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Cross-border digital identity and onboarding

Voice of the Industry | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 19 May 2020

Adam Cooper, ID Crowd, explains why when one considers cross-border use of digital identity, what one really means is recognition of digital identity in other contexts 

Adam Cooper, ID Crowd, cross-border, digital identity, onboarding, digital economies, EIDAS, regulation, EU, equivalence, interoperability, liability, fraud, identity scheme, data breaches, public key, encryption, digital signatures

Canadians sharing financial data need more security, government review finds

News | Payments General | 03 Feb 2020

Canadians are sharing their financial data with third-party providers “in a significant way” and need more secure infrastructure to protect them, according to a report on the first phase of a government review of so-called Open Banking.

Canada, financial data, security, government, liability, Open Banking

Open Banking - a very global business

Voice of the Industry | Online & Mobile Banking | 19 Dec 2019

To get a better sense of what an Open Banking regime looks like, here's a look at what's happening around the world

Open Banking, regulation, standardisation, security, SCA, authentication, monetisation, fintech, banks, TPP, customer experience, SMEs, banking, data, innovation, consumer education, liability