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Ukheshe, Mastercard's Accelerate programme participant in South Africa, set to acquire Oltio

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 20 Nov 2020

South Africa-based Ukheshe, a digital fintech platform provider, has announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire Oltio.

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South African mobile payments provider Zapper ends collaboration with Masterpass

News | Mobile Payments | 08 Oct 2020

South Africa-based Zapper, a mobile payments, loyalty, and rewards platform, has stopped their interoperability agreement with Masterpass.

Zapper, MasterPass, South Africa, mobile payments, interoperability agreement, MasterCard, FNB, QR code

Shoprite to offer contactless QR payments in South Africa

News | Mobile Payments | 15 Apr 2020

South-Africa-based Shoprite Group has become the first food  retailer in the country to offer QR payments.

Shoprite, South Africa, QR payments, mobile payments, Africa, MasterPass, SnapScan, Zapper, FNB Pay, Nedbank Pay

CellPoint Mobile enables Viva Air to offer Apple Pay, Google Pay

News | Payments General | 23 Apr 2019

CellPoint Mobile has announced that it will integrate Apple Pay, Google Pay, MasterPass, and Visa Checkout for Viva Air.

CellPoint Mobile, Viva Air, Apple Pay, Google Pay, mobile payments, LATAM, MasterPass, Visa Checkout

BigCommerce adds Masterpass and Venmo as supported payment methods

News | Ecommerce | 19 Nov 2018

Ecommerce platform BigCommerce has added Venmo and Masterpass as supported payment methods available to BigCommerce merchants.

BigCommerce, MasterPass, Venmo, payment methods, ecommerce platform, ecommerce

Mashreq, Mastercard to introduce Masterpass QR in UAE

News | Payments General | 05 Oct 2018

Mashreq Bank and Mastercard have partnered to launch Masterpass QR, a mobile payments solution accessible via the bank’s mobile application, Snapp.

Mashreq, MasterCard, MasterPass, QR code, mobile payments, UAE, bank, card

Microsoft Pay adds support for Masterpass by Mastercard

News | Online Payments | 07 Aug 2018

Microsoft Pay has been updated with support for Masterpass, available for US-based users on Windows 10 to make secure payments online.

microsoft pay, MasterPass, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express selects Wirecard for omnichannel shopping solution

News | Ecommerce | 20 Jul 2018

Wirecard has announced that it will offer an omnichannel payment solution to allow e-shoppers to pay via Diners/Discover, Masterpass and direct debit., Wirecard, omnichannel, Germany, Diners, Discover, MasterPass, direct debit, machine learning, artificial intelligence

Phillips 66 to integrate Masterpass within mobile app

News | Mobile Payments | 10 Apr 2018

Mastercard has announced that Phillips 66 will integrate Masterpass into its My Phillips 66 app in 2018.

Phillips 66, MasterPass, mobile app, integration, contactless

Mastercard, Oltio to accelerate digital payments adoption in Middle East and Africa

News | Payments General | 06 Mar 2018

Mastercard has completed the acquisition of Oltio from Standard Bank Group with the aim to accelerate digital payments adoption in the Middle East and Africa.

MasterCard, Oltio, online payments, Middle East, Africa, startup, mobile payments, QR code, MasterPass

Pizza Hut to launch Qkr to all UK restaurants

News | Online Payments | 28 Feb 2018

Pizza Hut has announced it will roll out Mastercard`s Qkr with Masterpass into its UK restaurants from 19th of March 2018.

Pizza Hut, restaurants, QkR, UK, online payments, MasterPass, MasterCard

Mastercard, Spazapp to implement mobile payments service for informal traders

News | Mobile Payments | 16 Nov 2017

Mastercard has partnered with Spazapp to bring mobile payments to informal traders and convenience stores (known as spaza shops) in South Africa.

MasterCard, Spazapp, mobile payments, South Africa, MasterPass, QR code

Mastercard to implement Masterpass for Scotiabank customers

News | Online Payments | 09 Nov 2017

Mastercard has announced that Scotiabank customers will be granted access to online payments with Scotiabank Masterpass.

MasterCard, MasterPass, Scotiabank, online payments, Canada

NCR rolls out mobile payment solution

News | Mobile Payments | 19 Oct 2017

NCR Corporation, the omnichannel solutions provider, has unveiled its cloud-based mobile payments solution at the NACS Show,

NCR, mobile payments, US, cloud solutions, retailer, ecommerce, MasterPass, ChasePay, Visa, ApplePay

Mastercard and Carrefour launch Scan&Go service with Masterpass

News | Mobile Payments | 13 Oct 2017

Carrefour Poland has launched the Scan&Go service embedded in its shopping app, which enables self-service product scanning, as well as in-app payments with Masterpass, all in a customer’s own smartphone.

Carrefour Poland, MasterPass, Scan&Go, payments, MasterCard

Mastercard, Swarovski to boost shopping experience using VR

News | Ecommerce | 26 Sep 2017

Mastercard has teamed up with Swarovski to launch a virtual reality (VR) shopping app for the Atelier Swarovski home décor line.

MasterCard, Swarovski, ecommerce, US, VR, shopping experience, MasterPass, online payments, digital goods