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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Merchant and other Merchant-related topics:

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FintechCashier launches Lite Label BaaS subscription

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 26 Sep 2022

FintechCashier, a UK-based payment gateway and solution provider, has released a ‘Lite Label’ Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) subscription.

fintech, product launch, BaaS, payment gateway, merchant

ClearBank integrates with Fondy

News | Payments General | 26 Sep 2022

ClearBank has integrated with Fondy to provide ecommerce companies with an efficient shop payment solution, allowing them to manage their money flow.

merchant, IBAN, partnership, ecommerce, transactions

Three ways to cut shopping friction and help drive growth

Voice of the Industry | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 26 Sep 2022

Friction can lead to basket abandonment, purchase delays, and a poor customer experience that doesn't inspire loyalty. Mari-Anne Bayliss, Senior Director at Cybersource, recommends three things merchants can do today to help cut friction and drive growth.

3-D Secure, ecommerce, online fraud, online authentication, multi-factor authentication, two-factor authentication, biometric authentication, BNPL, merchant, fraud management, online shopping, shopping, mobile payments, online payments, ecommerce platform

GoCardless launches Verified Mandates in France

News | Payments General | 21 Sep 2022

GoCardless has launched its first Open Banking-powered feature in France, to help merchants reduce fraud and provide a better customer experience.

product launch, Open Banking, fraud prevention, merchant, customer experience

Flexbase introduces BNPL functionality

News | Online Payments | 20 Sep 2022

Flexbase, a finance super app for businesses, has announced introducing Buy Now, Pay Later functionality to B2B merchants across various industries.

product launch, BNPL, super app, merchant, payments

How to strike a balance between fraud mitigation and customer experience

Voice of the Industry | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 20 Sep 2022

Milena Babayev, Ekata, explains how merchants overcome one of the greatest challenges: preventing fraud while providing a seamless customer experience.

fraud management, customer experience, merchant, online security, cybercrime, chargebacks, data, fraud detection, machine learning, identity verification

Adyen launches Real Time Account Updater with Visa in Europe

News | Ecommerce | 14 Sep 2022

Netherlands-based fintech platform Adyen has expanded its Real Time Visa Account Updater (VAU) to Europe. 

product launch, expansion, Tap-to-Pay, merchant, real-time payments

JP Morgan acquires Renovite Technolgies

News | Payments General | 12 Sep 2022

JP Morgan has signed an agreement to acquire Renovite Technologies, a cloud-native payments technology company, to build its merchant acquiring platform.

acquisition, banks, cloud, payments , merchant

Streamlining the payment ecosystems through payments orchestration

Interviews | Payments General | 12 Sep 2022

Jane Loginova shares her views about payments orchestration gaining momentum within the marketplaces as orchestrators help parties optimise and unlock their infrastructure.

payments orchestration, merchant, regulation, API, payment methods, fraud management, data, online payments, ecommerce, transactions

Allied Bank selects BPC to launch Merchant Acquiring business

News | Payments General | 09 Sep 2022

Allied Bank has selected BPC to enable digital payment acceptance as a Merchant Acquirer to contribute toward expansion of digital payments ecosystem.

banks, partnership, product launch, merchant, digital payments

EU Central Bank and US Fed join to increase interest rates

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 08 Sep 2022

The European Central Bank (ECB) and the US Federal Reserve have joined hands to increase the interest rate, in an attempt to stamp out record inflation.

interest rate, Russia Ukraine War, central bank, merchant, inflation, economic recession, regulation

Tink partners with SlimPay to enable A2A payments

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 07 Sep 2022

Tink, an Open Banking platform, has partnered with recurring payments provider SlimPay to enable frictionless account-to-account (A2A) payments in Europe.

partnership, Open Banking, merchant, Variable Recurring Payments, account-to-account payment

Yuno partners with Fraugster

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 07 Sep 2022

Yuno, a Colombia-based startup, has partnered with Fraugster to provide online merchants access to a range of revenue uplift solutions via a single API.

expansion, partnership, startup, merchant, API

Swiss department store Globus partners with Swisscard

News | Cards | 02 Sep 2022

Swiss department store chain Globus has teamed up with credit card company Swisscard to offer American Express Platinum Card holders exclusive benefits.

partnership, credit card, loyalty programme, merchant, ecommerce, luxury goods

Subscription payments: how merchants can bolster revenue and reduce churn

Voice of the Industry | Online Payments | 02 Sep 2022

Ray Bak, Head of Commercial Partnerships at Worldline, explains the benefits of the modern subscription management systems for both merchants and consumers alike, with a focus on security concerns and customer experience.

ecommerce, subscription commerce, recurring payments, merchant, online shopping, ERP

Wix partners TripleA to accept crypto payments

News | Cryptocurrencies | 31 Aug 2022

Wix has partnered Singapore-based TripleA to allow ecommerce merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments through the latter’s crypto payments solutions.

partnership, merchant, cryptocurrency, ecommerce, payment methods

Topi gets USD 45 mln to fund hardware purchases for B2Bs

News | Online Payments | 31 Aug 2022

Germany-based startup Topi has raised USD 45 million in equity and debt financing to provide hardware-as-a-service for B2B merchants who can choose to pay in installments for necessary equipment.

B2B payments, instalment payments, BNPL, interchange fee, merchant, merchants, SMEs, startup, funding, online payments, cash flow

Localised shopping and payments, key for Japanese ecommerce expansion – Degica report

News | Ecommerce | 30 Aug 2022

Cross-border payments platform Degica has released a report emphasising the fact that localised shopping is key for merchants to penetrate the Japanese ecommerce market.

ecommerce, online shopping, fraud prevention, FX , merchant, survey

GAP France enters the ecommerce market

News | Ecommerce | 30 Aug 2022

GAP’s French operator, Hermione People and Brands, has introduced an ecommerce website for the brand in France. 

ecommerce, online shopping, merchant, m-commerce

Redefining retail: payments shape the future of commerce

Voice of the Industry | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 01 Sep 2022

The transformation of shopping and payments sparked by the pandemic looks set to continue, says Ben Laluc, VP, Product, Digital Commerce Solutions at Cybersource. Cybersource’s 2022 Redefining Retail Report examines the challenges and opportunities accompanying that transformation and offers recommendations to retailers on how to capitalise on it.

ecommerce, ecommerce platform, online payments, payments , merchant, omnichannel, omnichannel payments solution, online fraud, fraud prevention, livestream shopping