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Riyad Bank, JCBI work towards financial inclusion

News | Payments General | 26 Oct 2020

Saudi Arabia-based Riyad Bank has partnered with JCB International to enable the acceptance of JCB Cards at POS, online, and ATMs throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Riyad Bank, JCB International, JCB, Saudi Arabia, partnership, payments, financial inclusion, cashless, Vision 2030

Viet Capital Bank, 7-Eleven Vietnam roll out JCB card

News | Cards | 06 Jul 2020

Viet Capital Bank, 7-Eleven Vietnam, and JCB International (JCBI) have announced the launch of Viet Capital Bank JCB 7-Eleven Credit Card.

Viet Capital Bank, 7-Eleven, Vietnam, JCB International, JCBI, Viet Capital Bank JCB 7-Eleven Credit Card, payments, credit cards, credit card issuer, credit card acquirer

Myanmar Citizens Bank to issue MPU-JCB co-branded debit card in Myanmar

News | Cards | 01 Jul 2020

Myanmar Citizens Bank (MCB Bank) has announced it will start issuing MPU-JCB co-branded debit cards as of June 2020.

Myanmar Citizens Bank, MCB Bank, JCB International, JCBI, debit card, credit card, merchants, Myanmar

PrivatBank to start accepting JCB cards in Ukraine

News | Cards | 01 Nov 2019

PrivatBank, the Ukrainian state-owned bank, and JCB International have signed a License Agreement for building a JCB card acceptance network in Tokyo.

JCB International, PrivatBank, cards, Ukraine, merchants, acquirers, travellers, payments

Flywire teams up with BofA on cross-border payments

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 30 Oct 2019

Open Banking Report 2019

US-based payments platform Flywire has unveiled a new offering of simplified cross-border payments and receipts for Bank of America.

Flywire, US, Global Payments, partnership, Bank of America, corporate banking, B2B payments, cross-border remittances, JCB International, United States, North America, payments settlement

Sri Lanka rolls out its National Card Scheme

News | Cards | 25 Jun 2019

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka has launched the National Card Scheme (NCS), which will be operated by LankaClear (LCPL) in partnership with JCB International.

Central Bank of Sri Lanka, launch, National Card Scheme, NCS, LankaClear, JCB International

JCB cards to be accepted at Arkeas business partners

News | Cards | 03 Jun 2019

JCB International and Arkea have partnered to allow Arkea’s business partners to begin accepting card members of the JCB network.

JCB International, JCB Card, Arkea, France, Japan

Siam Commercial Bank to issue JCB credit card in Thailand

News | Cards | 28 Feb 2019

Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) and JCB International have announced the SCB JCB Platinum credit card issuing in Thailand.

Siam Commercial Bank, JCB International, credit card, Thailand

JCB teams up with JCC Payment Systems to extend its reach across Europe

News | Cards | 19 Feb 2019

JCB International, the international operations subsidiary of JCB Co., has teamed up with JCC, a large face to face acquirer in Cyprus, to extend its reach in Europe.

JCB International, cards, credit cards, debit cards, JCC, payments, Greece, Cyprus, partnership, card members, travelling

ACLEDA JCB debit card rolls out in Cambodia

News | Cards | 07 Feb 2019

ACLEDA Bank and JCB International have announced the release of the ACLEDA JCB debit card in Cambodia.

ACLEDA, JCB debit card, JCB International, Cambodia, debit card

Bank of Georgia starts accepting JCB cards

News | Cards | 22 Nov 2018

JCB International and Bank of Georgia have announced that Bank of Georgia has started to accept JCB cards across the country.

Bank of Georgia, Georgia, JCB International, JCB Card, card, bank, merchant

Nam A Commercial Joint Stock Bank to launch Nam A Bank - JCB credit card in Vietnam

News | Cards | 16 Oct 2018

Nam A Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Nam A Bank), a commercial bank in Vietnam, and JCB International (JCBI) have announced the launch Nam A Bank - JCB Credit Card in Vietnam.

Nam A Bank, JCB International, credit card, Vietnam, merchants, payments

Apple Pay comes to JCBs customers in Taiwan

News | Payments General | 19 Jun 2018

JCB International has implemented Apple Pay for its customers in Taiwan with the aim to transform mobile payments in the country.

Apple Pay, JCB International, Taiwan, mobile payments, E.Sun Bank, Union Bank of Taiwan

RCBC Bankard to roll out Platinum card with JCB

News | Cards | 22 Mar 2018

JCB International has announced the launch of a new Platinum card by Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC), a Philippines-based bank.

RCBC Bankard, card, JCB International, Phillipines, Japan

Nam A Bank, JCB to develop card services in Vietnam

News | Cards | 16 Jan 2018

Nam A Bank and JCB International have signed an agreement to license the issuance of JCB Cards and acquisition of JCB merchants in Vietnam.

Nam A Bank, JCB International, card, Vietnam, merchant, bank

Belinvestbank enables JCB Cards acceptance in Belarus

News | Cards | 16 Jan 2018

The Belarus-based Belinvestbank and JCB International have enabled acceptance of JCB Cards at ATMs and POS terminals in Belarus.

Belinvestbank, JCB International, cards, Belarus, ATM, POS

JCB International, First Data partner to launch contactless in Hong Kong

News | Mobile Payments | 18 Dec 2017

JCB International has launched JCB J/Speedy in partnership with First Data in Hong Kong so that users can pay at international restaurant chains and duty free outlets using JCB J/Speedy.

JCB International, First Data, partnership, Hong Kong, J/Speedy, mobile payments, cards, Asia Pacific, Japan