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The A-Z of the Interchange Fee Regulation and how it shifts the industry – Interview with Payments Europe

24 Jul 2020 | Online Payments

Robrecht Vandormael, Secretary General from Payments Europe, explains the impact of the European Interchange Fee Regulation on merchants, card issuers, and payment providers and what we can expect from the future.

Robrecht Vandormael, Payments Europe, Interchange Fee Regulation, Regulation on Interchange Fees for Card-based payment transactions, European Commission, EY, Copenhagen Economics, interchange fees, cards, credit cards, card issuers, Belgian Minister of Economy, PSD2, SCA, payments, POS, merchants, retail, ecommerce

Supreme court rules in favour of merchants in landmark interchange fee case

18 Jun 2020 | Payments General

The UK Supreme Court has unanimously upheld the decision of the Court of Appeals in the interchange litigation case, finding the interchange fees set by Visa and Mastercard to be anti-competitive.

Visa, Mastercard, interchange fees, merchants, payments, retailers, card payments, UK

Mastercard and Visa lose legal round against UK retailers

18 Jun 2020 | Payments General

UK’s Supreme Court has come down to the decision that Visa and Mastercard infringed EU antitrust rules by illegally restricting competition in the acquiring market.

UK, Mastercard, Visa, retail, retailers, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Asda, Argos, transactions, multilateral interchange fees, MIFs, Court of Appeal, Europe, European Unions

Expensify launches booking service to its payment card platform

17 Jun 2020 | Cards

US-based company Expensify has rolled out a virtual assistant through which travellers can book flights, hotels, and rental cars via chat or email. 

Expensify, Concierge Travel, launch, booking service, Expensify Card, interchange fee, cards, COVID-19, Global Rescue, expense management, US, cardholders

Visa interchange fee restructure to be delayed

01 Apr 2020 | Cards

Visa has announced that due to the COVID-19 crisis will delay the rollout of the new interchange fee structure, implementing it in July instead of April.

coronavirus, Visa, interchange fee, merchants, cards, consumer, ecommerce, retailers, transactions, cross-border

Interview with Andrew Cregan on the card fee landscape in the EEA

27 Mar 2020 | Cards

The Paypers interviewed Andrew Cregan, Head of Payment Policy, British Retail Consortium, to learn more about interchange fees’ impact on merchants

Andrew Cregan, British Retail Consortium, BRC, interchange fee, card fee, EEA, European Economic Area, merchants, scheme fees

TrueLayer offers Open Banking solution to reduce the impact of COVID-19

24 Mar 2020 | Online & Mobile Banking

UK-based Open Banking API provider TrueLayer has opened up its platform for assisting any individual or business during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

TrueLayer, Open Banking, fintech, financial technology, coronavirus, COVID-19, donation, card interchange fee, UK, Europe

BlueSnap adds enhanced features to its integration with Zuora

19 Dec 2019 | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud

Online payments technology company BlueSnap has added new features to their integration with Zuora, the cloud-based subscription management platform.

BlueSnap, integration, Zuora, online payments, subscriptions, management, accounts, conversion rates, direct debit, cards, security, interchange fees, 3DS, SCA, chargebacks

CardFlight introduces Level 2 credit card processing support for SwipeSimple

27 Jun 2019 | Cards

CardFlight has introduced Level 2 credit card processing support for SwipeSimple to allow merchants to gather and track additional data points for each transaction.

CardFlight, credit card processing, credit card, SwipeSimple, merchant, interchange fee

A world first in reduced card processing fees

09 May 2019 | Expert Opinion

Kevin Smith, Riskskill: What does the inter-regional interchange fee rate picture look like today and where is it moving to?

Riskskill, interchange fee, card processing, merchant acquirers, Visa, Mastercard

Kroger rolls out QR-code-based mobile wallet

18 Feb 2019 | Payments General

Kroger has launched Kroger Pay, a QR-code-based mobile wallet that allows customers to load their payment and loyalty cards to pay for groceries and earn rewards points.

Kroger, QR-code mobile wallet, mobile payments, mobile wallet, US, Kroger Pay, Visa, card, interchange fee

Visa, Mastercard could raise interchange fees

18 Feb 2019 | Cards

Visa and Mastercard have allegedly shared plans to raise interchange fees on card transactions in the US.

Visa, Mastercard, interchange fee, card payments, merchant, US

Visa, Mastercard to cap card fees for non-EU travelers

03 Jan 2019 | Cards

The European Commission has announced that non-EU Mastercard and Visa cards used in European stores will have the same rates of interchange fees as European cards

Visa, Mastercard, card fee, debit card, credit card, European Union, retail, Europe, interchange fee

Mastercard, Visa to lower fees for European merchants

06 Dec 2018 | Online Payments

European Union has announced that Mastercard and Visa agreed to lower fees assessed to merchants when they accept debit or credit cards issued outside Europe.

Mastercard, Visa, interchange fee, Europe, merchant. debit card, credit card