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LocalBitcoins, Onfido adding more to their ID verification

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 21 Dec 2020

LocalBitcoins has announced an expansion of their partnership with Onfido, adding more to the integration of their AI-powered identity verification technology.

LocalBitcoins, Onfido, partnership, AI, Bitcoin, iD, onboarding, cryptocurrency, crypto trading

LocalBitcoins urges restrictions on Iranian accounts

News | Cryptocurrencies | 28 May 2019

According to a post on their website, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange has banned users living in Iran starting 24 May.

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LocalBitcoins email scam attempts to trick crypto users

News | Cryptocurrencies | 12 Feb 2019

Fake emails assumed to be from LocalBitcoins have hit inboxes, to make users hand over their login credentials and give hackers access to Bitcoin wallets.

LocalBitcoins, email scam, hackers, credentials, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, wallets, phishing, Spoofing, trading, fraudsters

LocalBitcoins detects security breach and unauthorised transactions

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 28 Jan 2019

LocalBitcoins has detected a security breach that allowed unauthorised sources to access and send transactions from six affected accounts.

LocalBitcoins, hack, security, breach, unauthorised transactions, fraud, cryptocurrency, buyers, sellers, theft, wallets