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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Financial Inclusion and other Financial Inclusion-related topics:

Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Financial Inclusion and other Financial Inclusion-related topics:

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Digital wallets and the 2023 industry trends: The future for real-time cross-border payments

Interviews | Online Payments | 08 Dec 2022

Giovanni Angelini, President for the European Union and Africa regions at Western Union, shares his expertise and insights into the future of digital wallets and real-time cross-border payments and what we should expect from this field in 2023. 

digital wallet, e-wallet, cross-border payments, cross-border logistics, credit card, money transfer, money remittance, e-money, financial inclusion, digitalisation

Galileo launches customisable BNPL solution

News | Payments General | 07 Dec 2022

US-based fintech Galileo has launched a Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) solution for banks and fintechs with single-use virtual cards issuance and complete loan servicing.

payments , product launch, payment methods, instalment payments, BNPL, payments orchestration, virtual card, financial inclusion, financial services

Sunbit closes USD 250 mln revolving debt facility

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 06 Dec 2022

Fintech Sunbit has announced that it has closed an USD 250 million revolving debt facility with Credit Suisse and Waterfall Asset Management to diversify its financing sources.

partnership, financial services, funding, financing , financial institutions, financial inclusion, payment methods

Tonik Financial to acquire TendoPay

News | Payments General | 05 Dec 2022

Tonik Financial has entered into an agreement with Tendo Payment Solutions to acquire its Philippine business, operating under the brand name TendoPay.

acquisition, financial inclusion, financial services, fintech, ACH

Thales, Handsome offer payment solution for visually impaired people

News | Cards | 02 Dec 2022

France-based technology company Thales has partnered with fintech Handsome to develop a payment solution that protects visually impaired people from fraud. 

partnership, product launch, financial inclusion, payments , payment methods, payment fraud, payments orchestration, payments infra

Rollee report says gig workers struggle with financial exclusion

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 29 Nov 2022

Fintech Rollee has launched a report revealing that 76% of UK-based gig workers struggle with approval to access financial products of the likes of loans and mortgages.

report, research, financial inclusion, financial services, lending, credit scoring, credit card, payments , gig economy

The pivotal trends redefining the payments world | Interview with EY Canada

Interviews | Online & Mobile Banking | 23 Nov 2022

Diana Halder from EY Canada discusses the most influential areas impacting payments today, including Open Banking, real-time payments, cross-border payments, BNPL, embedded payments, and CBDCs

Open Banking, real-time payments, embedded finance, CBDC, digital wallet, super app, cross-border payments, financial inclusion, BNPL, ISO 20022, financial institutions, banks

Vodacom Tanzania, DSTV launch MyDStv app on M-Pesa

News | Mobile Payments | 21 Nov 2022

Vodacom Tanzania has partnered with DSTV Tanzania to enable DSTV customers to access the MyDStv app within the M-Pesa app.

partnership, payments , mobile payments, super app, omnichannel, ecommerce platform, digitalisation, financial inclusion

Daylight raises USD 15 mln

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 21 Nov 2022

Daylight has announced a USD 15 million Series A round led by Anthemis Group with participation from CMFG Ventures, Kapor Capital, Citi Ventures, and Gaingels.

neobanks, product launch, funding, financial services, financial inclusion

At the intersection of fintech and academia | Interview with Prof. Karen Elliott

Interviews | Online & Mobile Banking | 21 Nov 2022

Professor Karen Elliott, Chair of Practice in Finance/FinTech, discusses the key role academia plays in accelerating the development and growth of fintech innovation

fintech, financial services, metaverse, financial inclusion

Mastercard to support transgender and blind community in Europe

News | Payments General | 17 Nov 2022

Mastercard has announced that it will support the European transgender and blind communities by expanding its True Name and Touch Card solutions to new markets.

partnership, payments , payment methods, financial inclusion, product launch, MasterCard

Fintechs and financial inclusion: how to avoid the pitfalls and stimulate growth

Voice of the Industry | Mobile Payments | 16 Nov 2022

Maria Vinogradova of OpenWay addresses the number of instances where e-wallets can fail financial inclusion goals while also detailing how to create a successful financial inclusion offering.

mobile payments, e-wallet, financial inclusion, PCI DSS, PSP, payments infrastructure

Paysend launches Paysend Libre in Northern Central America

News | Online Payments | 15 Nov 2022

Paysend has introduced Paysend Libre to allow unbanked users in Northern Central America to receive remittances from the US to a Paysend virtual Mastercard digital card.

MasterCard, virtual card, remittance, ATM, financial inclusion

SPENN and Mastercard partner

News | Online Payments | 14 Nov 2022

SPENN, a Denmark-based fintech, and Mastercard have partnered to enable SPENN Mobile Wallet users to make digital payments on the Mastercard network.

partnership, financial inclusion, fintech, digital payments, ecommerce

ANEXT Bank announces embedded financing programme

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 04 Nov 2022

Singapore-based digital wholesale bank ANEXT Bank has unveiled its initiative to drive further industry collaboration to enable inclusive financing for SMEs.

SMEs, embedded finance, ecommerce, financial inclusion, banking

Plend raises GBP 40 million

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 04 Nov 2022

Plend, a UK-based fintech, has raised GBP 40 million in a seed funding with new investors including Active Partners, Velocity Juice, and Sivo.

funding, investment, financial inclusion, fintech, banks

Stripe expands in Thailand accelerating SME global integration

News | Mobile Payments | 27 Oct 2022

US-based financial infrastructure company for businesses, Stripe, has announced its official launch in Thailand, aiming to make it easier and faster for businesses to access the global economy.

cross-border payments, cross-border ecommerce, ecommerce, local payment method, digitalisation, online payments, API, expansion, reconciliation, online platform, fraud detection, fraud prevention, fraud management, financial inclusion

Brankas goes live with Visa

News | Payments General | 27 Oct 2022

Brankas, an Open Finance technology provider, has gone live with Visa to unveil a new Open Finance solution to increase financial inclusion across Southeast Asia.

partnership, Open Finance, financial inclusion, payments , digital banking

Can collaboration help payments providers meet merchants' payment expectations?

Webinar | Payments General | 26 Oct 2022

Digitalisation is removing the barriers to the goods and services that support society across all geographies. But the businesses at the front-end of the process – the sellers and merchants – still face financial exclusion as they are unable to access payment solutions that make it easy for them to serve different geographies and accept different currencies. 

FX , PSP, merchants, financial inclusion

Prove partners Experian to improve global financial inclusion

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 26 Oct 2022

US-based Prove has partnered with Experian in order to improve financial inclusion across the globe through advanced identity verification technology.

digital identity, partnership, financial inclusion, multi-factor authentication