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Business opportunities in the pandemic and the road ahead

26 May 2020 | Ecommerce

To face a post-COVID-19 world with confidence, businesses are advised to modify their current processes, culture, and customer experiences. Harvey Chan from Payment Asia has some ideas

Harvey Chan, Payment Asia, Covid-19, payments, ecommerce, delivery, stay at home, e-payment, mobile payments, credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets

Preemptive fraud management practices for merchants

12 Dec 2018 | Expert Opinion

Anka Yip, Payment Asia, talks about fraud management in ecommerce and explains how the company supports merchants in managing risk while expanding into China

Anka Yip, Payment Asia, fraud management, merchants, ecommerce, China, fraud, AI, KYC, fraud

DRun - keeping goods in the eyes of managers

04 Oct 2018 | Expert Opinion

William Hung, Payment Asia: “DRun a real-time interface designated for delivery business, will help in keeping the goods in the eyes of managers of delivery companies”

DRun, Payment Asia, ecommerce, QR code, mobile payments, POS, fleet tracking, AlipayHK, logistics, delivery