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Covid-19 will spur EU payments dirigisme and protectionism

Voice of the Industry | Online Payments | 01 May 2020

Eric Grover, Principal at Intrepid Ventures, analyses how the Covid-19 pandemic fuels EU’s dirigisme in payments by highlighting the main changes that were made

Eric Grover, Intrepid Ventures, COVID-19, payments, cards, fees, acquirers, banking, credit card interchange, US, EU, Visa, MasterCard, PEPSI

An analysis over EUs proposal on cross-border payments regulation

Voice of the Industry | Expert Opinion | 13 Sep 2018

As the EC requires better disclosure of credit card foreign exchange fees, Eric Grover, Principal at Intrepid Ventures, analyses the impact this decision might have over payments.

Eric Grover, Intrepid Ventures, cross border payments, Europe, Dynamic Currency Conversion, fees, foreign exchange fees, currency exchanges