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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on SoftPOS and other SoftPOS-related topics:

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BPCE merges PayPlug and Dalenys

News | Payments General | 15 Sep 2022

The French banking group BPCE has announced it is merging two of its fintech subsidiaries, PayPlug and Dalenys

merger, fintech, SoftPOS, mobile banking

ING and CCV's app turns phones into payments terminals

News | Payments General | 02 Sep 2022

ING and CCV have developed a business app that turns Android smartphones/tablet into a mobile cash register and payment terminal for contactless payments.

partnership, product launch, payments , contactless payments, SoftPOS

Live Payments enters strategic partnership with Visa to launch tap-to-phone service

News | Mobile Payments | 11 Jul 2022

Australia-based payment provider with over 11,000 merchant clients, Live Payments, has announced a strategic partnership with global card issuer and payments processor Visa.

partnership, credit card, debit card, POS, mPOS, SoftPOS, Tap-to-Pay, digital payments, digitalisation, mobile payments

Flocash teams with Visa to enable digital functions for SMEs in Africa

News | Mobile Payments | 08 Jul 2022

UK-based payment orchestration platform Flocash has partnered with Visa to equip African SMEs with digital payments ,solution and access to financial services.

digitalisation, SMEs, Visa, mobile payments, SoftPOS, partnership

Worldline acquires Eurobank's Merchant acquiring business in Greece

News | Payments General | 04 Jul 2022

Worldline has completed the purchase of Eurobank’s Merchant Acquiring business in Greece to position itself as the partner of choice for merchants in the country.

Worldline, ecommerce, acquisition, POS, SoftPOS

Converging payment channels: how mobile, social media and bricks-and-mortar connect

Voice of the Industry | Ecommerce | 30 Jun 2022

Simon Buchwaldt-Nissen from Nets Merchant Services takes a page out of Nets’ Payments Outlook 2022 and explains the latest trends moving the payment industry forward at the moment

SoftPOS, mobile payments, contactless payments, ecommerce, ecommerce platform

Westpac enables SMEs to accept Tap on Phone payments

News | Mobile Payments | 28 Jun 2022

Australia-based bank Westpac has announced it will roll out new technology which will allow SMEs to accept payments via compatible Android phones.

mobile payments, Tap-to-Pay, NFC, Android, digital wallet, SoftPOS

Phos and Paynt offer a SoftPoS solution for payment service resellers

News | Mobile Payments | 23 Jun 2022

Bulgaria-based POS system Phos has partnered with acquirer Paynt to deliver a white label SoftPos app for payment service resellers.

SoftPOS, partnership, SMEs, product launch, contactless payments, API, NFC

PayFast partners with Visa through Cybersource

News | Mobile Payments | 20 Jun 2022

Pakistan-based fintech PayFast by APPS has teamed up with Visa through Cybersource to provide payment acceptance to online businesses.

partnership, Visa, SoftPOS, digital payments, merchant, ecommerce, SMEs

Hello Pay unveils new Business Solution package for SMEs

News | Online Payments | 08 Jun 2022

South Africa-based payments solution company, Hello Pay, has launched a new suite of business solutions for SMEs to enable growth, help reduce costs, and serve the underbanked sector in the region.

digital payments, financial inclusion, SME lending, SMEs, online payments, contactless payments, SoftPOS

MYPINPAD, OTP Mobile, and CircleBlue Pay offer SoftPOS in Hungary

News | Mobile Payments | 24 May 2022

UK-based fintech MYPINPAD has partnered with CircleBlue Pay and OTP Mobile to allow merchants in Hungary to accept cad payments via Tap to Phone tech.

partnership, SoftPOS, merchants, contactless payments, QR payments, payment methods

UTP and Paynt launch a new SoftPOS product for SMEs

News | Mobile Payments | 20 May 2022

UK-based payment service provider UTP has partnered with acquirer Paynt to launch tapeeno, a SoftPOS product.

SoftPOS, merchants, SMEs, mobile payments, product launch

Nets acquires full stake in orderbird

News | Mobile Payments | 12 May 2022

Denmark-based fintech Nets has gotten full ownership of German-based of integrated POS-software solutions provider orderbird.

acquisition, SoftPOS, expansion, SaaS, cloud, digitalisation

Amadis and partner for tap-to-pay rollout

News | Mobile Payments | 02 May 2022

Canada-based payment software and consulting provider, Amadis, has partnered with to provide its universal EMV Level 2 framework for integration into Softpay’s tap-to-pay service.

partnership, mobile payments, SoftPOS, POS, mPOS, Android, payments

Bank Alfalah partners with Paymob for digital payments in Pakistan

News | Online Payments | 18 Apr 2022

Egypt-based fintech Paymob has partnered with Pakistan-based Bank Alfalah for digital payments acceptance across Pakistan.

digitalisation, financial inclusion, merchant, SMEs, ecommerce, SoftPOS, partnership

Nets and launch Softpay for mobile phones

News | Mobile Payments | 15 Apr 2022

Denmark-based fintech Nets has introduced together with, the SoftPOS solution Softpay, turning mobile phones into payment terminals.

mobile payments, product launch, Nets, SoftPOS, merchants, POS

Paymob enters Pakistan digital payments market

News | Online Payments | 12 Apr 2022

Egypt-based and one of MENA’s digital payments provider, Paymob, has officially announced its market entry in Pakistan.

API, expansion, POS, SoftPOS, payment gateway, ecommerce, merchants, online payments, digital payments, mobile payments, SMEs

Adyen to launch Tap to Pay on iPhone by the end of 2022

News | Mobile Payments | 08 Apr 2022

Netherlands-based fintech Adyen has started collaborating with Apple to offer Tap to Pay for its US customers later in 2022.

Adyen, Tap-to-Pay, product launch, contactless payments, SoftPOS, Apple, mobile payments

Magnati and Fiserv enable contactless payments for their businesses

News | Mobile Payments | 31 Mar 2022

Regional fintech in the payment solutions industry Magnati has enabled businesses of all sizes to accept contactless transactions through Android smartphones and tablets as payments terminals. 

SoftPOS, mPOS, contactless payments, payment gateway, POS, Android, mobile payments

Dapio raises USD 3.4 mln to expand 'Tap to Pay' in UK and Europe

News | Mobile Payments | 31 Mar 2022

UK-based payment solutions provider Dapio has secured a USD 3.4 million investment to launch ‘Tap to Pay’ for Android users in UK and Europe.

product launch, contactless payments, SoftPOS, Android, SMEs