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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Merchant and other Merchant-related topics:

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Blockchain and crypto in Romania – learnings from Banking 4.0 Crypto

Voice of the Industry | Cryptocurrencies | 27 Jun 2022

As digital currencies gain momentum, crypto-related technology, products, and perceptions continually evolve, and capture the attention of the public, all over the world.

CBDC, cryptocurrency, DLT, blockchain, banks, central bank, BNPL, merchant, NFT, DeFi

Blink partners with Opaay

News | Online Payments | 23 Jun 2022

Blink, a UK-based payments platform, has partnered with Open Banking solution Opaay to provide its users with a secure and more cost-effective way for processing payments.

product launch, Open Banking, partnership, payments , merchant

Volt launches bank account authentication service

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 23 Jun 2022

Volt, a UK-based Open Banking provider, has launched Verify, a bank account authentication service for online merchants and businesses. 

Open Banking, product launch, online authentication, bank account, merchant

Hokodo raises USD 40 mln Series B

News | Payments General | 23 Jun 2022

UK-based fintech Hokodo has completed its Series V funding round, securing USD 40 million to support the expansion into new European markets.

BNPL, funding, expansion, merchant

Valor PayTech offers new payments technology and functionality

News | Payments General | 23 Jun 2022

US-based fintech Valor PayTech has added new omnichannel payments technology and functionality to its offering.

merchant, product upgrade, cloud services, POS, mPOS, QR code, omnichannel payments solution

Optty expands its Buy Now, Pay Later network

News | Online Payments | 23 Jun 2022

Singapore-based Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) integrator Optty has announced that fintech Pace has added its BNPL offering to the former’s platform.

partnership, BNPL, ecommerce, instalment payments, retail, merchant

IXOPAY teams with Concardis/Nets Group

News | Payments General | 22 Jun 2022

Austria-based payment orchestration platform IXOPAY has partnered with Concardis/Nets Group to give merchants access to payments infrastructure and processing.

merchant, partnership, payments infrastructure, reconciliation, settlement

Visa and MRC release joint webinar about fight against friendly fraud

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 21 Jun 2022

MRC and Visa have planned to explore Visa’s evidence updates and related efforts in the battle against first-party misuse.

MRC, Visa, friendly fraud, merchant

GoCardless delivers Open Banking features in Germany

News | Payments General | 21 Jun 2022

UK-based A2A payments provider GoCardless has launched Instant Bank Pay and an anti-fraud feature, Verified Mandates, in Germany.

GoCardless, Open Banking, product launch, merchant, SEPA Direct Debit, fraud prevention

PayGlocal raises USD 12 mln

News | Online Payments | 20 Jun 2022

India-based startup PayGlocal has secured USD 12 million in funding to enable merchants to accept cross-border payments in their preferred currency.

merchant, startup, cross-border payments, funding, fraud prevention

PayFast partners with Visa through Cybersource

News | Mobile Payments | 20 Jun 2022

Pakistan-based fintech PayFast by APPS has teamed up with Visa through Cybersource to provide payment acceptance to online businesses.

partnership, Visa, SoftPOS, digital payments, merchant, ecommerce, SMEs

Mazepay gets pan-European payments license from Denmark

News | E-invoicing, SCF & E-procurement | 17 Jun 2022

The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority has granted Mazepay a pan-European payments license to streamline B2B purchases.

B2B payments, digitalisation, SaaS, merchant, e-invoicing, SMEs

Alipay+ introduces new service for cost-efficient experiences

News | Online Payments | 16 Jun 2022

Popular integrated payments platform Alipay+ has announced the launch of Alipay+ Unified Payment, a scalable and technical solution to help online and brick-and-mortar merchants collect money through all digital payment methods supported by Alipay+, in an enhanced, effective way.

cross-border payments, merchant, online payments, ecommerce platform, cross-border ecommerce, ecommerce, local payment method, cashless

Merchant payment innovation and trends with Peter Theunis from Endava

Interviews | Online Payments | 16 Jun 2022

Peter Theunis, Head of Payments EMEA, Endava reveals more about Endava’s payment capabilities, and how can merchants up their game using customer data.

financial services, merchant, Acquirer, ecommerce, SaaS, data

Sendcloud and Mollie team up to augment paid returns

News | Ecommerce | 15 Jun 2022

Netherlands-based shipping platform Sendcloud has partnered with payment service provider Mollie to simply the paid returns process.

Mollie, ecommerce, partnership, merchant, product launch

Delta Payments Solutions adds Biller Genie as partner

News | E-invoicing, SCF & E-procurement | 15 Jun 2022

Delta Payments Solutions has added Biller Genie as a software cooperative provider partner.

accounts receivable, partnership, cloud, merchant, ACH

Sionic rolls out 'Pay-By-Bank' real-time payment service

News | Payments General | 15 Jun 2022

US-based fintech Sionic has launched a real-time payment (RTP) service for US merchants, enabling bank-to-bank digital cash deposits at the point-of-sale.

merchant, real-time payments, account-to-account payment, POS, instant payments

Merchant crypto payment challenges: how modern fintech can make it easy

Interviews | Cryptocurrencies | 15 Jun 2022

How can merchants, vendors, and other ecosystem partners worldwide fully participate in the crypto economy? Shane Rodgers CEO of PDX Global has some ideas.

merchant, ecommerce, cryptocurrency, fraud prevention, Visa, fintech

Spreedly expands the use of network tokens with Mastercard

News | Cards | 14 Jun 2022

US-based payment orchestration platform Spreedly has collaborated with Mastercard to support, expand, and augment tokenised transactions for merchants.

Spreedly, tokenization, PCI DSS, merchant, MasterCard

Nucleus365 goes live

News | Payments General | 14 Jun 2022

UK-based payment institution Nucleus365 has launched to market to offer a centralised platform for global payments, FX, and connected banking.

product launch, payment processing, FCA, spend management, data analytics, merchant