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Cash usage trends – a method under siege in the coronavirus era

Voice of the Industry | Payments General | 28 Oct 2020

Ryan Tuttle, Consumer Finance Consultant at Euromonitor, talks about the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic when it comes to the usage of different payment methods

Ryan Tuttle, Euromonitor International, cash, COVID-19, payment methods, digital payments, QR code, merchants

Digital wallets – shaping the digital consumers of the future

Voice of the Industry | Mobile Payments | 23 Oct 2020

Hianyang Chan, Senior Consultant at Euromonitor, elaborates on the latest developments when it comes to digital wallets

Hianyang Chan, Euromonitor, digital wallets, Asia-Pacific, digital payments, payment method, super app, WeChat Pay, Alipay

Cards to exceed cash payments in Germany, Euromonitor says

News | Cards | 17 Sep 2020

Market research company Euromonitor International has launched a white paper indicating that card payment value in Germany is projected to surge, while cash will drop by 2025.

Germany, Euromonitor International, cards, credit cards, cash payments, cash transactions, card payment transactions, Europe,

Alibaba, dominate retail in APAC, Euromonitor report finds

News | Ecommerce | 05 Aug 2019

A new Euromonitor International report has revealed that China-based ecommerce giants Alibaba and were APAC’s top retailers by sales in 2018.

Euromonitor International, retail, report, China, ecommerce, Alibaba,, APAC, retailers

Interview with Kinda Chebib, Euromonitor, on payment technological advancements in APAC and Africa

Interviews | Interviews | 15 Apr 2019

We interviewed Kinda Chebib, Consultant at Euromonitor International, to learn more about the latest payment technological advancements in APAC and Africa 

Kinda Chebib, Euromonitor International, payments, fintech, APAC, Africa, payment regulation, card, bank, cashless payments, Google, Apple, Samsung, blockchain, cryptocurrency, retail, mobile wallet, unbanked population, European Payments Summit 2019

How the adoption of financial products and services will directly impact commerce

Voice of the Industry | Expert Opinion | 21 Feb 2019

Kendrick Sands, Head of Consumer Finance at Euromonitor International, talks about card and electronic payments, financial service adoption, and their impact on commerce

Kendrick Sands, Euromonitor International, card, electronic payments, financial service adoption, commerce, non-traditional payments, smartphone, online retail

How the shift in retail drives card adoption in China

Voice of the Industry | Expert Opinion | 30 Aug 2018

Kendrick Sands of Euromonitor International depicts the card payments landscape in China, revealing what opportunities the shift towards online channels has brought to this industry

Euromonitor, Kendrick Sands, debit card, China, payment methods, ecommerce, retail, cards

Total card fraud losses across European countries grows by EUR 30 mln

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 30 Jul 2018

The analytic software company FICO has released its annual interactive map which reveals changes in card fraud across Europe.

CNP fraud, Europe, FICO, Euromonitor, card fraud

The growth of electronic payments and the rising appetite for credit

Voice of the Industry | Expert Opinion | 25 Apr 2018

Kendrick Sands, Head of Consumer Finance Research at Euromonitor International, on the global trends that shape consumer finance. 

electronic payments, credit cards, consumer finance trends, Euromonitor, Kendrick Sands

Amazon doubles sales in Mexico in 2017

News | Ecommerce | 21 Dec 2017

Amazon is expected to double its sales in Mexico in 2017, boosting the country’s ecommerce market by a third, according to a report by Euromonitor International.

Amazon, ecommerce, Mexico, North America, Euromonitor, online sales, marketplace

UK bans card surcharges, will merchants raise prices?

Voice of the Industry | Expert Opinion | 17 Aug 2017

Ryan Tuttle, Euromonitor International: The UK opted to extend the ban to all retail payments, including transactions processed by government agencies  

Euromonitor, Ryan Tuttle, surcharge, PSD2, cards, expert opinion, EU, UK, retail, payments, Interchange Fee Regulation, merchants, prices

Card fraud losses reach EUR 19 bln for 19 European countries

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 29 Jun 2017

An interactive map released by FICO has shown that card fraud losses for 19 European countries hit approximately EUR 1.8 billion.

card fraud, CNP fraud, Europe, study, FICO, Euromonitor, UK Cards Association

Asia Pacific payscape 2021

Voice of the Industry | Expert Opinion | 27 Apr 2017

Kendrick Sands, Euromonitor International: All international companies involved in the payment process are looking to better position themselves in the Asia-Pacific region

Asia Pacific, payscape, Kendrick Sands, Euromonitor International, payment process, expert opinion, companies, cards, international