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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on B2B Payments and other B2B Payments-related topics:

Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on B2B Payments and other B2B Payments-related topics:

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TreviPay introduces all-in-one payments solution for checkout

News | Payments General | 06 Dec 2023

TreviPay, a B2B payments and invoicing network, has released a new all-in-one payments solution designed to help merchants build experiential loyalty with enterprise buyers.

B2B payments, online payments, purchase-to-pay, payment processing, retail

FinMont partners with Payplug

News | Payments General | 05 Dec 2023

FinMont has partnered with Payplug to incorporate an omnichannel payment solution for European merchants into its global travel payment ecosystem. 

travel payments, payments , online payments, partnership, B2B payments, B2B2B2C

Halfords taps Kriya's to support its B2B trade credit and payments

News | Payments General | 05 Dec 2023

UK-based retail company Halfords has integrated tools from Kriya, an embedded finance provider, across its stores to power payments and credit for its trade account customers.

B2B payments, online payments, cash flow, embedded finance, partnership

Mondu partners with Mangopay to support B2B marketplaces

News | Payments General | 05 Dec 2023

B2B payments company Mondu has announced a partnership with the modular and flexible payment infrastructure provider for marketplaces and platforms Mangopay.

partnership, paytech, fintech, B2B payments, BNPL, payments infrastructure, instalment payments, marketplace, online platform, payment methods

Brighty App launches EU payment platform

News | Payments General | 29 Nov 2023

Switzerland-based Brighty App has launched Brighty Business, its European B2B payment platform, to simplify financial operations management for businesses.  

product launch, B2B payments, payments , cross-border payments, digital assets

XXImo to process payments entirely through AWS Cloud

News | Payments General | 29 Nov 2023

Corporate mobility payments platform XXImo has announced that it is going all-in on Amazon Web Services as an EU Visa card issuer to process payments entirely through the AWS Cloud in Q1 2024.

payments , cloud payments, paytech, fintech, mobility, ESG, payment processing, Issuer, Visa, B2B payments

Helping B2B merchants grow with embedded payments

Interviews | Payments General | 29 Nov 2023

Louis Carbonnier, President and Co-founder at Hokodo, discusses how innovative financial services – particularly embedded lending and payments – are helping B2B merchants accelerate growth and, ultimately, support the B2B economy.

embedded payments, embedded lending, B2B payments, merchants, ecommerce, online payments, API, fraud detection, credit scoring, payment processing, personal finance management

EBANX announces its new product series

News | Payments General | 20 Nov 2023

EBANX has unveiled its new Product Series containing anti-fraud measures, B2B payment processing updates, and more for 29 countries in LATAM, Caribbean, Africa, and Asia.

payment processing, fraud prevention, B2B payments, payment methods, chargebacks

Hokodo, Balance release research on B2B payment terms

News | Payments General | 20 Nov 2023

UK-based Hokodo and US-based Balance have released joint research on trends and opinions among Business-to-Business (B2B) sellers about cross-border payment terms. 

ecommerce, payments , B2B payments, research, merchants, cross-border payments, cross-border ecommerce

B2B marketplace payment flows: adding strategic value at the checkout

Voice of the Industry | Online Payments | 16 Nov 2023

Louis Carbonnier, Co-founder and President at Hokodo, discusses the future of B2B marketplaces and how they can become successful by adding strategic value at checkout.

B2B payments, cross-border payments, online payments, reconciliation, marketplace, authorisation rate, merchant, PSP, funding, money transfer, e-invoicing, fintech, local payment method, bank transfer, BNPL, credit card, debit card, cash flow, fraud management, fraud detection, fraud prevention, checkout optimisation

Choco Up partners with Bueno and Allianz Trade

News | Ecommerce | 15 Nov 2023

Singapore-based revenue-based financing and growth platform Choco Up has partnered with Bueno and Allianz Trade.

partnership, ecommerce, BNPL, B2B payments

Modern Treasury launches instant microdeposits

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 13 Nov 2023

US-based payments platform Modern Treasury has launched instant microdeposits leveraging the Federal Reserve's FedNow and Real-Time Payments.

product launch, B2B payments, real-time payments, customer experience

Zoop becomes a licenced payments institution in Brazil

News | Payments General | 13 Nov 2023

Brazil-based financial services company Zoop has become a licenced payments institution following an authorisation from the local Central Bank.

payments , fintech, B2B payments, compliance

Jeeves partners with Bexs

News | Online Payments | 10 Nov 2023

Global expense management and cross-border payments platform Jeeves has partnered with digital payments and FX bank Bexs

FX , partnership, cross-border payments, cross-border ecommerce, B2B payments

Transforming FX in Brazil: Bexs Banco's journey, transition to Ebury, and beyond

Interviews | Payments General | 09 Nov 2023

We sat down with Luiz Henrique Didier Jr., the CEO of Bexs Banco, at Money 20/20 USA to discuss more about Bexs, its transition to Ebury, recent developments in Brazil, and the company's future goals.

FX , acquisition, cross-border payments, banking, digital payments, B2B payments, digital banking, merger, digitalisation, SMEs

BNPL: exploring emerging applications and regulatory developments

Voice of the Industry | Online Payments | 08 Nov 2023

Frida Polyak, Consultant at Euromonitor International offers a close examination of the emerging applications and regulatory changes associated with BNPL services.

payment methods, ecommerce, BNPL, B2B payments, regulation

Vertex partners with Shopify

News | Payments General | 08 Nov 2023

US-based tax technology provider Vertex has entered a collaboration with Canada-based commerce platform Shopify to automate tax calculation and compliance for merchants. 

B2B payments, partnership, B2B2B2C, compliance, SaaS, cross-border ecommerce

Mangopay partners with Aria

News | Payments General | 07 Nov 2023

Platform-specific payment infrastructure provider Mangopay has partnered with France-based embedded invoice financing provider Aria

B2B payments, marketplace, SaaS, payments infrastructure, payment facilitator, BNPL

Amazon announces an expanded partnership with Affirm

News | Online Payments | 03 Nov 2023

Amazon has announced an expanded partnership with US-based payments network Affirm to leverage the latter’s pay-over-time option.

payments , BNPL, partnership, B2B payments

Buy Now, Pay Later: the real value is in B2B Payments

Voice of the Industry | Online Payments | 02 Nov 2023

Louis Carbonnier, Co-founder and Co-CEO at Hokodo, shares light on one of the biggest trends in the payments industry in 2023 – B2B BNPL. He discusses how this new type of lending will impact merchants and help them stay on top in a highly competitive business environment.  

payment methods, ecommerce, payments , B2B payments, BNPL