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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Issuer and other Issuer-related topics:

Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Issuer and other Issuer-related topics:

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Shaping the future of the payments industry: key insights from MPE 2024

Voice of the Industry | Ecommerce | 12 Apr 2024

We highlight key topics discussed at MPE 2024, such as the evolving trends in payment optimisation, marketplaces and online platforms, real-time payments, GenAI, and cross-border payments.

payments , account-to-account payment, marketplace, online platform, PSP, merchants, Issuer, Acquirer, real-time payments, generative AI, cross-border payments, ecommerce, payments orchestration, Open Banking, Open Finance, PSD3, payment methods, API, CBDC, artificial intelligence, KYC

CPI Card Group expands production facility

News | Cards | 11 Apr 2024

US-based paytech CPI Card Group ha announced the construction of anew manufacturing facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana, US.

credit card, debit card, SaaS, Issuer, paytech

Fast and flexible, not furious: how top card issuers win the race

Voice of the Industry | Cards | 26 Mar 2024

Jean-Philippe Wolyniec, Regional Sales Director, shares insight on the fastest card and digital lending innovations. He explains what helps OpenWay clients speed up launch of new issuing products, and why the real-time straight-through processing is crucial for a digital-first customer experience.

Issuer, banks, fintech, payment methods, prepaid card

MeaWallet launches Mea Card Gateway

News | Online Payments | 22 Mar 2024

MeaWallet, a digital payments enabler specialising in card tokenisation, has announced the launch of its global Mea Card Gateway.  

product launch, payments , online payments, Issuer, merchants, financial institutions

Enfuce secures an EMI licence in the UK

News | Payments General | 27 Feb 2024

Finland-based card issuing and processing company Enfuce has secured an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) licence in the UK.

EMI licence, compliance, expansion, fintech, Issuer

Kani Payments partners with Pismo

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 21 Feb 2024

Global data reconciliation and reporting platform Kani Payments has partnered with issuer processing and core banking platform Pismo.

partnership, payments , Issuer, SaaS, banking

Mastercard expands agreement with Bank of Punjab

News | Payments General | 15 Feb 2024

Global card issuer Mastercard has announced it expands its partnership with Bank of Punjab to cover the commercial segment and redefine payments for Pakistan’s SMEs, freelancers, and gig workers.


partnership, digitalisation, financial inclusion, SMEs, SME lending, digital payments, cash flow, credit card, debit card, corporate card, freelance economy, gig economy, Issuer, payments , B2B payments

Detected gets USD 2.5M to build category-defining technology

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 15 Jan 2024

UK and US-based fintech Detected has announced a new funding round of USD 2.5 million from existing investors Thomson Reuters Ventures, Love Ventures, and investment angels.


KYC, KYB, fintech, investment, online payments, payment gateway, payments , startup, digital onboarding, payment processor, BNPL, Issuer, ISO

Digital payments for greater economic fairness

Voice of the Industry | Online Payments | 18 Dec 2023

Mina Mitkova, Chief Operating Officer at Finance Incorporated Limited, tackles digital payments as a means of better economic fairness, together with the benefits of instant payments and developing an in-house solution.

digital payments, online payments, BNPL, e-wallet, digital wallet, payments , account-to-account payment, SEPA, SEPA Payment Account Access Scheme, decentralized identity, cryptocurrency, digitalisation, POS, Issuer, acquisition

NymCard partners with CWallet

News | Payments General | 14 Dec 2023

UAE-based BaaS provider NymCard has partnered with CWallet to offer its services to issue CWallet-branded prepaid cards for the latter’s customers in Qatar. 

prepaid card, Issuer, payments , financial inclusion, cross-border payments, digital payments

Paytron selects Thredd as its Global Issuer Processor

News | Payments General | 11 Dec 2023

Thredd has announced its selection by Paytron, a full-suite workflow and spend management platform, as their global issuer processing technology partner. 

Issuer, payment processor, credit card, virtual card, partnership

Nuvei launches card issuing

News | Cards | 30 Nov 2023

Nuvei, a Canada-based fintech, has launched its card issuing solution in 30 markets globally to offer their customers physical and virtual white-labelled cards. 

credit card, Issuer, Acquirer, payments , online payments, product launch

XXImo to process payments entirely through AWS Cloud

News | Payments General | 29 Nov 2023

Corporate mobility payments platform XXImo has announced that it is going all-in on Amazon Web Services as an EU Visa card issuer to process payments entirely through the AWS Cloud in Q1 2024.

payments , cloud payments, paytech, fintech, mobility, ESG, payment processing, Issuer, Visa, B2B payments

PayTabs Group launches PayTabs Issuance

News | Online Payments | 27 Nov 2023

PayTabs Group has announced the launch of PayTabs Issuance, a secure prepaid card issuing solution aimed at scaling business operations, regionally. 

product launch, online payments, payments , transactions , Issuer

Euronet and Banco Pichincha modernise card features in Ecuador

News | Cards | 06 Nov 2023

Fintech Euronet has provided Ecuador-based Banco Pichincha with prepaid and debit card issuing and processing through its SaaS payments platform Ren.

Issuer, debit card, prepaid card, SaaS, payment processing

Mastercard and EedenBull introduce spend management for SMEs

News | Cards | 02 Nov 2023

Fintech EedenBull has teamed up with Mastercard to launch an AI-backed a card and spend management platform for SMEs.

SMEs, Issuer, digital payments, cash flow, spend management, fintech

Paymentology receives Visa Cloud Connect Certification

News | Payments General | 31 Oct 2023

Global issuer-processor Paymentology has announced that it secured its Visa Cloud Connect (VCC) certification from Visa in Europe.

certification, payment processing, Issuer, payment processor, cloud payments, cloud

Andaria partners with Discover Global Network

News | Cards | 17 Oct 2023

Malta-based fintech Andaria has been designated as a global card issuer by Discover Global Network, solidifying its position in the Embedded Finance landscape.

embedded finance, Issuer, tokenization, fintech, partnership

Nexi Group expands its brand into the DACH region

News | Payments General | 12 Oct 2023

European paytech Nexi has announced the expansion of its brand into the DACH region.

expansion, paytech, fintech, rebranding, payments , financial services, digital banking, Issuer, merchants, SMEs

Visa and M2P offer seamless end-to-end issuance via Visa Ready to Launch

News | Cards | 22 Sep 2023

Visa has partnered API infrastructure company M2P Fintech to help fintech and non-banking entities issue payment products through the Visa Ready to Launch (VRTL) programme.

Issuer, fintech, API, KYC, AML, digital onboarding