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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Bigtech and other Bigtech-related topics:

Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Bigtech and other Bigtech-related topics:

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CFPB and EU commence talks on consumer finance

News | Payments General | 12 Apr 2024

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the EU have initiated a dialogue on consumer finance, addressing Big Tech, digital payments, and AI.

financial services, artificial intelligence, bigtech, digital payments

EU updates rules for Big Tech antitrust assessment

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 09 Feb 2024

European Union antitrust regulators have decided to update a set of nearly 30-year-old rules known as the Market Definition Notice.

regulation, bigtech, fraud prevention, fintech

The growing influence of BigTech companies in payments and financial services

Voice of the Industry | Online Payments | 04 Sep 2023

Tue To, Manager at Edgar, Dunn & Company, dives into the ways in which BigTech giants are reshaping finance, blurring boundaries, and disrupting traditional banking with innovation and embedded financial services.

ecommerce, bigtech, real-time payments, Open Banking, embedded finance, digital payments, banks, BaaS, growth markets, financial services, credit card, e-wallet, fintech, payments

Open Finance framework/FIDA: Exclusive interview with Nilixa Devlukia

Interviews | Online & Mobile Banking | 09 Aug 2023

Nilixa Devlukia, Chair of the Open Finance Association, delivers a thorough overview of the European Commission's proposal on Open Finance, ensuring a clear understanding of its implications.

PSR, Open Finance, PSD2, FIDA, regulation, financial data, payments , bigtech, banks, TPP, data sharing, Open Banking, API, premium API, financial services

Alibaba opts out of Ant Group stock buyback

News | Payments General | 24 Jul 2023

China-based Alibaba has announced it will not take part in the previously announced share buyback of its fintech arm, Ant Group.

regulation, payments , investment, bigtech, compliance, ecommerce

Huawei rolls out non-stop banking initiative

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 27 Mar 2023

Chinese multinational provider of comms technology Huawei has launched its Non Stop Banking initiative to enable banks to increase revenue and customer base, save operational costs and enhance financial inclusion.

mobile banking, online banking e-payment, digitalisation, bigtech, payments infrastructure

How 'Banking for Tomorrow' will look like

Voice of the Industry | Payments General | 21 Oct 2022

With the banking system facing mounting pressure to change, Jeroen de Bel, Founder and Director of the strategy consultancy Fincog shares what ‘Banking for Tomorrow’ will look like in the company’s newest report.

banking, fintech, banks, bigtech, Open Banking, financial inclusion, digitalisation

Debit and credit cards: size of the market and latest developments

Voice of the Industry | Online Payments | 06 Oct 2022

The Paypers presents the latest development in debit and credit cards from levelling card fees to the stint in crypto payments.

payment methods, debit card, credit card, cryptocurrency, payments ecosystem, regulation, bigtech

CFPB to promote competition and innovation in consumer finance

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 26 May 2022

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has opened the Office of Competition and Innovation to help spur innovation in financial services by promoting competition and identifying stumbling blocks for new market entrants.

Open Banking, regulation, bigtech, banks, fintech