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Yandex launches new super app Yandex Go

20 Aug 2020 | Ecommerce

Yandex has launched a new super app that unifies restaurant and grocery delivery, taxi, courier, and other services, aiming to combine all key aspects of on-demand transportation and delivery.

Yandex, Yandex Go, launch, super app, grocery delivery, on-demand transportation, Europe, Russia

Amazon launches free Amazon Fresh offering for its Prime members in the UK

29 Jul 2020 | Ecommerce

Amazon has announced offering its Amazon Fresh grocery delivery service for free to Prime members, starting in London and the South East.

Amazon, Amazon Fresh, grocery delivery service, Amazon Prime, London, Booths, Whole Foods Market, Pepsi, Danone, Gail’s Artisan, C. Lidgate, Paxton & Whitfield

Asda, Uber Eats partner to bring grocery home delivery in UK

20 Jul 2020 | Ecommerce

UK-based grocery chains Asda has joined a throng of retailers partnering with Uber Eats for rapid food delivery in a trial in Leeds and Birmingham.

Asda, partnership, Uber Eats, grocery, home delivery, ecommerce, contactless, cash free, UK

Walmart plans to launch an Amazon Prime-like subscription plan

09 Jul 2020 | Ecommerce

Walmart has planned to roll out a subscription service in July 2020 to expand its ecommerce efforts and compete with Amazon’s Prime programme.

Walmart, Amazon Prime, Amazon, subscription plan, ecommerce, Walmart+, grocery delivery, coronavirus

Uber to expand grocery deliveries by integrating Cornershop

08 Jul 2020 | Ecommerce

Uber has integrated its platform with on-demand grocery delivery platform Cornershop, that operates in LATAM, Canada, and soon in the US.

Uber, Cornershop, Uber Connect, Uber Eats, merchants, grocery deliveries, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Canada, ecommerce

Carrefour's customers to shop via voice commands with Google Assistant

18 Jun 2020 | Ecommerce

Carrefour has revealed that its customers will be able to shop for groceries through voice commands due to a new integration between the retailer and Google Assistant.

Carrefour, voice grocery shopping, Google Assistant, biometrics, accounts, ML, machine learning, payments, ecommerce

Instacart, C&S Wholesale to offer ecommerce solutions to independent grocery retailers

08 Jun 2020 | Ecommerce

Instacart and C&S Wholesale Grocers have partnered to offer ecommerce and same-day delivery solutions to more than 3,000 C&S independent grocery retailers across the US.

Instacart, C&S Wholesale, grocery, retail, same-day delivery, marketplace

Tesco makes changes to online shopping delivery service for customers

05 Jun 2020 | Ecommerce

UK-based grocery and merchandise retailer Tesco has increased its online shopping basket limit to 85 items for customers.

Tesco, retailer, UK, United Kingdom, grocery, merchant, online shopping, ecommerce, COVID-19, pandemic, coronavirus

Walmart decides to shut down

20 May 2020 | Ecommerce

Walmart is shutting down, the online shopping site it bought in 2016 for USD 3 billion as part of its attempts to better compete with rival Amazon online. 

Walmart, Jet, ecommerce, delivery, geolocation, online shopping, grocery, pickup, COVID-19, online spending

Inmar Intelligence launches ecommerce platform

01 May 2020 | Ecommerce

US-based technology services provider Inmar Intelligence has launched an ecommerce platform for independent grocery retailers.

Inmar Intelligence, ecommerce, ecommerce platform, US, United States, Retail Engagement Platform, retail, grocery retailer

Carrefour Brasil's ecommerce triples; coronavirus costs may cause troubles

14 Apr 2020 | Ecommerce

Carrefour Brasil has seen its ecommerce sales more than triple over the past month as Brasilians have stocked up on food and other supplies during coronavirus lockdowns.

Carrefour, Brasil, ecommerce, surges, coronavirus, costs, online sales, retail, online purchase, grocery

Walmart Grocery app hits record high in downloads

10 Apr 2020 | Ecommerce

Driven by high demand for groceries during the COVID-19 pandemic, Walmart Grocery app has hit record high in downloads, surpassing Amazon by 20%.

Walmart Grocery, Amazon, shopping app, mobile shopping, retailers, the US, COVID-19

Pick n Pay introduces 'Scan & Pay' technology at all till points in South Africa

10 Apr 2020 | Ecommerce

Pick n Pay has introduced ‘Scan & Pay’ technology at all till points nationwide to allow customers to go completely contactless when paying for their shop.

Pick n Pay, retail, contactless payments, grocery, QR payments

Indian grocery startup BigBasket gets USD 60 mln

10 Apr 2020 | Ecommerce

BigBasket, an India-based grocery startup, has raised USD 60 million to meet growing demand from Indian customers stuck at home amid coronavirus outbreak.

BigBasket, India, funding, coronavirus outbreak, grocery, ecommerce, delivery, Alibaba, startup

Publix rolls out contactless pay to all stores

07 Apr 2020 | Mobile Payments

US-based grocery chain Publix has rolled out contactless payment to all stores, including its organic GreenWise Market.

Publix, grocery store chain, contactless pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, online payments, ecommerce, GreenWise Market, US, United States

Grocery deliveries see a boost across Latin America because of coronavirus outbreak

18 Mar 2020 | Ecommerce

The number of grocery deliveries by web-based apps across Latin American countries have been rising amid coronavirus outbreak.

Rappi, Brazil, Columbia, iFood, grocery apps, coronavirus, SoftBank, Uber EATS, food delivery

Alipay to support the digital transformation of 40 mln service providers in China

10 Mar 2020 | Online Payments

Alipay has revealed a three-year plan to further open up its platform to support the digital transformation of 40 million service providers across China. 

Alipay, digital transformation, service providers, China, mobile payment, contactless services, grocery deliveries, legal advice, medical advice, logistics, service providers

Walmart Grocery and Walmart mobile app merge

06 Mar 2020 | Mobile Payments

Walmart has announced its decision to add Walmart Grocery app to its main Walmart mobile application.

Walmart, app, ecommerce, shopping experience, Walmart Grocery, commerce, US

Coronavirus concerns see a surge in online grocery shopping – Nielsen study

06 Mar 2020 | Ecommerce

Australian consumers are going online to stockpile groceries as concerns grow around the coronavirus, according to analysis by Nielsen.

Nielsen, online shopping, ecommerce, coronavirus, COVID-19, Australia, procurement, distribution, grocery shopping, online grocery shopping

Walmart will combine its store and online buying teams

26 Feb 2020 | Ecommerce

US-based retailer Walmart is combining its teams of buyers for and the company’s stores.

Walmart, retailer, merchant, ecommerce, online commerce, online store, grocery business, online sales, US, United States