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UK fintech Wollit fast-tracks income-levelling service for freelancers

31 Mar 2020 | Online Payments

UK-based fintech Wollit has launched a payments service to top-up the monthly pay packets of freelancers and gig workers.

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BharatPe raises USD 75 mln to help Indian merchants accept digital payments

24 Feb 2020 | Payments General

BharatPe, an India-based startup that is enabling merchants to accept digital payments, has raised USD 75 million in a new financing round.

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Banking-as-a-service, fintech investments, and PSD2 compliance – Interview with Advapay

17 Oct 2019 | Interviews

Maxim Ivanchenko, founder and CEO of Advapay and Canopus IT, describes the current state of the fintech landscape, and how Advapay is streamlining BaaS solutions to keep ahead of competition

Maxim Ivanchenko, Advapay, Canopus, fintech, fintech investment, banking as a service, BaaS, PSD2, open banking, PSD2 compliance, RTS, Revolut, N26, Monzo, fintech startup, AML, Europe

J.P. Morgan to buy stake in UK fintech startup

01 Jul 2019 | Payments General

J.P. Morgan Chase has announced being in talks to buy a stake in a banking technology startup 10x Future Technologies.

J.P. Morgan, J.P. Morgan Chase, 10x Future Technologies, fintech, financial technologies, US, North America, UK, Europe, UK fintech startup, Barclays

BBVA announces new fintech accelerator programme

01 Jul 2019 | Payments General

BBVA has announced the launch of its new accelerator programme that is designed to “foster” success among the fintech startup ecosystem.

BBVA, BBVA Open Innovation Accelerator Program, startup accelerator, financial technology, fintech, startup, Spain, Europe, fintech startup ecosystem

CaixaBank, Global Payments, Ingenico launch fintech startup programme

01 Jul 2019 | Payments General

CaixaBank, Global Payments, Ingenico have partnered to create an innovation programme supporting startups in the fintech and business sectors.

CaixaBank, Global Payments, Ingenico, partnership, Zone2boost, fintech, business, fintech startup programme, DayOne, financial technology, Europe, Spain

Fintech startup Paysend hits crowdfunding campaign goal of USD 5.33 mln

12 Jun 2019 | Payments General

International fintech startup, Paysend, has raised USD 5.33 million (GBP 4.2 million) in its first crowdfunding campaign on

Fintech startup, Paysend, crowdfunding, expansion, innovation, funding

Unicredit chooses FinDynamic to offer dynamic discounting

11 Jun 2019 | E-invoicing, SCF & E-procurement

UniCredit Bank has announced taking a minority stake in FinDynamic, an Italy-based fintech startup offering dynamic discounting programs.

UniCredit Bank, FinDynamic, partnership, Italy, Europe, dynamic discounting, supply chain finance, SCF, fintech, fintech startup, BFF Banking Group, B2B payments, buyer, supplier

Fintech startup Tully launches to solve UKs consumer debt problem

26 Apr 2019 | Payments General

Fintech startup Tully has launched to help solve the UK’s consumer debt problem.

Fintech startup, Tully, UK, consumer debt, financial plan, money management

Norways DNB calls for fintech startups

20 Dec 2018 | Payments General

Norway-based bank DNB and StartupLab have launched an invitation for fintech startups to join their DNB NXT Accelerator.

DNB, StartupLab, startup accelerator, Norway, programme launch, fintech startup, DNB NXT Accelerator, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Stripe.