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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Platform and other Platform-related topics:

Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Platform and other Platform-related topics:

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PayPoint launches Pay By Bank

News | Payments General | 11 Sep 2023

PayPoint has launched Pay By Bank, a new solution offering bank-to-bank transfers as a PISP to Pay-As-You-Go energy customers.

product launch, payments , digital payments, platform, fintech

VSoft partners with Pidgin

News | Payments General | 29 Aug 2023

US-based VSoft Corporation has partnered with payment platform Pidgin, aiming to facilitate real-time payments for financial institutions.  

real-time payments, payments , financial institutions, platform, API

Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center partners with Wio Bank

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 28 Aug 2023

Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center, a government-supported entrepreneurial ecosystem in the UAE, has partnered with Wio Bank aiming to empower ecosystem players.

partnership, banking, digital banking, platform

Stripe launches Tax for platforms

News | Payments General | 03 Aug 2023

Financial infrastructure platform for businesses Stripe has launched Stripe Tax to enable platforms on Stripe Connect to offer their customers no-code tax compliance.

product launch, tax, cross-border ecommerce, paytech, fintech, payment processing, compliance, ecommerce, payments , platform

Grovara, TransferMatePage cut international payment costs up to 85%

News | Online Payments | 21 Jul 2023

US-based exports and imports wholesale marketplace Grovara has partnered with B2B payments company TransferMate.

partnership, B2B payments, cross-border payments, platform, online platform, marketplace, reconciliation, real-time payments

Flix partners with Congrify to enhance payments data management

News | Payments General | 03 Jul 2023

Germany-based mobility provider Flix has partnered with Italy-based payments intelligence solution company Congrify to improve payment data management.

partnership, digital payments, travel payments, platform, fintech, financial data

Solving the verification challenge: Trulioo unveiled updates to its global identity platform at Money 20/20

Interviews | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 23 Jun 2023

Michael Ramsbacker, Chief Product Officer at Trulioo, shares how Trulioo's global identity platform revolutionises the onboarding experience, simplifying the process for businesses and individuals alike.

KYC, KYB, digital onboarding, identity verification, data, platform, Trulioo

How to migrate to a new payments platform without rocking the ship

Voice of the Industry | Online Payments | 20 Jun 2023

Jean-Philippe Wolyniec, the Regional Director of Business Development France and Europe at OpenWay, shares insights on how to seamlessly migrate to a new payments platform.

platform, financial institutions, digital payments, merchants, SEPA, cross-border payments, customer experience, QR payments, POS

Avalara launches plugin for OpenAI's ChatGPT

News | Ecommerce | 16 Jun 2023

Cloud-based tax compliance automation provider Avalara has announced the launch of an integrated sales tax calculator plugin for OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

product launch, partnership, ChatGPT, generative AI, compliance, tax, ecommerce, financial services, shopping, marketplace, cloud services, automation, platform, fintech

Mirakl integrates generative AI-powered tools

News | Ecommerce | 14 Jun 2023

SaaS solution Mirakl has integrated generative AI-powered tools into its platform with the launch of a Large Language Model (LLM) feature built on OpenAI’s GPT-3.5.

product launch, LLM, artificial intelligence, ecommerce, merchants, platform, marketplace, generative AI, fintech, data analytics, retail, compliance, online shopping, machine learning

Stackline launches Universal Stores

News | Ecommerce | 09 Jun 2023

US-based retail technology provider Stackline has launched Universal Stores, a modular system that aims to increase conversions for retailers.

product launch, ecommerce, retail, platform, fintech

Qorbis partners Mbanq to create personalised fintech solutions

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 09 Jun 2023

End-to-end embedded finance and fintech personalisation company Qorbis has partnered with BaaS provider Mbanq to create tailored financial control solutions for the US market.

partnership, banking, fintech, embedded finance, BaaS, financial services, spend management, payments , debit card, compliance, digital banking, platform

Logicbroker, Kibo partner to facilitate omnichannel expansion

News | Ecommerce | 09 Jun 2023

US-based supply chain management platform Logicbroker and modular commerce platform Kibo Commerce have partnered to foster omnichannel expansion.

partnership, ecommerce, fintech, retail, platform

Worldline partners to support globetrotters

News | Online Payments | 06 Jun 2023

Global payments services provider Worldline has partnered with online travel agency to accommodate the needs of globetrotters. 

partnership, digital payments, travel payments, local payment method, platform, cash management, cross-border payments

Stripe launches charge card programme

News | Payments General | 02 Jun 2023

Financial infrastructure platform for businesses Stripe has announced the launch of a new charge card programme for its commercial card issuing product, Stripe Issuing.

product launch, payments , B2B payments, platform, SaaS, BaaS, commercial card, fintech, paytech, API, financing , SMEs

FinMont partners with dLocal for payments

News | Payments General | 29 May 2023

Payment orchestration platform FinMont has announced a partnership with emerging markets payment provider dLocal for payments in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

partnership, expansion, fintech, paytech, payments orchestration, payments , B2B payments, B2C payments, platform, travel payments, banks, ERP, CRM, FX , chargebacks, merchants, ecommerce

Zip launches unified platform for procurement

News | Payments General | 16 May 2023

Zip has announced the launch of a unified platform for procurement, consolidating the tools and processes needed for the end-to-end procurement lifecycle.

product launch, payments , B2B payments, automation, accounts payable, e-procurement, financial services, spend management, unified commerce, platform, compliance, ERP, fintech, ecommerce, OCR, direct debit, e-invoicing

Equifax launches Kount Essentials on Shopify App Store

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 05 May 2023

US-based Equifax has launched a new Kount Essentials fraud detection and prevention app on the Shopify App Store to address the challenges faced by small business merchants.

product launch, fraud prevention, fraud detection, online fraud, cybersecurity, cybercrime, financial crime, merchants, ecommerce, SMEs, marketplace, shopping, platform, Shopify, payment fraud, fintech

PPRO partners NPCI International for UPI access

News | Payments General | 27 Apr 2023

Digital payments infrastructure provider PPRO has partnered with NPCI International Payments Limited (NIPL) to offer global partners access to UPI for cross-border transactions.

partnership, cross-border payments, cross-border ecommerce, UPI, real-time payments, digital payments, payment methods, expansion, fintech, ecommerce, merchants, PSP, financial services, platform, online shopping, instant payments, settlement, transactions

Rego Payment Architectures partners with ENACOMM

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 27 Apr 2023

White-label digital wallet platform provider for FIs Rego Payment Architectures has entered a three-year agreement with fintech ENACOMM as its data integration platform.

partnership, integration, data aggregation, API, Open Banking, digital wallet, financial services, banking, online banking, financial institutions, mobile banking, platform, spen, data, fintech, payments