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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Money Transfer and other Money Transfer-related topics:

Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Money Transfer and other Money Transfer-related topics:

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AU10TIX, Microsoft partner on decentralised verifiable credentials

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 28 Mar 2023

Identity verification company AU10TIX has announced a partnership with Microsoft on Reusable ID, a new approach in verifiable credentials (VC) architecture for identity management.

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Plend partners GoCardless for variable recurring payments

News | Payments General | 24 Mar 2023

UK-based ethical lender Plend has partnered with Open Banking provider GoCardless to offer variable recurring payments (VRPs) via the latter’s Instant Bank Pay feature.

partnership, Open Banking, direct debit, Variable Recurring Payments, account-to-account payment, online platform, payments , instant payments, money transfer, fintech, banking, digital payments, financial services, financial data, automation, financial inclusion launches card issuing service

News | Cards | 22 Mar 2023

Payments solution provider has launched a card issuing service, enabling businesses to issue physical and virtual cards and provide financial services products.

product launch, card scheme, virtual card, Issuer, cash flow, money transfer, embedded finance, financial services, marketplace, ecommerce, SMEs, API, digital banking, payments , fintech

KreditBee partners with PayU

News | Online Payments | 22 Mar 2023

India-based fintech platform KreditBee has announced its partnership with PayU for enabling customers to convert their online purchases into EMIs.

partnership, mobile payments, online payments, payments , money transfer

CellPoint Digital and Nium to provide merchants with frictionless payments

News | Online Payments | 21 Mar 2023

Payments orchestrator CellPoint Digital has partnered with fintech Nium to offer merchants a frictionless, optimised end-to-end money movement process.

Nium, merchants, money transfer, online payments, FX , API, ecommerce

Western Union partners with MoMo

News | Online Payments | 20 Mar 2023

Fintech company MoMo has announced its partnership with Western Union in order to allow money transfers in Vietnam through the MoMo application. 

partnership, mobile payments, online payments, payments , digital payments, ecommerce, money transfer

PXP Financial partners with Mastercard and Payall

News | Payments General | 17 Mar 2023

Payment processing services provider PXP Financial has partnered with Mastercard and Payall to deliver cross-border payments and international money transfers.

partnership, payments , cross-border payments, cross-border logistics, online payments, payments infrastructure, money transfer, payout, financial inclusion, mobile money, fintech, payment methods, compliance, financial services

Moldcell launches digital wallet supported by Comviva

News | Payments General | 17 Mar 2023

Moldova-based mobile network operator Moldcell has entered the financial services market by launching a digital wallet supported by digital financial solutions provider Comviva.

product launch, partnership, digital wallet, digital payments, online payments, e-wallet, payments , financial services, digitalisation, fintech, platform, money transfer supports instant money transfers with Mastercard Send

News | Online Payments | 15 Mar 2023

Global payments solution provider has announced it  will enable instant money transfers from Australia, Hong Kong SAR, and Singapore via Mastercard Send.

instalment payments, gig economy, MasterCard, cashback, money transfer, payment processing

CurrencyFair partners with Thunes

News | Online Payments | 15 Mar 2023

Cross-border payments platform CurrencyFair has partnered with payments company Thunes to provide money transfer services in 25 new currencies, including the Mexican peso.

partnership, product launch, digital currency, money transfer, payments , cross-border payments, remittances, financial services, digital payments, expansion, online payments, platform, P2P, B2B payments, fintech

Ria Money Transfer and ACLEDA Bank expand remittances in Cambodia

News | Payments General | 15 Mar 2023

US-based Ria Money Transfer, a subsidiary of Euronet, has partnered with Cambodia-based ACLEDA Bank to broaden cross-border money transfer services to and from Cambodia.

ATM, remittance, money transfer, omnichannel, expansion, partnership

MoneyGram partners Lynk

News | Online Payments | 13 Mar 2023

Fintech company MoneyGram has partnered with mobile wallet Lynk to enable the latter’s Jamaica-based users to receive cross-border payments on their smartphones.

partnership, remittances, money transfer, money remittance, cross-border payments, payments , digital wallet, mobile payments, digital payments, fintech, financial services, transactions

Vodafone Qatar's iPay offers cashback on international transfers

News | Mobile Payments | 13 Mar 2023

Vodafone Qatar’s Infinity Payment Solutions (IPS) has revealed its cashback offer to consumers using the e-wallet iPay.

money transfer, digital wallet, cashback, remittance, mobile payments

Paysera, Ria Money Transfer enable payment collection in cash

News | Payments General | 10 Mar 2023

Fintech company Paysera has partnered with Ria Money Transfer, a Euronet Worldwide subsidiary, to enable payment collection in cash at Ria pickup locations in 152 countries.

partnership, payments , cross-border payments, remittances, money transfer, P2P payments, financial services, cash, unbanked, online payments, FX , mobile money, fintech

Zai teams with Cuscal to deliver PayTo

News | Payments General | 09 Mar 2023

Fintech Zai has teamed with payment service provider Cuscal to deliver its PayTo solution and improve its PayID offering, both initiatives of the New Payments Platform Australia.

partnership, payments , online payments, real-time payments, PayTo, payment methods, banking, money transfer, omnichannel payments solution, digital payments, online platform, fintech, financial services, ecommerce

Westpac launches new anti-scam security

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 07 Mar 2023

Australia-based bank Westpac has rolled out a new security feature called Westpac Verify to protect customers from fraud.

fraud prevention, scam, bank transfer, financial crime, money transfer

Alchemy Pay and Berkah Digital obtain license from Central Bank of Indonesia

News | Payments General | 01 Mar 2023

Singapore-based crypto gateway Alchemy Pay and fintech Berkah Digital have jointly obtained Indonesian licenses to operate remittances and fund transfers.

fintech, crypto, payment gateway, remittance, money transfer, central bank

Paysend partners with Transformify

News | Online Payments | 01 Mar 2023

UK-based fintech company Paysend has announced its partnership with Transformify to provide businesses with improved management of vendors and payroll services.

partnership, online payments, digital payments, cross-border payments, ecommerce, remittance, money transfer, financial services, payment methods, instant payments

Western Union and Beforepay offer 'Send Now, Pay Later' for money transfers

News | Online Payments | 27 Feb 2023

Western Union has partnered with Beforepay to augment cross-border money transfers for customers with short-term lending.

money transfer, instalment payments, partnership, cross-border payments, Western Union

Remitly expands into the Middle East

News | Mobile Payments | 24 Feb 2023

US-based remittance processor Remitly has launch its outbound remittance product in the UAE and opened an office in Dubai.

remittance, money transfer, expansion, digitalisation, mobile payments