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PayU rolls out UPI AutoPay feature for subscription payments

29 Jul 2020 | Mobile Payments

India-based online payments solutions provider PayU has announced the integration of the UPI AutoPay feature for merchants. 

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Xiaomi's Mi Pay enables NFC-free payments

25 Mar 2020 | Mobile Payments

Fraud Prevention and Online Authentication Report 2019/2020

Xiaomi’s Mi Pay has announced a new feature that will allow phones without NFC to access its services.

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Bleumi reveals Bleumi Pay, Bleumi Invoice for cross-border payments using blockchain and stablecoins

24 Apr 2019 | Cryptocurrencies

Bleumi has launched Bleumi Pay and Bleumi Invoice to deliver cross-border payments using blockchain and stablecoins (cryptocurrencies).

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Xiaomi announces launch of payments app Mi Pay in India

19 Mar 2019 | Payments General

Xiaomi has announced the launch of the Mi Pay payments app for smartphones in India, after testing in beta programme for a while.

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