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Interview with Money20/20`s organizers on China`s leading role in fintech

Interviews | Interviews | 07 Jan 2019

The Paypers has sat with Rebecca Martin and Pat Patel, Money20/20 organizers, to discuss about China’s leading role in fintech

Rebecca Martin, Pat Patel, Money2020, China, fintech, banks, payments, artificial intelligence, merchants, retailers

FacePhi rolls out a "zero risk" security product for the banking sector

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 11 Oct 2018

FacePhi, a Spain-based biometrics for banking entities company, has launched inPhinite, a “zero risk” security product for the banking sector.

FacePhi , banking sector, financial institution, biometrics, product launch, Money2020, inPhinite, facial, optical, fingerprint, Signature, voice recognition

EMVCo and the FIDO Alliance discuss FIDO Authentication in EMV 3-D Secure

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 04 Jun 2018

Money 20/20 Europe: EMVCo and the FIDO Alliance have expanded their collaboration to define how EMV 3-D Secure (3DS) messages may be used to pass FIDO Authentication. 

EMVCo, FIDO Alliance, FIDO authentication, EMV 3DS, 3-D Secure, Money2020

Leumi to create digital banking platform for banks

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 24 Oct 2017

Temenos and VMware have announced at Money2020, Las Vegas a collaboration with Bank Leumi to create an advanced digital banking platform for banks.

Temenos, VMware, Money2020, Las Vegas, US, Leumi, bank, digital banking, platform, online banking

Yoyo puts out transactions volume at Money2020, Las Vegas

News | Mobile Payments | 24 Oct 2017

Yoyo, a mobile payment and loyalty marketing platform, has announced at Money2020 Las Vegas that it processes more than 1.75 million transactions a month.

Yoyo, Money2020, Las Vegas, US, Europe, transactions , app, wallet, mobile payments, marketing platform