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JP Morgan to launch digital banking services for the UK in 2021

24 Aug 2020 | Online & Mobile Banking

US-based bank JP Morgan has reportedly planned to launch a digital bank under the Chase brand in the first quarter of 2021, according to AltFi.

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JetBlue provides consumers with an instalment payment option

19 Aug 2020 | Online Payments

JetBlue Airways has partnered with Marcus by Goldman Sachs to offer consumers a way to finance flights and vacation packages through instalments.

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Goldman Sachs, Barclays bid for GM's credit card business

13 Aug 2020 | Cards

Goldman Sachs and Barclays have reportedly announced intentions to buy General Motors' credit card unit as they look to increase their consumer banking arm, according to Reuters.

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Amazon, Goldman Sachs partner for small business credit lines

11 Jun 2020 | Payments General

Amazon has partnered with Goldman Sachs to introduce a new credit line for the US merchants on its platform, according to Forbes.

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Marcus by Goldman Sachs launches installment loan product with JetBlue

14 Apr 2020 | Online Payments

Marcus by Goldman Sachs has launched together with JetBlue a new installment loan product that helps customers break up higher ticket items into smaller, monthly payments.

Marcus by Goldman Sachs, installments, JetBlue, POS financing, investment bank

Goldman Sachs launches app for online bank Marcus

14 Jan 2020 | Online & Mobile Banking

US-based Goldman Sachs Group has launched a long-awaited app for customers of its online bank Marcus, according to Reuters.

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Santander to unveil online deposit platform for US market

22 Oct 2019 | Online & Mobile Banking

Spain-based lender Santander has announced its plans to roll out an online deposit platform in the US to collect required funding for its consumer business.

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Facebooks Libra forms governing council after big names abandon the project

15 Oct 2019 | Cryptocurrencies

Twenty-one organisations have signed the Libra Association charter, following the pulling out of high-profile payment players from the cryptocurrency project started by Facebook.

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Facebooks David Marcus to uncover some "misunderstandings" about Libra

04 Jul 2019 | Cryptocurrencies

Facebook’s David Marcus, the blockchain lead of the company, has tried to clarify some concerns about the social media company’s new cryptocurrency project, Libra.

Facebook, Libra, Calibra, David Marcus, financial inclusion, cryptocurrency, payments, Libra Association, decentralization

7 things you need to know about Facebook Libra

20 Jun 2019 | Expert Opinion

“Freedom, justice and money is exactly what we’re trying to do here” David Marcus, Co-creator of Libra, Facebook

David Marcus, Facebook, Libra, cryptocurrency, digital identity, blockchain, financial inclusion, cross border payments, Libra Association

Neiman Marcus integrates Alipay in US stores

19 Jun 2019 | Payments General

Neiman Marcus has adopted mobile payments app Alipay in a bid to streamline the payments experience for Chinese travelers visiting the US.

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