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CryptoRefills integrates Polygon Technology to offer paymen option based on Layer 2 Ethereum

News | Cryptocurrencies | 15 Apr 2021

CryptoRefills, a shopping platform that enables people to shop for everyday needs with cryptocurrency has integrated Polygon to offer its users a new payment option based on Layer 2 Ethereum Technology.  

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ConsenSys closes USD 65 mln formation round

News | Cryptocurrencies | 14 Apr 2021

ConsenSys has closed its USD 65 million formation round to accelerate the convergence of decentralised finance (DeFi) and Web3 applications on Ethereum with enterprise blockchain infrastructure.

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SEBA Bank to list digital assets on SIX Swiss Exchange

News | Cryptocurrencies | 08 Apr 2021

Switzerland-based SEBA Bank, a FINMA-licenced bank, has announced it is listing a suite of digital-assets-based exchange traded products on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

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Crypto market cap rises to record USD 2 trillion, Bitcoin at USD 1.1 trillion

News | Cryptocurrencies | 06 Apr 2021

The cryptocurrency market capitalisation has hit an all-time peak of USD 2 trillion, Reuters cited data and market trackers CoinGecko and Blockfolio.

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VanEck reveals crypto product with Ethereum ETN

News | Cryptocurrencies | 02 Apr 2021

The asset manager VanEck has announced listing the VanEck Vectors Ethereum ETN on the Germany-based stock exchange Xetra.

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EQUOS expands its stablecoin offering by listing Tether

News | Cryptocurrencies | 02 Apr 2021

EQUOS, Diginex’s institutional-grade cryptocurrency exchange, has expanded its stablecoin offering by listing Tether (USDT). 

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CoinLoan token listed on the Bittrex Global Exchange

News | Cryptocurrencies | 01 Apr 2021

The cryptocurrency lending platform CoinLoan has announced launching its CLT token on the Bittrex Global exchange. 

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Canada outlines securities law requirements and application to crypto trading platforms

News | Cryptocurrencies | 31 Mar 2021

Canadian securities authorities have outlined securities law requirements and application to crypto-asset trading platforms (or CTPs).

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Nets Group enables crypto acceptance at shop tills in Austria

News | Cryptocurrencies | 31 Mar 2021

Nets Group, a large European payment services provider, has teamed up with Salamantex to bring acceptance of digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, and Ripple to in-store points-of-sale in Austria.

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Visa partners can process fiat transactions using crypto

News | Cryptocurrencies | 30 Mar 2021

Visa has announced the launch of a programme for its partners to exchange USDC over the payment network to process transactions in Fiat.

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Cardano launches smart contracts and becomes DeFi platform

News | Cryptocurrencies | 30 Mar 2021

Switzerland-based cryptocurrency platform Cardano has announced launching smart contracts processing and developing into a DeFi platform in 2021.

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Visa to allow payment settlements using USD Coin crypto, Reuters

News | Cryptocurrencies | 29 Mar 2021

Visa has announced it will allow the use of the cryptocurrency USD Coin to settle transactions on its payment network, according to Reuters.

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Paysafe partners with Coinbase to expand its crypto offerings to US

News | Cryptocurrencies | 25 Mar 2021

Paysafe, a payments platform, has announced that its digital wallet Skrill has expanded its cryptocurrency offering to the US via Coinbase partnership.

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eSportStars introduces DeFi and NFT functions

News | Cryptocurrencies | 24 Mar 2021

Switzerland-based competitive gaming content website eSports decentralised application (DApp) eSportStars has announced the introduction of DeFi and NFT functions.

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Robinhood is planning its own crypto wallet

News | Cryptocurrencies | 24 Mar 2021

The US-based trading app Robinhood has announced planning a crypto wallet launch. 

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Ethereum ETP launches in Germany

News | Cryptocurrencies | 22 Mar 2021

Deutsche Börse has announced the launch of Ethereum product ZETH on Deutsche Börse’s electronic trading platform Xetra

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The Bank of Thailand to introduce stablecoin regulation

News | Cryptocurrencies | 22 Mar 2021

An assistant governor of Thailand has announced that The Bank of Thailand (BOT) will regulate foreign currency-backed stablecoins, asset-backed stablecoins, and algorithmic stablecoins that are not illegal. 

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SushiSwap launches on Avalanche

News | Cryptocurrencies | 17 Mar 2021

SushiSwap, an automated market-making (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX), has expanded with Avalanche’s decentralised finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

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Ethereum Foundation launches blockchain update 'Berlin'

News | Cryptocurrencies | 12 Mar 2021

The Ethereum Foundation has announced the next update ‘Berlin’, which promises to introduce more security and lower fees.

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The Kessler Collection partners with BitPay to accept cryptocurrency payments

News | Cryptocurrencies | 11 Mar 2021

The Kessler Collection, a US-based luxury hotel group, has decided to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment, had has partnered with BitPay, a provider of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment services. 

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