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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Payout and other Payout-related topics:

Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Payout and other Payout-related topics:

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Tranglo Lulu Money augment cross-border payouts

News | Payments General | 22 May 2023

Malaysia-based cross-border payment hub Tranglo has partnered with Lulu Money, a subsidiary of Lulu Financial Holdings, to accelerate cross-border transactions.

cross-border payments, fintech, API, remittances, payout, partnership

Brite Payments launches Instant Payments Network

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 22 May 2023

Sweden-based instant bank payments fintech Brite Payments has announced the launch of its Instant Payments Network to power instant payments and payouts across Europe.

product launch, instant payments, account-to-account payment, payments , Open Banking, fintech, SEPA, real-time payments, merchants, ecommerce, financial services, FX , reconciliation, automation, banking, settlement, payout

Zimpler launches cross-border payouts through SEPA

News | Payments General | 15 May 2023

Sweden-based fintech Zimpler offering account-to-account (A2A) payment solutions has announced the launch of instant cross-border payouts through SEPA.

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Visa invests in and partners TerraPay

News | Payments General | 11 May 2023

Payments infrastructure company TerraPay has announced a strategic equity investment from Visa and a partnership to simplify cross-border ecommerce for consumers and SMBs.

partnership, investment, payments , cross-border ecommerce, B2B payments, P2P payments, remittance, payout, digital wallet, bank account, SMEs, commercial card, digital payments, fintech, Visa, money transfer, ecommerce

Alma partners Numeral and BNP Paribas to automate payments

News | Payments General | 10 May 2023

Payment operations platform for fintechs Numeral has partnered with BNPL provider Alma to automate payments to merchants in collaboration with bank BNP Paribas.

partnership, payments , automation, fintech, BNPL, merchants, B2B payments, banking, financial services, financing , shopping, payout, SEPA, IBAN, ecommerce, PSP

Integrating Payments: Best Practices From Around the World

Webinar | Ecommerce | 03 May 2023

Did you know that the average integration time for any payment-related services can span from 3 to 12 months? During this time, businesses may experience disruptions in their operations, related to allocating tech resources to the integration and leading to potential revenue loss.

payments , payout, Global Payments partners Nuvei for payments

News | Online Payments | 21 Apr 2023

Canada-based fintech Nuvei has partnered with ecommerce software and service provider to provide retail brands with its payments tech to accelerate their growth.

partnership, payments , ecommerce, retail, merchants, fintech, payments orchestration, payin, payout, integration, data analytics, online platform, payment methods

Mastercard launches Cross-Border Services Express

News | Payments General | 12 Apr 2023

Mastercard has launched Cross-Border Services Express in partnership with Fable FinTech and Payall Payment Systems to help FIs set up international payments for their customers.

partnership, payments , B2B payments, cross-border payments, money transfer, transactions , banking, SMEs, financial services, financial institutions, merchants, digital payments, digital wallet, supply chain finance, payment methods, MasterCard, payout, fintech, compliance

[MPE 2023] Video interview with Eelco Dettingmeijer from Nuvei

Interviews | Online Payments | 11 Apr 2023

The Paypers interviewed Eelco Dettingmeijer, SVP Sales EMEA at Nuvei, to learn more about payment orchestration and how merchants can benefit from it.

payments orchestration, online payments, payments , cross-border payments, payment methods, digital payments, online banking, risk management, payout

Tempo France, nTokens launch remittances to Brazil

News | Payments General | 11 Apr 2023

Money transfer company Tempo France has partnered with fintech nTokens to launch remittances to Brazil from the EU, with the tech of the transfers based on the Stellar blockchain.

partnership, remittances, money transfer, cross-border payments, blockchain, tokenization, fintech, financial services, PIX, payment methods, online payments, banking, payout

Tranglo launches instant SEPA payments to Europe

News | Payments General | 03 Apr 2023

Cross-border payments company Tranglo has launched instant SEPA payments to Europe to enable businesses and individuals alike with real-time cross-border payments.

expansion, product launch, SEPA, payments , mobile payments, B2B payments, real-time payments, instant payments, cross-border payments, payment methods, financial services, SEPA Direct Debit, credit transfer, fintech, API, payout, IBAN, remittances

Fortress partners MassPay to introduce global pay-outs

News | Cryptocurrencies | 31 Mar 2023

Fortress Web3 Technologies and MassPay have introduced a new global pay-out capability spanning over 175 countries and 70+ currencies, including crypto.

partnership, payment methods, cryptocurrency, payout

Kora launches USD card-acquiring

News | Payments General | 28 Mar 2023

Nigeria-based payments infrastructure Kora has announced the launch of USD card-acquiring in Africa, looking to enable merchants on its platform to accept payments in USD.

product launch, cross-border payments, payment methods, payments , online payments, merchants, ecommerce, payin, payout, settlement, API, B2B payments, expansion, marketplace, mobile money, bank transfer, financial services, fintech

PXP Financial partners with Mastercard and Payall

News | Payments General | 17 Mar 2023

Payment processing services provider PXP Financial has partnered with Mastercard and Payall to deliver cross-border payments and international money transfers.

partnership, payments , cross-border payments, cross-border logistics, online payments, payments infrastructure, money transfer, payout, financial inclusion, mobile money, fintech, payment methods, compliance, financial services

Payfare partners Upside to offer cashback rewards

News | Online Payments | 02 Mar 2023

US-based retail technology company Upside, and Canada-based Payfare, a fintech offering instant payout and digital banking have partnered to integrate Upside promotions in Payfare’s DasherDirect app.

partnership, cashback, mobile payments, payout

Remitly to close digital banking service Passbook

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 28 Feb 2023

US-based remittance processor Remitly has announced the decision to close Passbook, its virtual banking platform, in order to prioritise core users.

online banking, digital banking, financial services, financial institutions, online payments, payout, digital payments

Unlimint adds Mercado Pago to payment portfolio

News | Online Payments | 21 Feb 2023

UK-based global fintech Unlimint has expanded its alternative payment methods portfolio with the addition of Brazil-based online payment solution, Mercado Pago.

partnership, expansion, payments , online payments, payment methods, cross-border payments, ecommerce, merchants, B2B payments, financial services, payment processing, digital payments, e-wallet, payout, fintech

Trustly partners with Bokadirekt

News | Online Payments | 21 Feb 2023

Sweden-based digital A2A transaction platform Trustly has announced its partnership with booking platform Bokadirekt for instant payments.

partnership, instant payments, online payments, digital payments, payments , payout

Payouts have never mattered more to marketplaces

Voice of the Industry | Online Payments | 16 Feb 2023

The dynamics of the digital economy are changing. Marketplaces’ success hinges upon providing the optimum payment experience for both buyers and sellers. Yael Barak, VP of Product at, shares her take on digital payments in the new world of marketplaces.

marketplace, online payments, ecommerce, digital payments, online shopping, online platform, payment methods, local payment method, BNPL, instalment payments, digital wallet, e-wallet, gig economy, cash, cash flow, payout, real-time payments, FX , digital onboarding, Virtual IBAN

Nium upgrades to 'Zero-Deduction' wire transfers for payroll and procurement

News | Payments General | 09 Feb 2023

Fintech Nium has removed deductions on global wire transfers, supports 7 new payout currencies, and provides real-time transaction tracking with SWIFT gpi.

cross-border payments, transaction monitoring, SWIFT, payout, payments infrastructure