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How we bring trust to the digital world – Interview with ThreatMark

22 Sep 2020 | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud

Michal Tresner, ThreatMark: We want to change the current security paradigms by providing a trust-first anti-fraud solution to the businesses so they can secure seamless user experience to legitimate users while keeping the fraudsters away

Michal Tresner, ThreatMark, security, trust, fraud prevention, interview, machine learning, digital identity, banks, behavioural biometrics, transaction analysis, authentication, transaction monitoring, behavioural profiling, banking, artificial intelligence

Harnessing the power of Open Banking and Open Finance – exclusive interview with Moneyhub

06 Aug 2020 | Payments General

Sam Seaton, Moneyhub: Open Banking and Open Finance will be transformative to businesses and consumers alike

Sam Seaton, Moneyhub, interview, Open Banking, Open Finance, data, payments, financial wellness, APIs, Personal Financial Management, data aggregation, data enrichment, categorisation, analytics, COVID-19, financial inclusion, account aggregation, money management, account-to-account payments, PISP

20/20 hindsight will help payments businesses fast-track digital success

30 Jun 2020 | Payments General

The Paypers interviews Anders la Cour, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Banking Circle which recently published the first in a series of white papers looking at the impact of COVID-19 as part of a bigger picture of change for the payments industry

Anders la Cour, Banking Circle, payments, COVID-19, banks, fintech, digitalisation, white paper, financial institutions, interview

Completing the circle – from payments to banking

30 Mar 2020 | Payments General

The Paypers interviews Anders la Cour, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Banking Circle, which recently received its Banking Licence and launched as a financial infrastructure provider

Anders la Cour, Banking Circle, Banking Licence, banking, interview, payments

Meeting the challenge of changing customer behaviour in travel payments

03 Mar 2020 | Online Payments

The Paypers interviewed Stephane Druet, CellPoint Digital, to learn more about the challenge represented by changing customer behaviour in travel payments

CellPoint Digital, Stephane Druet, interview, travel payments, payment methods, travel industry

To stay ahead of the game, banks that embrace the platform approach will meet the future well prepared

21 Feb 2020 | Online & Mobile Banking

Ulrika Claesson, Nordea: Our goal has from the start been to go beyond regulatory requirements in Open Banking and provide premium APIs that fit the changing needs of customers across all segments

Ulrika Claesson, Nordea, interview, banking, customer experience, Open Banking, payments, innovation

Cross-sectoral collaboration and vertical integration hold the key to Open Banking success

08 Jan 2020 | Payments General

Anna Maj, Fintech Leader at PwC: Open Banking is about connecting the dots in terms of integrating different verticals and sectors

Anna Maj, PwC, interview, Open Banking, payments, fintech, instant payments, banking, innovation, digital, data, APIs

Exclusive interview with Scott Farrell on Open Banking in Australia

13 Dec 2019 | Online & Mobile Banking

The Paypers sat down with Scott Farrell, Chair of the Australian Government’s Open Banking Review, to take the pulse of the global phenomenon that is Open Banking at this stage of its evolution, with a penchant for the Australian system

Interview, Scott Farrell, Open Banking, Australia, fintech, regulation, consent management, security, authentication, APIs, banks, data

Interview with Cardpay on how ecommerce businesses can navigate international payments methods

02 Dec 2019 | Ecommerce

Kirill Evstratov, CEO and Founder of Cardpay, discusses ecommerce and the factors involved with accepting payments from international customers

Cardpay, interview, Kirill Evstratov, merchants, payments, payment gateway, card acquiring, alternative payment methods, recurring payments, business accounts, card issuing, foreign exchange

The great ISO 20022 adoption - an interview with Anne Levonen from Volante Technologies

27 Nov 2019 | Payments General

Anne Levonen, Director, Product Management at Volante Technologies, talks about ISO 20022, the benefits for the payments industry, and strategies for banks for ISO 20022 migration

Anne Levonen, Volante Technologies, ISO 20022, banks, payments, corporates, interview

