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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Digital Currency and other Digital Currency-related topics:

Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Digital Currency and other Digital Currency-related topics:

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Mesh Payments expands its platform

News | Online Payments | 31 May 2023

US-based finance automation company Mesh Payments has expanded its unified spend management platform to offer improved services to global businesses. 

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DCMA pilots a point-to-point implementation of Unicoin

News | Cryptocurrencies | 30 May 2023

The Digital Currency Monetary Authority has announced a pilot for a point-to-point implementation of Unicoin in Latin America and Africa.

cryptocurrency, product launch, digital currency, digital wallet, digital payments

Evolution and challenges: unveiling the fintech landscapes of Japan, Belgium, and Spain

Interviews | Online & Mobile Banking | 24 May 2023

Unchain Fintech Festival brings together Takeshi Kito, Alessandra Guion, and Francisco Estevan to explore regional connections, government initiatives, and digital transformations in the fintech ecosystems shaping the financial landscapes of East Asia and Europe.

fintech, COVID-19, banks, Open Banking, web3, digital currency, cryptocurrency, blockchain, cryptocurrency exchange, SWIFT

SG-FORGE's EUR CoinVertible: bridging traditional capital markets and digital assets

Interviews | Cryptocurrencies | 23 May 2023

Interview with Jean-Marc Stenger, Chief Executive Officer at SG-FORGE on the issuance of the EUR CoinVertible

stablecoin, digital euro, banks, KYC, AML, digital currency

Wise rolls out new interest feature for US customers

News | Online Payments | 26 Apr 2023

UK-based Wise has offered its US customers and businesses the opportunity to opt for receiving 3.92% APY on their USD balances with a new interest feature.

money transfer, remittance, interest rate, product launch, digital currency

The digital euro project: the future of money in the digital age

Interviews | Cryptocurrencies | 25 Apr 2023

ECB's digital euro program director, Evelien Witlox, shares with The Paypers updates on digital euro issuance, design, and implementation. When will a digital euro be issued? Read on to find out.

digital currency, central bank, CBDC, mobile banking, cybersecurity

Striga launches APIs for crypto platforms to create branded cards

News | Cryptocurrencies | 17 Apr 2023

Estonia-based first licensed entity to provide compliant crypto infrastructure in Europe, Striga, has launched a set of APIs to help crypto companies generate self-branded cards. 

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Swiss National Bank plans wholesale CBDC and "stablecoin"

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 12 Apr 2023

The Swiss National Bank (SNB) has announced plans to test the introduction of a wholesale CBDC and a stable-value token for payment processing as part of its "Swiss Payments Vision".

CBDC, product launch, digital assets, stablecoin, digital currency

Central Bank of UAE launches CBDC implementation strategy

News | Cryptocurrencies | 05 Apr 2023

The Central Bank of the UAE has launched its Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Implementation Strategy in collaboration with R3, G42 Cloud and Clifford Chance.

CBDC, central bank, digital currency, partnership, DLT

Xapo Bank and Circle to offer USDC deposits and withdrawals

News | Cryptocurrencies | 29 Mar 2023

Bitcoin custodian and licensed private bank Xapo Bank has partnered with financial technology company Circle to integrate USD Coin payment rails as an alternative to SWIFT.

SWIFT, digital currency, crypto, crypto asset

Central Bank of UAE reveals a new CBDC strategy

News | Cryptocurrencies | 24 Mar 2023

The Central Bank of UAE has revealed its plans to complete the first phase of its central bank digital currency project  in mid-2024.

CBDC, central bank, digital currency, banks

How FinXP's scalable payment solutions support xMoney's growth

Voice of the Industry | Online Payments | 16 Mar 2023

Jeffrey Romano, Head of Marketing at FinXP, shares insights on how the crypto payments processor xMoney is benefiting from FinXP’s scalable payment solutions.

cryptocurrency, crypto, partnership, online payments, merchants, fintech, ecommerce, payment methods, settlement, digital currency

National Australia Bank issues Ethereum stablecoin

News | Cryptocurrencies | 15 Mar 2023

National Australia Bank (NAB) has completed its first intra-bank cross-border transaction using its own stablecoin via Ethereum.

blockchain, digital currency, stablecoin, cross-border payments, Ethereum

CurrencyFair partners with Thunes

News | Online Payments | 15 Mar 2023

Cross-border payments platform CurrencyFair has partnered with payments company Thunes to provide money transfer services in 25 new currencies, including the Mexican peso.

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CBDC payments to more than double in 7 years

News | Cryptocurrencies | 13 Mar 2023

A study from Juniper Research found that the value of payments via CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies) will reach USD 213 billion annually by 2030, up from just USD 100 million in 2023.

CBDC, central bank, digital currency, study

CBDC: threat or opportunity

Voice of the Industry | Cryptocurrencies | 13 Mar 2023

Dominika Duziak, Head of Product and Strategy at OneStep Financial, a member of The Payments Association, clarifies the most common misconceptions about CBDCs and advocates for enhanced digitalisation with their help.

CBDC, NFT, digitalisation, online payments, payments , mobile payments, mobile money, digital currency, digital wallet, digital euro, digital payments, e-wallet, cryptocurrency

Nigerian government extends electronic transfer tax

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 08 Mar 2023

The Minister of Finance, Budget, and National Planning has issued a new Electronic Money Transfer Levy (EMTL) regulation focused on domiciliary accounts. 

regulation, digital currency, online banking, digital banking, online payments

WeChat adds digital yuan to its payment platform

News | Cryptocurrencies | 08 Mar 2023

WeChat, China’s major social networking and payment app, has added the country’s central bank digital currency (CBDC) to its payment services, according to reports in local media.

CBDC, central bank, digital currency, digital assets

Reserve Bank of Australia selects 14 CBDC use cases

News | Cryptocurrencies | 06 Mar 2023

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has announced on 3 March 2023 that it has selected 14 digital currency proposed use cases from the many submissions obtained from industry participants.

CBDC, central bank, digital currency, digital assets, cryptocurrency

CBDCs: how banks and processors can prepare for disruption and seize opportunities

Voice of the Industry | Online Payments | 02 Mar 2023

Sophocles Ioannou, Regional Director, Business Development Europe and Latin America at OpenWay Group, discusses the importance of CBDCs in a highly digitalised world and its benefits for fintechs and end-users. 

CBDC, digital currency, payment gateway, online payments, central bank, digitalisation, financial inclusion, payments , payment methods, payment institution, digital payments, fintech