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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Gig Economy and other Gig Economy-related topics:

Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Gig Economy and other Gig Economy-related topics:

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How Embedded Finance is redefining the landscape of the gig economy

Interviews | Ecommerce | 11 Jul 2024

Jovi Overo, Managing Director at Unlimit, discusses the importance of Embedded Finance for gig economy workers and platforms.

marketplace, fintech, ecommerce, embedded finance, gig economy, regulation, financial services

Healthcare financing in the future of work: digital nomadism, freelancing, and globalisation

Voice of the Industry | Online & Mobile Banking | 02 May 2024

The evolving work landscape demands innovative healthcare financing solutions to safeguard digital nomads and non-traditional workers, ensuring their safety and protection across varied workplaces.

freelance economy, online banking, gig economy, online payments

Navigating global payments and commerce: perspectives from PPRO

Interviews | Payments General | 08 Apr 2024

We interviewed the CEO of PPRO, Motie Bring, to learn more about the pivotal milestones of 2023 for the company, as well as the strategies for global growth and insights on the evolving payments landscape. 

ecommerce, payments , cross-border payments, funding, instant payments, local payment method, recurring payments, gig economy

Preventing and fighting fraud with next-generation identity signal

Interviews | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 07 Mar 2024

We interviewed Incognia's CEO and Co-Founder, André Ferraz, to learn more about the company’s vision, innovation in location identity, and the crucial role a proactive approach to fraud prevention should play in business strategies.

digital identity, fraud detection, online fraud, fraud management, fraud prevention, location, account takeover, scam, marketplace, fintech, ecommerce, risk management, mPOS, gig economy, IOT

Uber partners with Mastercard and Payfare

News | Mobile Payments | 07 Mar 2024

American ride-hailing company Uber has announced its collaboration with Mastercard and Payfare, aiming to launch the Uber Pro Card in Canada.

mobile payments, payments , partnership, cashback, cash management, gig economy

Mastercard expands agreement with Bank of Punjab

News | Payments General | 15 Feb 2024

Global card issuer Mastercard has announced it expands its partnership with Bank of Punjab to cover the commercial segment and redefine payments for Pakistan’s SMEs, freelancers, and gig workers.


partnership, digitalisation, financial inclusion, SMEs, SME lending, digital payments, cash flow, credit card, debit card, corporate card, freelance economy, gig economy, Issuer, payments , B2B payments

The culture of influencers and how they shape the future of digital payments

Interviews | Online Payments | 11 Dec 2023

Irene Skrynova, Chief Customer Officer at Unlimit, discusses the culture of influencers and how they shape the future of digital payments for two generations – millennials and Gen Z.

gig economy, Gen Z, online payments, mobile payments, digital payments, travel payments, local payment method, ecommerce, trading platform, cryptocurrency, PSP, payment processing, payments

The evolving role of payments in the gig economy

Interviews | Online Payments | 04 Dec 2023

Laura Miller, Chief Revenue Officer and Global Head of Ecommerce at Nuvei, elaborates on the evolving role of payments in the gig economy.

payments , payment methods, ecommerce, gig economy, financial inclusion, digital wallet

Payment Methods Report 2023

Report | Online Payments | 25 Sep 2023

The 8th edition of the Payment Methods Report provides an in-depth overview of the latest worldwide developments in how people pay.

report, payment methods, merchant, payments , customer experience, BNPL, lending, B2B payments, research, account-to-account payment, instant payments, real-time payments, gig economy, cryptocurrency, direct carrier billing, Open Banking, mobile payments, digital wallet, e-wallet, biometrics, payments orchestration, checkout optimisation

Moves partners with Astra for real-time transfers with Visa Direct

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 27 Jul 2023

US-based banking app for gig workers Moves has partnered with Astra to offer real-time transfers using Visa Direct, Visa’s real-time push-to-card payments platform.

real-time payments, mobile banking, product upgrade, gig economy, money transfer

Branch launches faster, more flexible payout options for earners

News | Mobile Payments | 20 Jul 2023

US-based workforce payments platform Branch has launched Branch Direct, a new tool to pay out earners instantly.

instant payments, gig economy, mobile payments, digital wallet, API

5 Payment trends too big to ignore: expert advice for global growth

Webinar | Payments General | 02 Jun 2023

Watch our ondemand webinar with Rapyd, Flagship Advisory Partners, and Tango, where payment experts share insider advice on how to use new technologies to overcome challenges and discover growth opportunities that will have you hitting important H2 milestones.

multi currency treasury solutions, embedded finance, virtual card, payment networks, gig economy

DirectID and Smoothpay partner to stabilise income for gig workers

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 12 May 2023

UK-based Open Banking solutions provider DirectID has partnered with fintech Smoothpay to transform irregular income into a stable paycheck for gig workers.

Open Banking, gig economy, partnership, digital onboarding, financial inclusion

Payfare and NCR offer self-service financial tools for cardholders

News | Payments General | 13 Apr 2023

Canada-based fintech Payfare has extended its partnership with NCR to support self-service financial tools for cardholders.

partnership, gig economy, cash, ATM supports instant money transfers with Mastercard Send

News | Online Payments | 15 Mar 2023

Global payments solution provider has announced it  will enable instant money transfers from Australia, Hong Kong SAR, and Singapore via Mastercard Send.

instalment payments, gig economy, MasterCard, cashback, money transfer, payment processing

Payouts have never mattered more to marketplaces

Voice of the Industry | Online Payments | 16 Feb 2023

The dynamics of the digital economy are changing. Marketplaces’ success hinges upon providing the optimum payment experience for both buyers and sellers. Yael Barak, VP of Product at, shares her take on digital payments in the new world of marketplaces.

marketplace, online payments, ecommerce, digital payments, online shopping, online platform, payment methods, local payment method, BNPL, instalment payments, digital wallet, e-wallet, gig economy, cash, cash flow, payout, real-time payments, FX , digital onboarding, Virtual IBAN

Rollee report says gig workers struggle with financial exclusion

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 29 Nov 2022

Fintech Rollee has launched a report revealing that 76% of UK-based gig workers struggle with approval to access financial products of the likes of loans and mortgages.

report, research, financial inclusion, financial services, lending, credit scoring, credit card, payments , gig economy

Deliveroo exits Australian market, announcing massive layoffs

News | Ecommerce | 17 Nov 2022

UK-based food delivery company Deliveroo has announced the end of its operations in Australia.

ecommerce, delivery, gig economy, freelance economy

Alibaba launches Daraz Flex, an outsourcing platform for Southeast Asia

News | Ecommerce | 04 Nov 2022

Alibaba has rolled out Daraz Flex, an outsourcing platform allowing users to earn money by completing tasks such as working as a last-mile delivery person or warehouse assistant.

ecommerce, gig economy, product launch, Alibaba

Etsy imposes that US sellers must verify bank accounts

News | Ecommerce | 29 Aug 2022

US-based marketplace Etsy made an announcement according to which sellers on its marketplace will either need to self-verify their bank accounts or do it through a third-party.

gig economy, payment processing, digital payments, online payments