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NICE Actimize unveils new solution to fight synthetic and identity fraud

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 03 Feb 2021

NICE Actimize has announced its New Account Fraud onboarding and verification solution, to combat sophisticated fraud schemes utilising stolen and synthetic identities. 

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Global new account fraud rates fell by 23 percent in 2020, in UK climbed 28 percent

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 16 Dec 2020

A Jumio research has found that while global new account fraud rates fell by 23% in 2020, but fraud rates in the UK climbed 28%.

Jumio, report, study, customer onboarding, identity verification, New Account Fraud, financial crime, digital identity, online fraud

Visa reveals digital tool to prevent new account fraud

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 23 Jun 2020

Visa has announced a digital tool to help US financial institutions with their efforts to combat new account fraud – estimated at USD 10 billion a year.

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When onboarding goes overboard: How to counteract New Account Fraud

Voice of the Industry | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 12 Feb 2020

Tim Ayling, buguroo, discusses why New Account Fraud is so attractive to fraudsters and how a solution founded in behavioral biometrics is the route to prevent it

Tim Ayling, buguroo, New Account Fraud, onboarding, fraud, accounts, digital banking, financial services, banks, threat intelligence, anti-fraud solutions, synthetic identities, ID documents, financial security, biometrics

How a top 5 Bank uses machine learning to detect fictious identities

Voice of the Industry | Expert Opinion | 18 Oct 2019

Detecting the use of stolen and synthetic identity credentials early on the customer journey, requires the use of adaptive decisioning. Simility shares how their industry recognized, best-in-class machine learning platform helped a top bank combat new account fraud

fraud, fraud detection, NAO, new account opening, New Account Fraud, banking, financial institutions, risk assessment, Simility, machine learning, Adaptive Decisioning Platform

GIACT report: less victims of identity fraud, more new account fraud cases

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 17 Apr 2019

After years of record-high fraud rates, 2018 saw the cost of fraud and the number of victims decrease for the first time in three years, according to GIACT’s white paper.

GIACT, identity fraud, New Account Fraud, study, US, fraud prevention, online security, ATO

OneSpan rolls out AI-based tool to fight Account Takeover

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 13 Feb 2019

OneSpan has launched an open API, cloud-based Risk Analytics solution to help financial institutions stop fraud, including Account Takeover and New Account Fraud.

OneSpan, AI, account takeover, New Account Fraud, fraud prevention, risk analytics, user behaviour, data, product launch