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iProov, Evernym to simplify onboarding and device binding for personal identity management

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 12 Aug 2020

Biometric authentication technology company iProov has partnered with self-sovereign identity (SSI) company Evernym to facilitate the onboarding process. 

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Onfido, Deloitte, Evernym successfully trial reusable digital identity solutions

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 03 Jun 2020

Onfido, Deloitte, and Evernym have announced the positive results of their Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulatory sandbox pilot.

Onfido, Deloitte, Evernym, FCA, digital identity. onboarding, KYC, identity verification, authentication, banks, FCA, UK

Self-Sovereign Identity to be a billion-dollar industry by 2024

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 03 Feb 2020

A new report from Juniper Research found that the SSI (self-sovereign identity) movement will reach annual revenue of USD 1.1 billion by 2024.

Juniper Research, SSI, self-sovereign identity, blockchain, technology, Evernym, Civic, Metadium, study

Monese, Seedrs, Curve join Onfido to test re-usable identity concept

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 26 Aug 2019

Several UK fintechs including Monese, Seedrs, Curve, and B-Social have joined UK-based Onfido in FCA’s regulatory sandbox test.

Monese, Seedrs, Curve, Onfido, FCA, UK, Evernym, Deloitte, digital identity, digital onboarding, identity verification, AI, facial recognition

Evernym joins the Red Cross to develop digital identity project

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 31 Jan 2019

Evernym, the self-sovereign identity company, has joined the Red Cross and four other NGOs on its “ID for Good Initiative”.

self sovereign identity, Evernym, digital identity, blockchain, ID2020 Alliance, Red Cross

9 companies leveraging blockchain to support the identity building blocks

Voice of the Industry | Expert Opinion | 03 Aug 2018

As the digital and physical reality are blurring into a single integrated way of living, it has become essential for individuals to own and control all elements of their digital identity.

blockchain, digital identity, self sovereign identity, federated entity, Civic, SelfKey, Trusted Key Identity, Cambridge Blockchain, KYC Chain, ShoCard, Evernym, uPort ID

CULedger, Evernym to launch distributed ledger identity system

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 02 Mar 2018

US credit union consortium CULedger and blockchain developer Evernym have announced a new digital identity system based on distributed ledger technology.

CULedger, Evernym, distributed ledger, blockchain, digital identity, data privacy, security, identity theft, partnership, MyCUID