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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Fiat Money and other Fiat Money-related topics:

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DeFi project KingSwap launches Visa debit card globally

News | Cards | 18 Jan 2021

DeFi project KingSwap has announced the launch of its Visa debit card, available globally. 

DeF, KingSwap, Visa, debit card, cards, fiat money, cashback, cryptocurrencies

Wirex to roll out 26 fiat-backed stablecoins on the Stellar network

News | Cryptocurrencies | 26 Apr 2019

Wirex, a UK FCA regulated provider of digital money solutions, has teamed up with Stellar to release 26 fiat-backed stablecoins for its 2 million+ users and 5000+ business clients.

Wirex, cryptocurrency, partnership, remittances, stablecoin, fiat money, cryptocurrency, real time transactions

Bitwala tokenizes the future of blockchain banking

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 21 Mar 2019

Bitwala has announced it is building the way to its expansion strategy, planning to deepen market penetration across Europe and build bridges to other continents.

Bitwala, Germany, Token, blockchain, banking, Europe, gateway, cryptocurrencies, fiat money, IPO, trading, financing solution, investors, equity securities, shareholders

Crypto-assets under legal microscope: a summary of ESMA Advice on ICOs and crypto-assets

Voice of the Industry | Expert Opinion | 08 Mar 2019

Crypto-assets have drawn significant attention globally, amid rising concerns over the risks surrounding transactions with these assets.

cryptocurrency, ICO, ESMA, transactions , regulations, government, DLT, Token, digital wallets, miners, payments , banks, fiat money, risks

Japanese yen surpasses US dollar in Bitcoin-to-fiat transactions

News | Cryptocurrencies | 27 Dec 2018

The Japanese yen has surpassed the US dollar in terms of becoming the most traded national currency in the Bitcoin-to-fiat market.

Japan, Bitcoin, fiat money, transactions , cryptocurrency, exchanges, security, hacks

Web Wallet public test created for MinexPay crypto cards

News | Cryptocurrencies | 24 Dec 2018

MinexSystems has created the Minex Web Wallet, for the MinexPay ecosystem, to ensure all the processes involved in converting cryptocurrency into fiat.

wallet, cryptocurrency, cards, MinexSystems, fiat money, banks, accounts, payments

IvyPay platform launched for crypto transfer

News | Cryptocurrencies | 21 Nov 2018

Blockchain-based tech company Ivy and cryptocurrency broker service have partnered to launch IvyPay platform.

IvyPay,, cryptocurrency, fiat money, Australia, credit cards, fees, dollars deposits, partnership