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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Money Remittance and other Money Remittance-related topics:

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TerraPay partners with SendMN for cross-border payments

News | Mobile Payments | 20 Jul 2022

Netherlands-based global payments infrastructure company TerraPay has partnered with Mongolia-based money transmitter and financial institution SendMN

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MercardoLibre and Western Union partner for digital remittances to Mexico

News | Online Payments | 12 Jul 2022

Global money transfer platform Western Union has announced a new agreement with South American ecommerce giant MercadoLibre to allow digital remittances to Mexico.

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Swinto and Currencycloud partner to boost Kosovo's economy

News | Online Payments | 16 Jun 2022

Currencycloud platform has announced it has partnered with Swiss-based Velanis AG to launch a new financial app, Swinto, that offers easy, accessible, and instant money transfers to people from Kosovo who are based in Switzerland.

FX , money transfer, money remittance, cross-border payments, digital currency, transactions , instant payments

Western Union integrates Mambu into its European digital bank platform

News | Online Payments | 10 Jun 2022

Germany-based the cloud banking platform Mambu has teamed up with cross-currency money movement Western Union.

remittance, digital banking, money remittance, money transfer, partnership

Western Union and Zain Cash partner to facilitate cross-border payments

News | Online Payments | 28 Apr 2022

Global platform for cross-border, cross-currency money movement Western Union has partnered with Jordan-based Zain Cash, a mobile telecom operator in the Middle East to facilitate cross-border money transfer in Jordan.

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Paysend improves financial health in the UK with Paysend Grow

News | Mobile Payments | 06 Apr 2022

UK-based money remittance app Paysend has announced the launch of two new products to help its 6.5 million customers enhance their financial health – Credit Builder and Pay Later.

money transfer, money remittance, online platform, cashless, BNPL, credit scoring, credit card, mobile payments

DBS and Brac Bank partner for real-time, no-fee remittance payments for Bangladesh migrants

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 28 Mar 2022

Singapore-based DBS Bank has announced that Bangladesh migrants working in Singapore can now transfer funds to their home country in real-time with no fees through DBS’ digital banking platform to a Brac Bank account.

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TransferGo sales additional shares to fund exapsion

News | Online Payments | 16 Feb 2022

UK-based money transfer company TransferGo has announced the sale EUR 6 million worth of shares to expand within the global remittance market.

money transfer, remittance, expansion, funding, money remittance

Digital wallet Hubpay secures a USD 20 mln investment

News | Mobile Payments | 10 Feb 2022

UAE-based digital wallet Hubpay has netted USD 20 million in its Series A funding round, led by Signal Peak Ventures.

digital wallet, money transfer, money remittance, EMI licence, fintech

Inpay and Eurogiro launch PostalPay for international remittances

News | Payments General | 18 Jan 2022

Denmark-based cross-border payments provider Inpay has partnered with payments network Eurogiro to allow people in Bangladesh to send and receive remittances with lower fees.

partnership, remittances, cross-border payments, money remittance, money transfer, payment processing

Smiles partners with MoneyGram for international money transfers

News | Mobile Payments | 12 Jan 2022

Japan-based fintech Smiles has tapped MoneyGram’s global payment rails to send money to more than 200 countries and territories.

partnership, cross-border payments, money transfer, money remittance, fintech

PayNow to link with India's UPI for low-cost instant fund transfers

News | Online Payments | 14 Sep 2021

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and the Reserve Bank of India have announced plans to link Singapore's PayNow system with India's UPI real-time payment system.

PayNow, UPI, money transfer, money remittance

Roxe partners Treviso to enable remittances to Brazil

News | Online Payments | 24 Aug 2021

Blockchain-based payment network Roxe has partnered with international foreign exchange broker Treviso to enable remittances to Brazil.

remittance, remittances, money remittance, partnership

Zepz raises USD 292 mln, achieves USD 5 bln valuation

News | Online Payments | 23 Aug 2021

Zepz, formerly WorldRemit, a digital cross-border payments platform has raised USD 292 million in new primary financing, achieving a valuation of USD 5 billion.

money transfer, money remittance, cross-border payments, digital payments, funding

Nium and Travelex launch digital remittance offering in Hong Kong

News | Online Payments | 15 Jun 2021

Forex platform Travelex has announced partnering with Singapore-based payments platform Nium to launch digital remittance offering Travelex International Money Transfer.

partnership, remittance, money remittance, online payments

ACE Money Transfer expands to Australia

News | Mobile Payments | 21 Apr 2021

UK-based ACE Money Transfer has announced expanding its global money transfer services to Australia.

expansion, remittance, money remittance, money transfer

Trust Payments, Wakanda Messenger partner to empower Africans around the world

News | Online Payments | 22 Sep 2020

Trust Payments has partnered with social network, messaging and ecommerce startup Wakanda Messenger to provide the payments element for their online marketplace and money remittance service.

Trust Payments, ecommerce, Wakanda Messenger, online marketplace, money remittance, Africa, financial inclusion, unemployment, KYC, AML, PSD2, GDPR

2020 Darwinian shakeout in European fintech

Voice of the Industry | Payments General | 07 Jul 2020

Joel Van Arsdale from Flagship Advisory Partners provides insights regarding the rapid growth in licensed payment and e-money institutions in recent years and his expectation for a shakeout among fintechs in 2020 due to challenging market circumstances

Joel Van Arsdale, Flagship Advisory Partners, fintech, payments , Payment Institutions, e-money, finance, commerce, money remittance, Open Banking, banking, FX

Revolugroup Canada completes 20-nation test of Visa-linked e-wallet

News | Online Payments | 06 Jan 2020

Revolugroup Canada has announced it has completed a 20-nation beta test of its RevoluPay e-wallet, which is linked to a proprietary physical Visa card.

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MiFinity, UnionPay to launch consumer money remittance service to China

News | Payments General | 28 Aug 2019

MiFinity has extended its partnership with UnionPay and announced the launch of a new cross-border money transfer service to UnionPay card holders in mainland China.

MiFinity, UnionPay, money remittance, China, card