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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Payment Gateway and other Payment Gateway-related topics:

Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Payment Gateway and other Payment Gateway-related topics:

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Citcon partners with Cash App Pay and Afterpay

News | Payments General | 27 Sep 2023

Digital payments provider Citcon has partnered with Cash App Pay and Afterpay to offer additional payment solutions. 

BNPL, online payments, mobile payments, partnership, payment methods, payment gateway, ecommerce

UP launches ecommerce gateway services

News | Payments General | 26 Sep 2023

Nigeria-based Unified Payments (UP) has launched its ecommerce gateway services built on Compass Plus Technologies’ platform. 

online payments, payment gateway, B2B payments, product launch, partnership, certification

Unlocking tomorrow's transactions: payment gateways in the global economy

Voice of the Industry | Online Payments | 11 Sep 2023

Kostiantyn Prymak from Transferty describes key payment gateway industry trends that will place businesses at the forefront of innovation and with a strong impact on the global economy.


payment gateway, online payments, BNPL, payment methods, local payment method, real-time payments, instant payments, crypto, cryptocurrency, digital payments, digitalisation, artificial intelligence, DeFi, financial inclusion, fintech

What problems does the financial industry face and how are the new institutions trying to solve them?

Interviews | Online & Mobile Banking | 11 Sep 2023

Olegs Cernisevs, CTO of Blackcatcard, explains some key problems within the banking sector and how neobanking is actively addressing them.

neobanks, EMI licence, credit card, cryptocurrency, payment gateway, banking, AML, KYC

The intricacies of payment routing – executive interview with Spreedly

Interviews | Online Payments | 04 Sep 2023

Andy McHale, Senior Director of Product and Market Strategy at Spreedly, presents a subject-focused take on the topics of payment orchestration and payment routing.

payments orchestration, payment processing, online payments, PIX, PCI DSS, PSP, fraud prevention, transactions , payment gateway, payment gate, false declines, cross-border payments, authorisation rate

TSG launches TruMonitor

News | Payments General | 25 Aug 2023

The Strawhecker Group (TSG) has announced the launch of TruMonitor, a SaaS product and component of the company’s Global Experience Monitoring (GEM) platform.

fintech, payment gateway, payment processing, transaction monitoring

FSS unveils BLAZE, a future-proof payments platform for banks

News | Payments General | 25 Aug 2023

India-based Financial Software and Systems (FSS) has launched BLAZE, a payments technology platform, to meet the needs of banks and financial institutions.

payment processing, payment gateway, banks, fraud prevention, product launch

Beyond launches payment processor for vacation rentals

News | Payments General | 23 Aug 2023

US-based revenue management platform Beyond has launched Tally, a modern, ready-to-use payment processing solution designed for the vacation rental industry.

payment processing, payment gateway, product launch, PCI compliance, payment methods

Finmont partners with ZooPay

News | Payments General | 22 Aug 2023

Global payment orchestration platform Finmont has announced a partnership with micro-hedging and risk management platform ZooPay.

partnership, payments , payments orchestration, paytech, travel payments, ecommerce, merchants, risk management, fintech, transactions , payment gateway

Leap Event Technology launches merchant services solution via Stripe

News | Payments General | 11 Aug 2023

US-based Leap Event Technology has launched their integrated merchant services solution, powered by Stripe, included in their unified suite of event technology and service offerings.

payment processing, merchants, payment gateway, chargebacks, PCI compliance

PayTabs partners with MEPS to enter Palestine's web commerce market

News | Online Payments | 09 Aug 2023

Saudi Arabia-based PayTabs has partnered with Middle East Payment Services (MEPS) to enable digital payments in Palestine.

online payments, payment gateway, social commerce, ecommerce, SMEs

Optty expands payment architectures into cryptocurrencies with Triple-A

News | Cryptocurrencies | 31 Jul 2023

Singapore-based BNPL integrator Optty has partnered with crypto payment gateway Triple-A to add crypto as a payment option on its platform.

cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, payment gateway, BNPL

Worldline launches Mobility Payments Suite

News | Payments General | 19 Jul 2023

France-based global payments services provider Worldline has launched a mobility payments suite looking to facilitate consistent payments and increase access to mobility for all.

product launch, mobility, payments , paytech, fintech, PSP, payment gateway, fraud prevention, artificial intelligence, machine learning

Egyptian fintechs partner with Fintech Galaxy for MENA market expansion

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 17 Jul 2023

Fintech Galaxy has onboarded over 10 Egyptian fintechs in its open finance platform FINX.

fintech, Open Banking, financial inclusion, payment gateway, compliance

Razorpay launches payment gateway for Malaysia with Curlec

News | Payments General | 13 Jul 2023

India-based fintech and full-stack payments and business banking platform Razorpay has launched an international payment gateway for Malaysia in partnership with Curlec.

partnership, product launch, expansion, payments , fintech, paytech, payment gateway, digitalisation

Turning payment challenges into revenue opportunities – upcoming developments and insights from FlexCharge

Interviews | Payments General | 13 Jul 2023

Daniel Kornitzer, Advisory Board Member at FlexCharge, discusses the challenges payment managers face and presents FlexCharge's solution and upcoming developments.

payments , digital wallet, artificial intelligence, Acquirer, risk management, merchants, embedded payments, payment gateway

Total Processing partners with for A2A payments

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 06 Jul 2023

Payment processor Total Processing has announced a partnership with A2A payment infrastructure provider to offer Open Banking-enabled payments to European customers.

partnership, product launch, account-to-account payment, Open Banking payments, payments , fintech, paytech, merchants, ecommerce, payment gateway, money transfer, settlement, instant payments, payment processing

ZaloPay partners with Shopify

News | Ecommerce | 26 Jun 2023

Vietnam-based e-wallet ZaloPay, part of the VNG Corporation digital ecosystem, has announced a partnership with Canada-based commerce platform Shopify.

partnership, payment gateway, payments , ecommerce, merchants, payment methods, fintech, paytech, online shopping, digitalisation, marketplace, product launch

The Global Overview of Payments Providers 2023

Report | Online Payments | 16 Jun 2023

The Global Overview of Payments Providers 2023 is the most recent market analysis of key payment providers in the B2B and B2C commerce payments ecosystem.

payments , M&As, ecommerce, startup, payment methods, PSP, BNPL, SaaS, account-to-account payment, payment gateway, payments orchestration, research, B2B payments, POS, cryptocurrency, payments infrastructure, merchant, Payfac, embedded payments, recurring payments, cross-border payments, real-time payments, e-wallet, Open Banking, metaverse

Shape Technologies launches dynamic Payments-Platform-as-a-Service

News | Payments General | 06 Jun 2023

UK-based Shape Technologies has rolled out its dynamic Payments-Platform-as-a-Service (PPaaS), offering its fully customisable platform to payment service providers around the world.

product launch, merchants, payment gateway, data analytics, digitalisation, AML, KYC, KYB