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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on SCA and other SCA-related topics:

Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on SCA and other SCA-related topics:

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EBA unveils new types of payment fraud and proposes protective measures

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 30 Apr 2024

The European Banking Authority (EBA) has unveiled a comprehensive Opinion aimed at tackling the evolving landscape of payment fraud within the European Union.

payment fraud, data, regulation, SCA, PSD3

Travel industry insights: payment challenges, trends, and regulatory frameworks

Voice of the Industry | Payments General | 27 Mar 2024

Eric Drésin, Secretary General at ECTAA, discusses the payment challenges, trends, and regulatory frameworks impacting travel agents and tour operators. 

travel payments, payments , regulation, digital wallet, PSD3, Merchant of Record, pandemic, BNPL, Open Banking, digital currency, PSD2, SCA, PCI compliance, PCI DSS, payment processing, chargebacks, digitalisation

Insights into European payment regulations for 2024 (and beyond)

Voice of the Industry | Payments General | 27 Mar 2024

The article offers insights into the regulatory changes slated for 2024, providing a roadmap that will influence the evolution of payments

instant payments, cross-border payments, AML, fraud prevention, regulation, PSD3, FIDA, MiCA, Open Finance, SCA, data privacy, compliance

Digital financial inclusion: legislative safeguards for vulnerable consumers

Voice of the Industry | Online & Mobile Banking | 14 Mar 2024

Emanuel van Praag and Eugerta Muçi discuss EU initiatives like the Accessibility Act and Financial Data Access Regulation, emphasising safeguarding vulnerable consumers in digital finance.

financial inclusion, digitalisation, financial services, PSD3, PSR, FIDA, Accessibility Act, artificial intelligence, banking, fintech, regulation, EBA, RTS, SCA, data

Modern solutions to secure digital payments against fraudsters

Interviews | Online Payments | 05 Mar 2024

We interviewed Roger Burkhardt, a member of the Netcetera’s management team within Payments & Identity division, about the current ecommerce and fraud trends and the modern solutions that secure the digital payments, while enabling focus on the core business and sustainability.

ecommerce, digital payments, online payments, ecommerce platform, fraud prevention, fraud detection, online fraud, digital identity, artificial intelligence, machine learning, biometrics, biometric authentication, behavioural biometrics, SCA, EMVCo, PSD2, PSD3, 3-D Secure, fintech, generative AI, tokenization, one-click payments, deep fake, phishing, Gen Z

Balancing ecommerce conversion, customer experience, and PSD3 compliance

Interviews | Ecommerce | 21 Feb 2024

We interviewed Emilio Rocchi, Director Marketing Planning International at LexisNexis® Risk Solutions, about the upcoming PSD3 and what changes it brings to better fight fraud and money laundering.

risk management, PSD2, PSD3, fraud management, fraud detection, online fraud, ecommerce, behavioural biometrics, digital banking, checkout optimisation , digital identity, PSP, authorisation rate, IBAN, SCA

First-party fraud: what's next on the horizon after Visa Compelling Evidence 3.0

Voice of the Industry | Online Payments | 07 Feb 2024

Keith Briscoe, VP of Member Advocacy at Merchant Risk Council (MRC), delves into the intricacies of first-party fraud and discusses what's next after Visa Compelling Evidence 3.0.

cross-border payments, ecommerce, first-party misuse, chargebacks, SCA, Card-not-present fraud, Visa

Payment optimisation strategies for better acceptance rates

Voice of the Industry | Online Payments | 19 Jan 2024

Gabriel Lucas and Chaira Mekkaoui, Associate Directors at Redbridge, discuss payment optimisation strategies for better acceptance rates.

payments , payment methods, ecommerce, PSD2, merchants, SCA, fintech, tokenization, authorisation rate

Fraud Prevention in Ecommerce Report 2023-2024

Report | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 14 Nov 2023

The 5th edition of the Fraud Prevention in Ecommerce Report provides a thorough review of the global state of the fraud ecosystem and how can fraud be prevented.

fraud prevention, CNP fraud, account takeover, fraud management, online fraud, identity fraud, payment fraud, friendly fraud, fraud-as-a-service, ecommerce, regulation, SCA, compliance, PCI compliance, online payments, biometric authentication, biometrics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, digital identity, digital payments, digital onboarding, phishing, vishing, romantic scam, holiday fraud, identity verification, tokenization

The future of banking security: how AI is transforming fraud detection in banking

