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EBANX announces expansion to Central America, launches EBANX GO in LATAM

16 Oct 2020 | Online Payments

Brazil-based fintech company EBANX has announced its expansion to Central America and the launch of EBANX GO within the LATAM region.

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EBANX partners Nequi and Efecty to expand reach in Colombia

06 Oct 2020 | Online Payments

EBANX has announced that it has expanded its payment solutions portfolio in Colombia, by integrating with digital wallet Nequi and cash-based payment Efecty.

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EBANX, Visa expand strategic partnership in Brazil

25 Sep 2020 | Online Payments

EBANX and Visa have extended their strategic partnership sealed by the Participation Agreement in the Money Transfer Merchant Program of Visa.

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EBANX joins PayPal expanding offer on digital wallets in Brazil

22 Sep 2020 | Mobile Payments

Brazil-based payments company EBANX has announced payment possibilities in Brazil for purchases of products and services in partnership with PayPal.

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EBANX and Amazon announce partnership in Colombia

18 Sep 2020 | Online Payments

Brazil-based fintech EBANX and Amazon have announced a partnership in Colombia to boost local digital payments.

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ACI Worldwide, EBANX drive local credit card usage and alternative payment methods in LATAM

27 Aug 2020 | Online Payments

ACI Worldwide has partnered with EBANX to enable local credit card usage and alternative payment methods for global ecommerce businesses in LATAM. 

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EBANX offers debit payment solutions for all global merchants in Brazil

26 Aug 2020 | Online Payments

Payments company EBANX has announced that it will provide debit card payment processing in Brazil to all global merchants. 

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EBANX launches ecommerce-focused logistics solution in the US

21 Aug 2020 | Ecommerce

EBANX has announced the launch in the US of its international logistics solution LEVE, to help online stores in the country to send parcels to Brazil.

EBANX, ecommerce logistics, delivery, shipping, LEVE, Brazil, cross-border commerce

EBANX expands its checkout solution for Shopify in LATAM

05 Aug 2020 | Online Payments

Payments company EBANX has announced the expansion of its transparent checkout solution for Shopify to more Latin American countries. 

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EBANX expands payments operation to Uruguay

30 Jul 2020 | Payments General

Payments company EBANX has announced the beginning of its operations in Uruguay, growing its payment processing reach to nine Latin America countries. 

EBANX, payments, Uruguay, ecommerce, fintech

Brazilians to increase spendings on ecommerce after the pandemic

02 Jun 2020 | Ecommerce

A research launched by Brazil-based payments fintech EBANX has revealed a tendency to maintain or increase the average purchase frequency on ecommerce, amid the pandemic.

EBANX, Brazil, survey, COVID-19, purchasing frequency, nternational ecommerce, boleto bancário, international purchases

EBANX's merchants in Brazil receive Caixa debit card

15 May 2020 | Cards

EBANX has started to offer its international merchants the virtual debit card recently launched by the Brazilian Caixa Econômica Federal

EBANX, launch, Caixa debit card, Brazil, LATAM, merchants, payment method, fintech, checkout

EBANX launches transparent checkout for Shopify in Brazil

30 Apr 2020 | Online Payments

Payments fintech EBANX has announced the launch of its Sell in LatAm EBANX Checkout for Shopify, a single integration transparent checkout for foreign stores that sell to Brazil through the Shopify platform. 

EBANX, Shopify, checkout optimization, Brazil, payment methods

EBANX launches digital account and prepaid card

20 Jan 2020 | Payments General

EBANX has announced the launch of its new digital account, EBANX GO, and prepaid card in a partnership with Visa.

EBANX, prepaid card, Visa, merchants

Ebanx launches digital wallets

15 Jan 2020 | Mobile Payments

Fraud Prevention and Online Authentication Report 2019/2020

Brazil-based payments startup Ebanx has began offering its digital wallets to 10,000 consumers on a test basis, expanding its product portfolio beyond services to ecommerce platforms, Reuters reports.

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Why Amazon, Uber, Facebook, and Spotify are investing in Latin America

18 Dec 2019 | Ecommerce

Henrik Nilsmo, Chief Commercial Officer at EBANX, shares why so many companies look to LATAM as the go-to region for investments

Henrik Nilsmo, EBANX, Latin America, ecommerce, payments, cross-border ecommerce, digital

How to sell to Latin America: an ecommerce experience with Lola Moda Brasil

25 Nov 2019 | Ecommerce

Nico Nuzzi, founder and CEO of Eli Z Group: Offering local payment methods is the first step for any online retailer to succeed in Latin America

Lola Moda Brasil, Latin America, EBANX, payments, ecommerce, retailers

Global reconciliation and how to master it: lessons from EBANX

17 Oct 2019 | Expert Opinion

Wagner Ruiz, EBANX: The global reconciliation process is critical for any business, regardless of size, as it allows a company to see its business in every aspect – revenue, costs, and setbacks

Wagner Ruiz, EBANX, global reconciliation, payments, merchant, ecommerce, cross-border trade, online payments, Latin America

EBANX raises investment from FTV Capital

16 Oct 2019 | Payments General

EBANX has raised a follow-on investment from FTV Capital, a US-based growth equity investment company.

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UATP, EBANX to connect airline merchants to LATAM

11 Oct 2019 | Online Payments

UATP has partnered with Brazil-based online payment provider EBANX to connect airline merchants to LATAM.

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