Interview with LexisNexis Risk Solutions on Strong Customer Authentication

19 Nov 2019 | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud

The Paypers interviewed Dan Holmes, Principal Banking Solutions Consultant at LexisNexis Risk Solutions, to find out more about Strong Customer Authentication as a core part of PSD2

Interview, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, Strong Customer Authentication, PSD2, risk, authentication, fraud detection, customer experience, security, SCA, banks

Tapping the B2B cross-border payments space in partnership with Visa: Interview with Mesh Payments

12 Nov 2019 | Cards

Oded Zehavi, co-founder and CEO of Mesh Payments, tells the story of how B2B cross-border payments can grow with the help of virtual commercial cards and a good relationship with PSPs

Mesh Payments, Oded Zehavi, interview, B2B payments, cross-border payments, United States, World, SME, SMB, PayPal, Payoneer

"Relevance makes banks best friends in business" - interview with Conny Dorrestijn and Mark Hartley of BankiFi

31 Oct 2019 | Payments General

Moving from a great customer experience to a relevant customer experience is crucial and that is what Open Banking facilitates

Interview, Conny Dorrestijn, Mark Hartley, BankiFi, Open Banking, invoicing, accounting, payments, nudges, lending, virtual accounts, cash management, cloud, APIs, banking, innovation, SMEs, fintech, technology

BankiFi + Nationwide Building Society = happy business customers

16 Oct 2019 | Interviews

In a joint interview at Sibos 2019, Emma Huntington and Conny Dorrestijn discuss Nationwide`s recent investment in BankiFi, as it plans to launch its business banking service

BankiFi, Nationwide Building Society, interview, investment, SMEs, fintech, Sibos 2019, payments, banking, Open Banking, API, innovation, financial inclusion, business banking, accounting, invoicing, payments, cash flow, VAT submission, lending

What we talk about when we talk about know your customer utilities

11 Oct 2019 | Interviews

At this year`s Sibos, The Paypers sat down with Nina Kerkez of LexisNexis Risk Solutions to discuss KYC utilities and the company`s plans and roadmap

Nina Kerkez, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, interview, Sibos 2019, KYC utility, fraud prevention, onboarding, financial crime, risk, compliance, money laundering, financial institutions, KYC

Global payments transformation means industry collaboration and co-creation

08 Oct 2019 | Interviews

Wim Raymaekers, SWIFT: The ongoing work and collaboration with banks, corporates, solution providers, and vendors is key to progress and global payments transformation

Wim Raymaekers, SWIFT, Sibos, interview, payments, collaboration, fintech, SWIFT gpi, Open Banking, innovation, API, banks, corporates, cross-border payments, instant payments, customer experience, FX

Beyond payment solutions, there is communication and trust - lessons from EBANX

03 Sep 2019 | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud

Henrik Nilsmo, EBANX: In order to connect with consumers, you have to build trust and communicate with them in the target language 

Henrik Nilsmo, EBANX, interview, communication, payments, trust, security, customer experience, LATAM, digital goods, ecommerce, billing, compliance, merchants, online shopping

How machine learning can prevent fraud in a real-time payments environment

05 Jul 2019 | Interviews

Damon Madden of ACI Worldwide discusses the recent developments in machine learning, the benefits for banks, and fraud prevention strategies in a real-time payments environment

Damon Madden, ACI Worldwide, interview, machine learning, real-time payments, data, payments, banks, fraud, PSD2, customer experience, authentication

Are Instant Payments becoming the new normal in the Netherlands?

25 Jun 2019 | Interviews

The Paypers sat down with Piet Mallekoote, Dutch Payments Association, to discuss the strategy and implementation of Instant Payments in the Netherlands

Piet Mallekoote, Dutch Payments Association, interview, instant payments, Netherlands, fintechs, payments, banks, innovation

[VIDEO] Money 20/20 Europe: Interview with Anders la Cour, Banking Circle, on financial inclusion for SMEs in Europe

18 Jun 2019 | Interviews

During Money 20/20 in Amsterdam, The Paypers interviewed Banking Circle CEO Anders la Cour to learn more about the new white paper on financial inclusion for SMEs in Europe

Money 20/20 2019, interview, Anders la Cour, Banking Circle, financial inclusion, SMEs, white paper, Europe