Voice of the Industry | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 14 Nov 2023

In this article, Claire Deprez Pipon, an expert at Worldine, highlights the new types of fraud and the emergence of Artificial Intelligence as an effective tool for fraud prevention. 

banking, artificial intelligence, fraud detection, PSD2, fraud prevention, Card-not-present fraud, SCA, financial institutions, banks, transactions

FIDO Alliance certifies the Worldline Authentication server

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 28 Aug 2023

Payment services provider Worldline has announced that its Trusted Authentication solution was certified by the FIDO Alliance to make secure password-free web authentication.

certification, fraud prevention, online authentication, compliance, fintech, SCA, online banking, payments , digital identity, account takeover, phishing, biometrics

TrueLayer research shows merchants lose out from poor payments experiences

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 18 Jul 2023

Open Banking platform TrueLayer has published new research, revealing that merchants have yet to breach the gap between payments experiences and consumer expectations.

Open Banking, SCA, merchants, online payments, report

Are digital IDs the future of user verification?

Voice of the Industry | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 14 Jul 2023

Vicky Bindra, Chief Operations and Product Officer at Nuvei, discusses the future of digital IDs and how understanding their full potential can help organisations enhance privacy, security, and user experience.

digital identity, identity theft, identity verification, online fraud, fraud detection, identity fraud, biometrics, biometric authentication, merchants, artificial intelligence, machine learning, online security, cybersecurity, online authentication, two-factor authentication, multi-factor authentication, PSD2, 3-D Secure, SCA, API

The art of balancing risk and customer experience expectations in payments

Voice of the Industry | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 14 Jul 2023

Now merchants have no way to verify that the card belongs to a customer. Theresia Mallia from Kindred Group reveals tips on how to balance risk and customer expectation in ecommerce payments.

financial crime, merchants, PSD2, Open Banking, AML, fraud management, banks, payment methods, IBAN, SCA

Salt Edge and Kindgeek announce Open Banking partnership

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 05 Jul 2023

Fintech software developer Kindgeek and Open Banking service provider Salt Edge have announced a partnership to offer PSD2 and Open Banking solutions to the fintech landscape.

partnership, banking, Open Banking, fintech, financial services, data aggregation, PSD2, compliance, digitalisation, payments , ecommerce, SCA, financial data, e-wallet

Key gains for a merchant when employing payments orchestration

Interviews | Online Payments | 01 Mar 2023

Basant Singh, Senior Vice President, Head of ACI Worldwide’s Merchant Business Unit, talks about the key gains for a merchant when employing payments orchestration.

cross-border payments, ecommerce, SCA, payments orchestration, merchants, PSD2

How to optimise user experience while ensuring a high level of security

Voice of the Industry | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 20 Feb 2023

Claire Deprez-Pipon, Lead Product Manager of Identity & Authentication at Worldline conducts a thorough analysis of the latest regulations in terms of security and how can companies decrease friction while efficiently fighting fraud.

fraud prevention, online authentication, SCA, user experience, biometrics, fraud management, PSD2, digital wallet

Three fraud trends to watch out for in 2023

Voice of the Industry | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 17 Feb 2023

Fraud trends for 2023 look set to be defined by economic uncertainty, increasingly sophisticated AI models, and attempts to exploit SCA exemptions. Mark Strachan, Managed Risk Europe Regional Lead at Cybersource, shares his insights on these three trends and offers guidance on how to tackle them.

chargebacks, artificial intelligence, fraud detection, online fraud, fraud management, fraud prevention, BNPL, KYC, eKYC, KYB, bot attacks, ecommerce, scam, SCA, 3-D Secure, PSD2, EMV, account takeover, ecommerce platform

authID integrates Verified CloudConnect with BeyondTrust

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 15 Feb 2023

Identity verification company authID has expanded its Verified CloudConnect to BeyondTrust to bring unphishable Human Factor Authentication to privileged access management.

cybersecurity, SCA, fraud prevention, multi-factor authentication, biometric authentication

Fighting fraud using the right tools: how can PSPs help merchants maximise conversions - Interview with Okan Ozaltin

Interviews | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 15 Feb 2023

We discussed with Okan Ozaltin, General Manager for Payment Solutions at Signifyd, about the future of PSPs and how they can prevent fraud to ensure maximum conversion for merchants.

fraud prevention, chargebacks, ecommerce, PSD2, PSP, machine learning, SCA