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Credijusto, i2c partner to offer credit card solution for Mexico's SMEs

News | Cards | 26 Aug 2021

US-based digital payment and banking technology provider i2c has announced its partnership with Credijusto, a technology-enabled small business lender in Mexico.

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Agora Services teams up with i2c to create a challenger bank platform

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 26 May 2021

Agora Services, a challenger bank technology platform for community banks and credit unions, has partnered with i2c, a provider of digital payment and Open Banking technology.

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INVESTBANK partners i2c to improve its credit card programs

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 24 May 2021

i2c, a provider of digital payment and banking technology, has partnered with INVESTBANK, to power credit issuing and acquiring capabilities for the bank.

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Zolve, i2c to offer banking to foreigners in US

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 19 May 2021

US-based i2c, a global player in digital payments and banking technology, has announced a new partnership with fintech Zolve.

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i2c states commitment in helping FIs with credit issuing solutions

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 16 Apr 2021

US-based i2c announces plans to help current issuers offer more competitive credit products and enable more banks to enter the card-issuing space.

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BrightFi selects i2c to provide financial services for underbanked communities

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 17 Mar 2021

BrightFi, a cloud-based banking engine, has selected i2c to help provide mobile financial services to underbanked and unbanked consumers, as well as to organisations and financial institutions aiming to serve the overlooked market segment.

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Zytara selects i2c to roll out digital banking platform

News | Payments General | 01 Mar 2021

Zytara, a digital banking platform and payment network designed for Millennials, has selected i2c, a provider of digital payment and banking technology, to launch a digital banking platform.

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i2c, Jifiti to launch finance program for a major France-based retailer

News | Online Payments | 13 Jan 2021

i2c, a provider of digital payment and banking technology, has partnered with Jifiti, a consumer financing platform working to facilitate loan programs for banks, lenders, and merchants throughout Europe.

Jifiti, i2c, fintech, POS finance, retail, loan program, online payments

i2c to power Pakistan's digital-native financial super app in 2021

News | Online Payments | 07 Jan 2021

i2c Inc. has been selected to power Pakistan’s TAG, the nation’s first digital-native financial super app due to launch in Q1 of 2021.

i2c, tag, Pakistan, financial super app, partnership, instant payments, unbanked, ATM, bill payments

i2c powers TAG, a Pakistan digital financial app

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 07 Jan 2021

i2c, a provider of digital payment and banking technology, has announced that it has been selected to create Pakistan’s TAG, one of the nation’s digital-native financial apps.

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Aeldra selects i2c for global banking services

News | Payments General | 16 Dec 2020

i2c, a provider of digital payment and banking technology, has announced that it has been selected by Silicon Valley based challenger bank Aeldra to support its digital private banking services.

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i2c selected by crypto providers to power payments globally

News | Cryptocurrencies | 20 Nov 2020

i2c, a provider of digital payment and banking technology, has announced supporting a string of product launches for some players in the cryptocurrency payments space.

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i2c, Purewrist to bring new contactless payment options for tap-and-go transactions

News | Mobile Payments | 11 Nov 2020

i2c has partnered with Purewrist to provide wearable solutions for contactless payments at events, retail stores, transit and more.

i2c, Purewrist, wearables, contactless payments, mobile payments, fintech, tap-and-go transactions, partnership

Australian Fintech Archa aims to reinvent the corporate card market with the help of i2c

Voice of the Industry | Cards | 11 Nov 2020

Archa, an Australia-based fintech, has explored the opportunity of providing a corporate card program for SMBs, and has partnered with i2c to power up the technology behind this product

i2c, Archa, fintech, corporate cards, onboarding, cashflow, spending report, SMBs

i2c joins Visa's Fintech Fast Track Program

News | Payments General | 20 Oct 2020

i2c, a digital payment and banking technology provider has announced that it has joined Visa’s Fintech Fast Track program as a new enablement partner in the US, Canada and CEMEA.

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The time is now for cardless and contactless payments

Voice of the Industry | Online Payments | 08 Jul 2020

From plastic cards to virtual cards – Nikki Waters of i2c reveals the influencing factors of the new payment behaviour, and how can banks and fintechs leverage NextGen technologies to bring out new contactless solutions to the market

i2c, virtual cards, contactless payments, fintech, COVID-19, cardless payments

i2c announces expansion across America

News | Payments General | 18 Jun 2020

i2c has revealed an expansion of its business in both North and South America as demand continued to accelerate for its innovative solutions. 

i2c, expansion, America, digital payments, Open Banking, fintechs, commercial banks, credit cards, debit cards expands its crypto card in Europe using i2c's processing platform

News | Cryptocurrencies | 27 May 2020

i2c, a provider of digital payment and open banking technology, has announced its partnership with as its crypto card product has begun shipping in 31 countries across Europe.

Open Banking, cryptocurrency, crypto payments, merchants, payments card, wallet app, partnership,, i2c

How issuers can win the fintechs battle with agile processing technology – interview with i2c

Interviews | Payments General | 08 Apr 2020

Ava Kelly, i2c: With the entrance of challenger banks that are focused on better customer experience, this has become the new battleground, so issuers also need to deliver an indisputably higher level of quality

i2c, credit cards, fintech, issuers, contactless payments

i2c, Archa announce corporate credit programme for SMBs

News | Cards | 19 Mar 2020

i2c and Australia-based neo corporate card provider Archa have announced a corporate credit programme designed specifically for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). 

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