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Globitex offers AML functionalities with Bitfury Crystal amid 5AMLD

26 Feb 2020 | Cryptocurrencies

Globitex, a fintech serving crypto businesses, has announced a cooperation with Bitfury Group’s Crystal Blockchain.

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PwC unveils audit solution for cryptocurrency

21 Jun 2019 | Cryptocurrencies

PwC has announced an addition to their existing ‘Halo’ suite of auditing tools, to provide assurance services for entities engaging in cryptocurrency transactions.

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Bitfinexs subsidiary Ethfinex Trustless reveals decentralized OTC

07 Jun 2019 | Cryptocurrencies

Bitfinex-owned hybrid cryptocurrency exchange Ethfinex Trustless has launched its on-chain decentralised over-the-counter (OTC) service.

Bitfinex, subsidiary, hybrid crypto, exchange, Ethfinex Trustless, launch, decentralised OTC, cryptocurrency, on chain, financial instrument, ERC20, token, blockchain, transaction, KYC

Lumi Wallet announces support for EOS blockchain

06 May 2019 | Cryptocurrencies

The development team of Lumi Wallet has broaden its ecosystem, introducing support for EOS blockchain.

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British Virgin Islands, create crypto payments system for emergency aid

26 Apr 2019 | Cryptocurrencies

The British Virgin Islands has partnered with blockchain company to launch an alternative crypto-enabled payments infrastructure.

British Virgin Islands, blockchain, partnership, cryptocurrency, payments, UK,, Ether, Bitcoin, ERC20, token, electronic payments, transactions