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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on FIS and other FIS-related topics:

Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on FIS and other FIS-related topics:

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FIS to sell Worldpay majority stake to GTCR for USD 18.5 bln

News | Payments General | 06 Jul 2023

Fintech FIS has signed a definitive agreement to sell a majority stake in its Worldpay Merchant Solutions business to private equity fund managed by GTCR.

FIS, acquisition, fintech, Acquirer, embedded finance

FIS and Jifiti roll out embedded lending services

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 08 Jun 2023

Global financial technology provider FIS has partnered with Jifiti to launch a future-proof embedded lending solution for delivery by banks and financial institutions.

FIS, lending, banks, merchants, BNPL, instalment payments

FIS to spin off Worldpay merchant services business acquired in 2019

News | Payments General | 13 Feb 2023

Global financial technology provider FIS has planned to undertake a tax-free spinoff of its merchant operations, the majority of which comes from Worldpay, as reported by Reuters.

FIS, payment processing, Acquirer, banking, merchants

SheerID enables Worldpay to provide audience verification service to merchants

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 09 Dec 2022

US-based identity marketing tool SheerID has teamed up with Worldpay from FIS to enable the latter’s merchants to provide segmented discounts to targeted audiences.

FIS, identity verification, merchant, partnership, digital identity

FIS launches Worldpay for platforms

News | Payments General | 14 Sep 2022

US-based fintech FIS has augmented the way SMBs gain access to embedded payments and finance through software providers with the launch of Worldpay for Platforms.

SMEs, merchants, payment processing, product launch, FIS

FIS to boost real-time payments infrastructure for CBDCs

News | Cryptocurrencies | 26 Aug 2022

FIS has launched a central infrastructure payment solution, RealNet Central, to help central banks transform their markets to digital-first, real-time payment economies.

CBDC, real-time payments, FIS, central bank

FIS launches Banking-as-a-Service Hub

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 13 Apr 2022

Financial technology provider FIS has announced its Banking-as-a-Service Hub, enabling banks, credit unions, and fintechs to deliver innovation to merchants and consumers, according to Market Screener

BaaS, FIS, embedded finance, banks, fintech

Worldpay to offer direct USDC settlement

News | Payments General | 06 Apr 2022

US-based Worldpay from FIS has given merchants the ability to receive settlement directly in USD Coin (USDC).

stablecoin, FIS, merchants, settlement, digital currency

FIS report: PIX to increase bank transfers recurrence in Brazil

News | Ecommerce | 18 Mar 2022

US-based fintech services company Fidelity National Information Services (FIS) has released ‘The Global Payments Report’ in which states that the use of PIX in ecommerce will double by 2025, in Brazil.

PIX, FIS, bank transfer, local payment method, ecommerce, online payments

Indian Oil and Kotak Mahindra Bank partner for co-branded card

News | Cards | 07 Mar 2022

India-based Kotak Mahindra Bank and Indian Oil Corporation have announced a strategic partnership to launch a co-branded fuel credit card.

partnership, credit card, FIS, report, cashback, cashless, loyalty programme, digitalisation

FIS Worldpay partners with Shyft Network

News | Cryptocurrencies | 03 Mar 2022

Worldpay from FIS, a payments processor, has partnered with Shyft Network, a digital identity system designed to bring the cryptocurrency industry in line with global anti-money laundering (AML) rules.

FIS, cryptocurrency, compliance, digital identity, partnership

SumUp taps Worldpay from FIS for global expansion

News | Online Payments | 11 Feb 2022

US-based FIS has announced that fintech SumUp will use Worldpay’s merchant solution portfolio for continued global expansion.

FIS, partnership, digital payments, SMEs, expansion, payment methods

The case for convergence: Building resilience to financial crime

Voice of the Industry | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 07 Feb 2022

Stephen Lazenby from INETCO tackles the challenges faced by the latest AML regulations and technologies and suggests a new approach for financial institutions to improve their resilience to modern financial crimes

AML, money laundering, financial crime, cybercrime, FIS, online security

MoonPay uses FIS for merchant acquiring services

News | Cryptocurrencies | 14 Jul 2021

MoonPay, which provides payments infrastructure for buying and selling cryptocurrency, has selected FIS for merchant acquiring services.

cryptocurrency, FIS, expansion, NFT

FIS launches AML Compliance Hub in partnership with C3 AI

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 17 Jun 2021

FIS has announced the launch of AML Compliance Hub, a new AI-enables risk solution developed in partnership with C3 AI.

FIS, artificial intelligence, AML, KYC

FIS introduces banking solution for purchasing Bitcoin

News | Cryptocurrencies | 06 May 2021

FIS has introduced a solution that enables banks to offer their customers the ability to buy, sell, and hold Bitcoin via their bank accounts.

Bitcoin, banks, FIS, partnership, product launch

FIS rolls out cloud-based solution for real-time payments

News | Payments General | 29 Apr 2021

Global financial technology provider FIS has announced RealNet, a new cloud-based, software as a service (SaaS) platform.

product launch, API, FIS, real-time payments, ACH, digital banking, account-to-account payment

FIS, Flutterwave partner to payment processing capabilities in South Africa and Nigeria

News | Online Payments | 23 Apr 2021

FIS has announced a partnership with Fultterwave to expand its payment processing capabilities across markets in South Africa and Nigeria.

FIS, Flutterwave, merchants, online payments

Digital wallets eclipse cash globally at POS for first time during pandemic, FIS study finds

News | Mobile Payments | 25 Feb 2021

Global consumers made increasing use of mobile wallets and other alternative payment methods in 2020 during the pandemic, a new report released by FIS has revealed.

FIS, e-wallet, mobile payments, contactless payments, report

Tech Mahindra to acquire Payments Technology Services

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 13 Jan 2021

India-based IT services player Tech Mahindra has announced it will acquire Payments Technology Services (PTSL), a subsidiary of fintech firm FIS, for USD 9 million.

Tech Mahindra, Payments Technology Services, acquisition, FIS, payment solution provider, PSP