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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on DataVisor and other DataVisor-related topics:

Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on DataVisor and other DataVisor-related topics:

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DataVisor reports increased fraud rates in social networks

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 28 Jan 2021

DataVisor's new Digital Fraud Trends Report has found that fraud rates increased throughout the social digital space, as fraudsters sought to take advantage of gaps in protection.

DataVisor, report, Fraud rates, social networks, digital space, Digital Fraud Trends Report

DataVisor reveals anti-fraud solution dEdge

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 16 Jan 2020


DataVisor has revealed the availability of dEdge, an anti-fraud solution that detects malicious devices in real-time.

DataVisor, launch, security, dEdge, malicious devices, digital attacks, manipulation detection, IDs, fraud scores, malware, encryption, identification

DataVisor, Experian join forces for digital fraud exposure reduction

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 06 Nov 2019

DataVisor has teamed up with Experian to integrate its unsupervised ML-powered transactional risk assessment capabilities into Experian’s CrossCore platform.

DataVisor, Experian , partnership, digital fraud, fraud prevention, ML, risks, fraudulent behaviour, fraud detection

DataVisor reveals partner program to new markets

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 30 Oct 2019

DataVisor has launched a partner program dubbed ExtenD, which targets mid-to-large size enterprises, to expand into new vertical sectors and geographies.

DataVisor, partner program, Extend, fraud detection, markets, fraud, online attacks

DataVisor reveals Advanced Rules Engine, strengthening its fraud detection solutions suite

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 02 Oct 2019

DataVisor has expanded its range of fraud detection solutions with the Advanced Rules Engine, in a bit to help organisations take proactive measurements against fraud.

DataVisor, Advanced Rules Engine, fraud detection, machine learning, ML, rules, accounts, management

DataVisor enables data science and business teams to build powerful features

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 18 Sep 2019

DataVisor has announced the availability of its Feature Platform, a solution that produces auto-derived features based on user-imported raw data and mapped fields.

DataVisor, data, fraud prevention, product launch, financial crime

Bad guys want your data – a short introduction to Account Takeover fraud

Voice of the Industry | Expert Opinion | 07 Aug 2019

Everyone loves their smartphone. These devices are packed with loads of apps that enable us to enjoy increasingly convenient shopping and banking experiences, organise our daily activities, help us keep fit, entertain us, and more.

DataVisor, account take over, synthetic identity fraud, credit application fraud, data breaches, machine learning, AI, DataVisor Fraud Index Report Q2 2019

The evolution of fraud and emerging trends to watch

Interviews | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 12 Jul 2019

Yinglian Xie, DataVisor: “Fraudsters will continue to breach various databases and to exploit new and innovative technologies for their own criminal purposes”

fraud prevention, DataVisor, Yinglian Xie, unsupervised machine learning, cybercrime

DataVisor adds optimisation and ETL capabilities to its dCube

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 06 Jun 2019

DataVisor has strengthened dCube with the additional levers for modeling and tuning, and data management functionality.

DataVisor, dCube, optimisation, ETL capabilities, data management, fraud, management solution, ML, data science, fraud prevention, control, data validation, fraud modeling, mapping

DataVisor takes on EMEA demands, expanding its operations

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 31 May 2019

AI-powered fraud management solutions company DataVisor has revealed it expanded operations in EMEA to address the growing need for its solutions.

DataVisor, EMEA, demand, AI, machine learning, GDPR, PSD2, banking, financial services, cybercrimes, fraud, fraudulent activities, fraudsters, abuse, fraud attacks, financial crime

DataVisors AI solutions empower online marketplace to defeat fake listing scams

Voice of the Industry | Expert Opinion | 20 Mar 2019

As one of the crucial components of sustainable marketplaces is trust, DataVisor’s AI-powered fraud management solutions enable organisations to restore trust in the digital era.

DataVisor, AI, fraud management, fraud prevention, ecommerce, malicious mass registrations, account takeover, fake listing, scams

The journey towards zero factor authentication

Voice of the Industry | Expert Opinion | 04 Mar 2019

Yinglian Xie, DataVisor, argues that ‘Advances in technology must be able to combine machine and human intelligence to deliver zero factor authentication’

Yinglian Xie, DataVisor, digital banking, wallets, fraud, financial services, authentication, hackers, ATM, biometrics, phishing, Token

US credit card issuer uses DataVisor machine learning to reduce losses from application fraud

Voice of the Industry | Expert Opinion | 20 Feb 2019

With the rapidly-increasing application fraud, DataVisor’s machine learning solution enables a top US credit card issuer fight this type of fraud efficiently

DataVisor, application fraud, machine learning, credit card, debit card, manual review, synthetic fraud, supervised machine learning, fraud detection, US