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Here is what European merchants need to be aware of when expanding overseas

02 Apr 2019 | Interviews

Felix Eckhardt, Piet Mahler, RISK IDENT: The majority of merchants on both sides of the Atlantic review fewer than 10% of transactions and the reject rate is around 3%

merchants, fraud, ecommerce, RISK IDENT, Felix Eckhardt, Piet Mahler, regulation

Interview with RISK IDENT on the basics of device identification

31 Jan 2019 | Interviews

The Paypers has interviewed Felix Eckhardt, RISK IDENT’s CTO to learn about using device identification to spot fraudsters in online transactions

Felix Eckhardt, RISK IDENT, device identification, online transactions, fraudsters, Multilogin, Antidetect, ecommerce, device attributes

On-demand commerce demands a fresh approach to fraud

08 Nov 2018 | Expert Opinion

Felix Eckhardt and Piet Mahler of RISK IDENT explain how to finely balance customer expectations with risk management in on-demand businesses

on-demand commerce, fraud prevention, RISK IDENT, Felix Eckhardt, Piet Mahler, machine learning