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Bug helps hackers steal USD 1.4 mln on Multichain

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 20 Jan 2022

A bug in the Multichain Bridge Protocol has resulted in users losing over USD 1.4 million to hackers, with millions more potentially still at risk.

cryptocurrency, tokenization, online security, online fraud, hacking

Apple attended White House meeting on software security risks

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 14 Jan 2022

Apple has announced that it participated on a meeting at the White House, among other tech giants, to discuss cybersecurity and security threats posed by open-source software.

Apple, cybersecurity, hacking, malware, online security

Grim Finance hacked for crypto worth USD 30 mln

News | Cryptocurrencies | 20 Dec 2021

Grim Finance, a DeFi protocol, was hacked for USD 30 million worth of tokens on 18 December 2021, it confirmed, in an ‘advanced attack.’

online fraud, crypto, DeFi, hacking, digital assets

AscendEX hacked for USD 78 mln worth of crypto

News | Cryptocurrencies | 13 Dec 2021

Crypto exchange AscendEX, formerly known as BitMax, has been hacked for an estimated USD 77.7 million.

hacking, cybersecurity, digital assets, cryptocurrency

Bitmart crypto exchange hacked for USD 196 mln

News | Cryptocurrencies | 06 Dec 2021

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitmart has been hacked with losses estimated at USD 196 million in various cryptocurrencies.

cryptocurrency, hacking, online fraud, cryptocurrency exchange, Ethereum

CompoSecure releases Arculus solution to reduce fraud and online hacking

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 27 Oct 2021

US-based card manufacturer CompoSecure has launched Arculus, a business solution to protect customer data and prevent fraud.

fraud prevention, hacking, product launch, ecommerce, identity verification, cybersecurity

Japan's Liquid hit by USD 94 mln hack

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 19 Aug 2021

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Liquid has announced it was hit by hackers in a theft estimated to top USD 94 million, in the latest targeting of a crypto platform.

cryptocurrency, hacking, online fraud, cryptocurrency exchange

DeFi platform Poly Network looses USD 600 mln to hackers

News | Cryptocurrencies | 11 Aug 2021

Poly Network, a decentralised finance platform, said it was hacked, losing an estimated USD 600 million according to reports of funds held in complicit wallets.

hacking, cryptocurrency, online fraud, blockchain, cryptocurrency exchange

Top 5 learnings from 2020's exceptional peak season

Voice of the Industry | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 01 Feb 2021

Mark Strachan, EMEA Managed Risk Principal at Cybersource, discusses the top 5 learnings from 2020's exceptional peak season, and considers what to look out for as we head into 2021

Mark Strachan, Cybersource, COVID-19, Brexit, fraud, cross-border, MOTO, PSD2, SCA, merchants, account takeover, authentication, phishing attacks, behavioural analytics, ecommerce, tokenization, ransomware, hacking, data privacy

Google sends over 1,000 warnings after seeing a resurgence in hacking, phishing

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 29 May 2020

Security experts at Alphabet Inc’s Google have sent 1,755 warnings in April to users whose accounts were targets of government-backed attackers.

Google, hacking, phishing, COVID-19, coronavirus, pandemic, fraud, financial services, hack-for-wire, threat analysis

More than half of all leaked records in 2019 exposed by financial services companies

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 17 Dec 2019

More than 60% of all leaked records in 2019 were exposed by financial services organisations, according to Bitglass’ 2019 Financial Breach Report.

financial services, data breaches, hacking, malware, cybersecurity, data, study, Bitglass, cloud security

Chinese nationals hacked ATM systems in Nepals capital

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 03 Sep 2019

The system of the Nepal Electronic Payment System Limited has been hacked by Chinese hackers, according to local banks.

Nepal Electronic Payment System Limited, ATM, fraud prevention, hacking, fraud, Nepal

South African banks response following news of North Korean cyberattacks

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 23 Aug 2019

The Payments Association of South Africa and the South African Banking Risk Information Centre have stated that no security breaches in local SWIFT systems have been reported.

SWIFT, security breaches, banks, hacking, cyberattacks, North Korea, South Africa, online security