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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Payment Processing and other Payment Processing-related topics:

Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Payment Processing and other Payment Processing-related topics:

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Carrier billing: exploring the agent model's impact on payment innovations

Voice of the Industry | Mobile Payments | 17 May 2024

Martin Kneifel, Head of Provider Management as DIMOCO Payments, discusses the multiple future uses of carrier billing by tapping into the agent model.

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PayRetailers launches in four new African countries

News | Payments General | 16 May 2024

Payment processing solutions company PayRetailers has expanded to Africa by launching into Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia.

expansion, payment processing, payment methods, growth markets

Worldline and Visa partner for OTA payments

News | Payments General | 14 May 2024

Worldline has partnered with Visa to introduce a new virtual card-issuing solution, expanding Worldline's scope from payment processing to direct card issuance.

payments , partnership, payment processing, cash flow, B2B payments

Diebold Nixdorf augments Bankart's payment processing platform

News | Payments General | 14 May 2024

Slovenia-based Bankart has migrated its payment processing services by using Diebold Nixdorf’s Vynamic Transaction Middleware to drive modern payment capabilities.

cloud, payment processing, ATM, POS, ecommerce

Unveiling payment optimisation: insights from Pagos CEO, Klas Bäck

Interviews | Payments General | 14 May 2024

Klas Bäck, CEO of Pagos, shares insights on payment optimisation for merchants and the benefits they can reap.

data, merchants, chargebacks, tokenization, data analytics, payment processing, subscription payments, PSP

Banque Internationale à Luxembourg goes live with Temenos

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 13 May 2024

Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL) has gone live with Temenos core banking and payments to increase agility and efficiency of its retail, corporate, and private banking.

banking, digitalisation, payment processing, data, partnership

Mastercard NetsUnion begins processing transactions in China

News | Cards | 13 May 2024

Mastercard NetsUnion Information Technology has announced it began processing payments made in China with Mastercard card issued by the country’s banks.

payment processing, merchants, payments , debit card, credit card

DataMesh Group partners with Visa

News | Payments General | 08 May 2024

Australia-based fintech DataMesh Group has announced a partnership with Visa to improve card-acceptance payment processing experiences.

partnership, payment processing, fintech, credit card, debit card

A century of payment innovation: the journey of payment cards

Voice of the Industry | Cards | 08 May 2024

From store cards and charge plates to payment cards enabling contactless transactions, Amanda Gourbault from CompoSecure presents the evolution of payment innovation in the card realm over the last 100 years.

debit card, credit card, credit card fraud, contactless payments, payment processing, EMV

CLOWD9 selects for CoP compliance

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 07 May 2024

CLOWD9 has chosen to innovate CoP and Open Banking compliance, addressing urgent regulatory needs in UK and EU markets.

compliance, regulation, Confirmation of Payee, payment processing, partnership

Fiskl enhances Stripe integration for multi-currency payments

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 07 May 2024

Financial management solution Fiskl has deepened its partnership with Stripe to enable multi-currency payments and advanced reconciliation for global small businesses.

reconciliation, payment processing, bank account, stablecoin, SMEs

FastSpring, EBANX expand Pix payments for digital products in Brazil

News | Payments General | 26 Apr 2024

FastSpring has partnered with fintech EBANX to augment the payment experience with Pix in Brazil, facilitating global expansion for digital product companies.

SaaS, PIX, expansion, payment processing, local payment method

Ouro selects Bnext as strategic issuer in Europe

News | Cards | 25 Apr 2024

US-based fintech Ouro has designated Bnext as strategic issuer in Europe for its portfolio of consumer financial brands and products.

prepaid card, financial inclusion, payment processing, digital wallet, EMI licence

Unlocking travel with digital identity: an interview with Annet Steenbergen

Interviews | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 25 Apr 2024

The travel industry is undergoing a digital revolution, with digital identity wallets playing a key role in simplifying the journey for passengers. Annet Steenbergen from the EU Digital Wallet Consortium (EWC) delves into the potential of these wallets.

digital identity, digital wallet, payment processing, data privacy, travel payments

Accelerating revenue: Mastering payments data with Formula One precision

Webinar | Cards | 24 Apr 2024


Watch our on-demand webinar where we discussed the opportunities and pitfalls of managing payment data, with practical, real-life applications. The payments world can learn a thing or two from Formula One.

payments , transactions , payment processing, fraud prevention

CBS NorthStar teams up with Datacap for enhanced payments

News | Payments General | 23 Apr 2024

CBS NorthStar has recently unveiled a strategic partnership with Datacap Systems, a player in the omnichannel payments sector.

payment processing, omnichannel payments solution, partnership, customer experience

Uber Eats and Forage to Enable SNAP EBT payments

News | Payments General | 22 Apr 2024

US-based Forage has disclosed a collaboration with Uber Eats to facilitate payment processing of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) payments.

partnership, payment processing, delivery, beneficial owners, payments infrastructure

Finix launches automated Merchant Underwriting

News | Payments General | 19 Apr 2024

US-based full-stack payment processor Finix has rolled out its Merchant Underwriting that automates underwriting workflows and streamlines merchant onboarding.

merchant onboarding, KYC, risk management, payment processing, digitalisation

Pliant secures EUR 18 mln Series A extension led by PayPal Ventures

News | Cards | 19 Apr 2024

Pliant has raised more than EUR 18 million in Series A extension financing led by PayPal Ventures to expand into the UK and other markets outside the EU.

funding, expansion, fintech, payment processing, EMI licence

Celeris integrates with PXP Financial

News | Payments General | 17 Apr 2024

Payment orchestration provider Celeris has integrated with PXP Financial to augment payment processing for businesses on a global scale.

merchants, payment processing, payment methods, digital wallet, marketplace