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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Amadeus and other Amadeus-related topics:

Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Amadeus and other Amadeus-related topics:

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The importance of FX-as-a-Service: An Amadeus approach

Interviews | Online Payments | 10 Mar 2022

Beatrice Bouju, Head of FX Product at Amadeus: ‘Automating FX management can free up resources, eliminate manual tasks, and minimise operational risk and human errors. This is where FX-as-a-Service comes in’

FX , cross-border payments, payment gateway, Amadeus, acquisition, card scheme, trading platform, trade finance

DPO Group and Amadeus to offer mobile payments for airline customers

News | Mobile Payments | 14 Dec 2021

Spain-based travel technology company Amadeus has partnered with DPO Group to enable digital payments for regional and international airline customers across Africa.

Amadeus, partnership, mobile payments, local payment method, digital payments

Amadeus report highlights psychological threshold for FX fees in travel

News | Ecommerce | 16 Nov 2021

New research from Spain-based travel solutions company Amadeus has revealed that travellers begin to abandon booking when FX fees reach 5% of the cost of a flight.

Amadeus, research, data, travel payments, ecommerce

Pay when you fly: supporting travel's recovery with flexible payment options

Voice of the Industry | Online Payments | 25 Oct 2021

Jean-Christophe Lacour, Head of Merchant Services at Amadeus Payments: 'What if we could rebuild traveller confidence and offer them the option to pay later, all without requiring them to enter a credit agreement?'


Towards a frictionless future for travel payments

Voice of the Industry | Online Payments | 08 Oct 2021

Jean-Christophe Lacour, Amadeus Payments: ‘Making travel payments frictionless creates a more convenient experience for the traveller, being essential to the industry’s merchandising strategy’

Amadeus, travel payments, e-wallet, QR code, contactless payments, FX , COVID-19

Philippine Airlines selects Amadeus for payment solutions

News | Online Payments | 25 Aug 2021

Philippine Airlines has selected Amadeus technology to enable travellers on Philippine Airlines to enjoy a convenient digital shopping experience.

Amadeus, payment processing, FX , ecommerce

Amadeus integrates IBM digital health pass for air travel

News | Ecommerce | 26 Jul 2021

Spain-based travel technology company Amadeus has integrated the IBM Digital Health Pass into its digital health verification solution, Traveler ID for Safe Travel.

COVID-19, partnership, Amadeus, IBM, travel payments

Amadeus to launch advanced travel retailing via NDC with United Airlines

News | Ecommerce | 21 Jul 2021

Amadeus has renewed its distribution agreement with United Airlines that reinforces a commitment to modern retailing and enhances communication between the airline and travel sellers.

Amadeus, United Airlines, partnership, customer experience, ecommerce

Amadeus celebrates new NDC milestone with Qantas

News | Ecommerce | 02 Jul 2021

Amadeus has started to deliver Qantas’ NDC-sourced content to pilot travel sellers to test booking, servicing through the Amadeus Travel Platform.

Amadeus, partnership, online shopping, ecommerce

New 'Pay When You Fly' options to boost 2021 travel, Amadeus study suggests

News | Online Payments | 29 Jun 2021

Amadeus has unveiled in a new research that ‘Pay When You Fly’ (PWYF) is the most appealing payment option for travellers.

Amadeus, study, refund, BNPL, online payments

Pandemic accelerates the switch to virtual travel payments, new Amadeus study finds

News | Online Payments | 21 May 2021

Amadeus has revealed in new study that 98.3% of virtual card payments are now accepted by airlines.

Amadeus, study, research, virtual card, online payments

Mobile payment innovation to boost business travel payments, finds new study

News | Mobile Payments | 29 Apr 2021

Real-time information and contactless payments are top traveller requirements, according to a new report released by Amadeus.

Amadeus, study, contactless payments, travel payments, COVID-19 selects Amadeus' cloud-based flight search platform to power recovery and global expansion

News | Ecommerce | 20 Apr 2021 has announced a long-term technology agreement to accelerate its flight search to power recovery and global expansion, through Amadeus Custom Search Solutions.

Amadeus, partnership, ecommerce, online shopping

Amadeus, Finavia team up to offer digital passenger experience at 11 airports in Finland

News | Online Payments | 19 Mar 2021

Amadeus has partnered with airport company Finavia to modernise passenger experience at 11 airports in Finland.

Amadeus, partnership, contactless payments, online payments

Amadeus, Mastercard expand partnership to accelerate the adoption of virtual payments in travel

News | Cards | 16 Mar 2021

Amadeus and Mastercard have announced a five-year extended global collaboration to help broaden access to virtual card payments across the travel ecosystem.

Amadeus, Mastercard, partnership, e-wallet, virtual card, online payments

American Airlines, Amadeus lead the way in enhanced travel retailing

News | Ecommerce | 26 Feb 2021

American Airlines and Amadeus have renewed their content distribution agreement.

Amadeus, ecommerce, retail, online platform, American Airlines

ezTravel joins Amadeus' NDC [X] to spearhead innovation with NDC-enabled API

News | Ecommerce | 25 Feb 2021

ezTravel, Taiwan’s leading online travel agency (OTA) has announced implementing the Amadeus Travel API.

Amadeus, ecommerce, API

China-based travel platform Fliggy adopts Amadeus MetaConnect to improve shopping experiences

News | Ecommerce | 03 Feb 2021

Fliggy, Alibaba’s online travel platform, has announced a new long-term agreement with travel technology provider Amadeus to facilitate traveler shopping experiences.

Fliggy, Alibaba, Amadeus, online travel platform, business partnership, travel shopping experience, booking platform, ecommerce

Tackle hidden payment charges to accelerate digital shift, suggests new Amadeus study

News | Online Payments | 18 Dec 2020

Amadeus has revealed in a new study that COVID-19 has accelerated digital payments by four years as 84% of travelers avoid cash.

Amadeus, COVID-19, pandemic, study, research, PPRO, business partnership, digital payments, contactless payments, mobile payments, local payments, Amadeus Travel Payments Guide 2020

Amadeus,, Conferma Pay partner to facilitate travelling for businesses

News | Online Payments | 10 Dec 2020

Amadeus,, and Conferma Pay have partnered together to allow business travelers to simplify the checkout payment process.

Amadeus,, Conferma Pay, business partnership, business travellers, checkout payment process, virtual cards, Amadeus Hotel Billback, Amadeus B2B Wallet