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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Stablecoin and other Stablecoin-related topics:

Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Stablecoin and other Stablecoin-related topics:

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Hong Kong-based First Digital rolls out USD stablecoin

News | Cryptocurrencies | 02 Jun 2023

Hong Kong-based company, First Digital, has released a new stablecoin that will be tied to the value of the US dollar but will operate under Asian regulations.

stablecoin, cryptocurrency exchange, digital assets

Annature joins NAB's reward programme for business account holders

News | Payments General | 30 May 2023

The National Australia Bank has welcomed Annature, an Australia-based eSignature solution provider, in its rewards programme for NAB business transaction account holders.

partnership, digitalisation, stablecoin, loyalty programme, Ethereum

SG-FORGE's EUR CoinVertible: bridging traditional capital markets and digital assets

Interviews | Cryptocurrencies | 23 May 2023

Interview with Jean-Marc Stenger, Chief Executive Officer at SG-FORGE on the issuance of the EUR CoinVertible

stablecoin, digital euro, banks, KYC, AML, digital currency

Tether partners KriptonMarket to facilitate stablecoin access

News | Cryptocurrencies | 22 May 2023

Tether has partnered with on/off ramp solution KriptonMarket to provide users in Argentina with stablecoin access at the Central Market of Buenos Aires.

cryptocurrency, partnership, stablecoin, digital payments, blockchain

European Banking Authority voices concerns over large stablecoins

News | Cryptocurrencies | 15 May 2023

Representatives from the European Banking Authority have expressed their concerns over large stablecoins and their effect on public policy goals.

MiCA, stablecoin, regulation, compliance

Curve Finance deploys smart contracts for the crvUSD stablecoin

News | Cryptocurrencies | 05 May 2023

Switzerland-based Curve Finance has deployed smart contracts for the crvUSD stablecoin on the Ethereum mainnet.

stablecoin, product launch, smart contracts, cryptocurrency

Who Are the Main Actors of the Crypto Payment Chain

Report | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 28 Apr 2023

The Paypers’ mini-report, Who Are the Main Actors of the Crypto Payment Chain, provides a comprehensive overview of the players shaping the industry, from custody solutions to DeFi protocols and regulated financial institutions. 

cryptocurrency, blockchain, crypto, Token, NFT, stablecoin, digital assets, DeFi, Web 3.0, metaverse, cryptocurrency exchange, CBDC, banks, fintech, merchant, PSP, DLT, MiCA, regulation, digital wallet, lending, payments , KYC, AML

Setting the trends for the payments industry – notes from MPE 2023

Voice of the Industry | Online Payments | 24 Apr 2023

MPE 2023 highlighted sustainability, payment orchestration, and embedded finance as key trends in the payments industry, with collaboration remaining crucial to creating a sustainable and innovative payments industry. 

payments , sustainability , ESG, payments orchestration, embedded payments, partnership, CBDC, stablecoin, merchants, PSP

Societe Generale-FORGE launches the Coinvertible stablecoin

News | Cryptocurrencies | 21 Apr 2023

France-based Societe Generale-FORGE has launched the CoinVertible digital asset in Euro denomination on the Ethereum public blockchain.

stablecoin, product launch, blockchain, digital assets

Swiss National Bank plans wholesale CBDC and "stablecoin"

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 12 Apr 2023

The Swiss National Bank (SNB) has announced plans to test the introduction of a wholesale CBDC and a stable-value token for payment processing as part of its "Swiss Payments Vision".

CBDC, product launch, digital assets, stablecoin, digital currency

Central Bank of Montenegro to launch CBDC with Ripple

News | Cryptocurrencies | 12 Apr 2023

The Central Bank of Montenegro (CBCG) has signed an agreement with crypto and blockchain solutions provider Ripple develop a digital currency strategy and pilot.

crypto, blockchain, stablecoin, Ripple, central bank

Mastercard partners Stables to advance stablecoin adoption

News | Cryptocurrencies | 27 Mar 2023

US-based multinational financial services firm Mastercard has entered a strategic partnership with Stables, an Australian fintech startup.

stablecoin, partnership, cryptocurrency, blockchain

Centi issues a Swiss Franc stablecoin

News | Cryptocurrencies | 23 Mar 2023

Switzerland-based payment startup Centi has announced the launch of a Swiss Franc stablecoin that aims to support the company’s Global Payment Network.

stablecoin, product launch, cryptocurrency, payment methods

Marqeta partners Stables to power prepaid card

News | Cards | 23 Mar 2023

Modern card issuing platform Marqeta has partnered with digital wallet Stables that enables users to spend, send, and earn stablecoins to power its Mastercard prepaid card.

partnership, payments , digital wallet, stablecoin, crypto, cryptocurrency, Fiat, prepaid card, digital payments, API, product launch, digital assets, digitalisation, contactless payments, ecommerce, transaction monitoring, POS, fintech, debit card

Circle files for two regulatory approvals in France

News | Cryptocurrencies | 22 Mar 2023

US-based Circle has filed for two regulatory approvals in France in a bid to receive full authorisation under the DASP regulatory regime.

cryptocurrency, stablecoin, regulation, compliance, expansion

National Australia Bank issues Ethereum stablecoin

News | Cryptocurrencies | 15 Mar 2023

National Australia Bank (NAB) has completed its first intra-bank cross-border transaction using its own stablecoin via Ethereum.

blockchain, digital currency, stablecoin, cross-border payments, Ethereum

EUROe becomes the main settlement token for the GEN-X network

News | Cryptocurrencies | 13 Mar 2023

Membrane Finance has partnered with deltaDAO and Polygon Labs to make EUROe the main settlement token for the GEN-X network.

stablecoin, partnership, fintech, blockchain, DeFi

Tethering your way to financial freedom: insights from Tether's CTO Paolo Ardoino on Tether use cases

Interviews | Cryptocurrencies | 09 Mar 2023

Paolo Ardoino, Tether's CTO, dives into the world of web3 finance with Plan ₿, the Tether stablecoin, and Keet - a cutting-edge P2P messaging app that champions freedom of communications.

cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency exchange, crypto asset, Bitcoin, stablecoin, financial inclusion, web3

Binance-branded stablecoin lost USD 6 bln in outflow

News | Cryptocurrencies | 02 Mar 2023

Investors have pulled more than USD 6 billion out of the Binance-branded BUSD stablecoin in the past month, showing that a recent US regulatory crackdown on crypto is putting pressure on the exchange.

cryptocurrency, stablecoin, digital assets, trading platform

Bank of Israel releases a consultation paper for stablecoin regulation

News | Cryptocurrencies | 28 Feb 2023

The Bank of Israel has released a consultation paper that includes a plan to regulate stablecoins before a full-scale digital asset push.

stablecoin, cryptocurrency, central bank, regulation