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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Goods Online and other Goods Online-related topics:

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Consumers show strong appetite for biometric payment cards, Fingerprints finds

News | Cards | 19 Jan 2021

Fingerprints global survey has found strong consumer appetite for biometric payment cards, with 51% ready to switch bank for one.

fingerprints, biometric payment cards, contactless payments, report, study, in-store payments

Fingerprints, M-Tech team up to launch contactless biometric cards in India

News | Cards | 01 Dec 2020

Sweden-based biometrics company Fingerprint Cards and M-Tech Innovations, an India-based smartcard manufacturer, have teamed up to launch contactless biometric payment cards in the Indian market.

fingerprints, M-Tech, partnership, India, Asia, biometric cards, contactless payments

Hyundai's new luxury vehicle to feature in-car payments with fingerprints

News | Mobile Payments | 30 Nov 2020

Hyundai Motor's luxury car brand Genesis has announced the release GV70, a sport utility vehicle, featuring an in-car digital payment system that uses fingerprints for the authentication of drivers.

in-car payments, Hyundai, fingerprints, biometrics, IOT

SmartMetric, ServiRed team up for biometric cards with Advantis EMV chip

News | Cards | 04 Jun 2020

US-based biometric software company SmartMetric has entered into an agreement with ServiRed to manufacture and launch a biometric fingerprint-activated credit card. 

SmartMetric, partnership, ServiRed, biometrics, cards, Advantis, EMV chip, US, fingerprints, credit card, payments

How data privacy spun out of control, and what is next - Interview with Arwen Smit

Interviews | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 13 Mar 2020

Arwen Smit discusses data privacy with The Paypers and the challenges facing identity in the Internet sector

Arwen Smit, Identity Reboot, privacy, identity, behavioural manipulation, deep fakes, data, biometrics, blockchain, autonomy, authorisation, GDPR, regulations, fingerprints, data privacy

Suprema unveils its facial recognition solution

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 22 Jan 2020

Global provider of biometrics and security solutions Suprema has unveiled its latest facial recognition solution at INTERSEC 2020.

Suprema, launch, facial recognition, biometrics, security, fingerprints, cards, QR

Contactless biometric payment card from Thales, Fingerprint Cards certified by Mastercard

News | Cards | 20 Jan 2020

Mastercard has certified the first contactless fingerprint payment card to its new program to assess key aspects of the technology.

MasterCard, contactless, biometrics, payments , cards, Thales, Fingerprint Cards, fingerprints, verification, transactions , security, banks, certification, Gemalto, MasterCard

Privacy agency in Belgium to investigate Carrefour's fingerprint payments

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 16 Jan 2020

The Belgian Data Protection Authority has announced that there is ‘a good chance’ it will investigate Carrefour’s fingerprint payment system.

Carrefour, fingerprints, payments , Belgium, privacy agency, GBA, bank accounts, data protection

Juniper Research's Report: facial recognition is on the rise as mobile payments solution

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 15 Jan 2020

A report by Juniper Research has found that facial recognition will likely become the fastest-growing use of biometric hardware on smartphones.

mobile payments, facial recognition, Juniper Research, biometrics, authentication, fingerprints, ecommerce, transactions

CULedger reveals pilot programme for blockchain-based identity verification

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 16 Dec 2019

Three credit unions in the US have completed pilot programmes for the MyCUID, a blockchain-based digital identity and call centre tech that helps verify identity, CULedger reveals.

CULedger, blockchain, identity verification, credit unions, US, digital identity, transfers, account opening, mobile integration, biometrics, authentication, voice recognition, fingerprints, facial recognition

Cornèr Banca reveals biometric payment card

News | Cards | 26 Nov 2019

Switzerland-based bank Cornèr Banca has announced the launch of a biometric payment card that lets customers make contactless payments.

Cornèr Banca, biometrics, payments , cards, PIN, fingerprints, credit cards, chip, Switzerland

Uber could be pressured to collect biometric verification from UK drivers

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 26 Nov 2019

Wired has revealed that Uber could be required to force drivers to scan their fingerprints or faces, in order to continue operating in UK.

Uber, biometrics, UK, fingerprints, face biometrics, licence, TfL, safety, biometric data, verification

Innovatrics' algorithm adopted by MoriX into its biometric smart card

News | Cards | 20 Nov 2019

Innovatrics has revealed that its small area matcher algorithm was implemented by fingerprint sensor technology pioneer MoriX Co.

Innovatrics, MoriX, biometrics, smart card, fingerprints, authentication, cards

NatWest begins biometric credit card trial

News | Cards | 19 Nov 2019

NatWest has announced it is piloting cutting-edge, biometric fingerprint tech with 150 customers, in partnership with Mastercard and Gemalto.

NatWest, UK, bank, biometrics, credit card, fingerprints, debit cards, ATMs, PIN, password, terminals, merchants

Google Pay reveals biometric authentication feature for money transfers

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 29 Oct 2019

Google Pay has announced that starting with version 2.100, it is adding support for fingerprints and face authentication for money transfers.

Google Pay, biometrics, authentication, money transfers, cards, fingerprints, face authentication, PIN, API

IDEMIA, IDEX Biometrics sign patent license agreement for on-card enrollment solutions

News | Cards | 04 Oct 2019

IDEMIA and IDEX Biometrics have entered a worldwide license agreement for use of IDEX’s biometric enrollment intellectual property.

IDEMIA, patent license agreement, on-card enrollment, IDEX Biometrics, biometrics, cards, smart cards, fingerprints, banks