industry | Payments General | 23 Feb 2021

Julie Fergerson from MRC discusses the details of why merchants should measure cross-border transaction activity in order to avoid the risk of missing out on potential revenue

MRC, Julie Fergerson, cross-border payments, payment acceptance rate, domestic transactions, cross-border transactions, domestic payment, payment options

Paydek partners Thunes for more payment options and expansion in emerging markets

News | Online Payments | 08 Dec 2020

UK-based payments company Paydek has announced a partnership with global payments network Thunes to provide customers payment options and a broader international reach, specifically in emerging markets.

Paydek, Thunes, payment options, cross-border payments, B2B payments, online payments

Modulr, My Digital Accounts to improve payments options for UK remote workers

News | Online Payments | 24 Sep 2020

UK-based cloud-based contractor payroll software provider My Digital Accounts has partnered with the fintech Modulr to provide payment options to the UK’s flexible workforce.

My Digital Accounts, Modulr, digital workforce, fintech, payment options, online payments, gig economy, remote workforce, payroll, contractor website, freelancing, UK, United Kingdom

Apple bans Fortnite from the App Store after Epic Games introduces a direct payment option

News | Mobile Payments | 14 Aug 2020

Apple has banned Fortnite from the App Store after its creator, Epic Games added a new direct payment option for in-game currency on mobile.

Apple, Fortnite, App Store, Epic Games, direct payment option, in-game currency, V-Bucks, Google, payment options, iOS In-App Payment Processing Market, marketplace, payment method, fees

Fincy expands contactless transaction ecosystem with crypto payments

News | Cryptocurrencies | 04 Aug 2020

Fincy, a Singapore-based money app, has announced support for approved cryptocurrencies.

money app, crypto, merchants, Bitcoin, Fiat, Singapore, Fincy, payment options, token-based loyalty system

Starbucks reveals new payments features for its loyalty programme members

News | Ecommerce | 24 Jul 2020

Starbucks has announced that loyalty programme members will have more options to pay for their drinks.

Starbucks, loyalty programme, credit card, debit card, PayPal, mobile wallets, contactless payments, coronavirus, US, payment options, gift card , prepaid card

For 83 percent of UK consumers payment tech is key criterium for shopping options

News | Online Payments | 14 May 2020

A Modularbank research has found that over 83% of UK consumers claim that payment tech is important when choosing where to buy goods and services.

Moudlarbank, report, online shopping, payment technology, fintech, payment options

ECOMMPAY to integrate with new PayPal commerce platform

News | Online Payments | 03 Mar 2020

PayPal has confirmed integration with ECOMMPAY to pilot the PayPal Commerce Platform.

ECOMMPAY, PayPal, ecommerce, partnership, PSP, merchant, payment options, API, payments

Despite advanced payment technology, there is still frustration at checkout

News | Payments General | 13 Jan 2020

An Ingenico and FreedomPay joint study has revealed that despite the evolved technology with more payment options, there is still frustration for consumers at checkout.

Ingenico, FreedomPay, checkout, payment options, retail, merchants, study

UK retailers lose GBP 8 bln from lack of payment options online

News | Online Payments | 06 Sep 2019

UK retailers are losing an estimated GBP 8 billion in revenue due to a lack of payment options online, according to research from Adyen.

UK, retailers, payment options, research, Adyen, payment methods, digital wallets

ASOS, Klarna expand global payments partnership into the US

News | Ecommerce | 05 Aug 2019

ASOS and alternative payments provider Klarna have extended their reach to the US market to offer flexible payment options to shoppers.

ASOS, alternative payments, Klarna, partnership, payments provider, the US, payment options

Wirecard prototypes Smart Mirror with integrated payment options

News | Ecommerce | 16 Jul 2019

Wirecard has launched its new prototype of a Smart Mirror, and it is the first German intelligent mirror through which consumers can also pay.

Wirecard, payment options, Smart Mirror, launch, QR code, retailer, merchant, unified commerce

PAYFORT enters partnership with Government of Ajman

News | Online Payments | 02 Jul 2019

PAYFORT, an Amazon company, has announced a partnership agreement with the Government of Ajman, aimed at streamlining the payment options offered by AjmanPay.

PayFort, partnership, AjmanPay, payment options, payment gateway, UAE

Payment options in the world of subscription commerce

Voice of the Industry | Expert Opinion | 25 Apr 2019

Andrew Dailey, from MGI Research, presents the concepts of payment facilitators and merchant of record and their role in the digital goods and services market

Andrew Dailey, MGI Research, payment options, subscription commerce, payment facilitator, Merchant of Record, digital goods

Allied Wallet adds new payment options for online businesses in Norway

News | Online Payments | 20 Mar 2019

Allied Wallet, a global provider of online payment processing, has added several new payment options in Norway to support its growing ecommerce landscape.

Allied Wallet, payment options, Norway, ecommerce, BankAxess, MobilePay, Paylevo, Trustly

Allied Wallet adds new payment options for customers in South Korea

News | Online Payments | 01 Mar 2019

Allied Wallet, a global provider of online payment processing, has announced it now offers new alternative payment methods in South Korea.

Allied Wallet, payment options, South Korea, online payment, digital wallet, ShinhanCard, T-Money, Toss

Nordis opens new mobile channel and payment options to its clients

News | Payments General | 14 Feb 2019

Nordis Technologies has added SMS to its Expresso customer communications management system and is now offering ExpressoWallet to deliver membership cards and mobile statements.

Nordis, mobile payments, payment options, ExpressoWallet, billing

Atom Tickets introduces new digital payment options

News | Payments General | 08 Feb 2019

Atom Tickets, a movie ticketing app, has introduced two new digital payment options – Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Atom Tickets, digital payment, payment options, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, app, Android, iOS, smartphone, QR code

Allied Wallet adds new payment options for customers in Spain

News | Online Payments | 06 Feb 2019

Allied Wallet, providing online payment processing, has added SOFORT, Trustly, CaixaBankWallet and iupay to its list of payment options for online shoppers in Spain.

Allied Wallet, Sofort, Trustly, CaixaBankWallet, iupay, payment processing, payment options, Spain, online payment