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nexo standards expands scope beyond card-based transactions

News | Online Payments | 15 Jun 2021

Belgium-based association nexo standards, dedicated to providing ISO-based solutions for payment acceptance, has expanded its scope to mobile wallets, instant payments, request-to-pay and QR codes.

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Interview with the Central Bank of Jamaica and eCurrency on CBDCs

Interviews | Payments General | 11 Jun 2021

The Central Bank of Jamaica and eCurrency delve into the topic of CBDCs, based on the pilot that currently tests a digital Jamaican Dollar

CBDC, central bank, online security, cash, DLT, payment processing, digital payments, e-wallet, KYC, data privacy

Zumo joins the Cryto Climate Accord

News | Cryptocurrencies | 10 Jun 2021

Zumo has signed the Crypto Climate Accord (CCA), an initiative established to support the industry’s transition to 100% renewable energy and achievement of net-zero emissions by 2040.  

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Indian consumers are more concerned about digital payments fraud, ACI Worldwide reveals

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 08 Jun 2021

YouGov and ACI Worldwide have revealed in a new study that India-based consumers are increasingly concerned about digital payments fraud.

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RCBC launches ecommerce payment portal

News | Ecommerce | 07 Jun 2021

Philippines-based Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) has launched a payment portal for businesses, aimed at facilitating the collection of sales settled via ecommerce payments.

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Bank of Ghana announces CBDC project

News | Cryptocurrencies | 07 Jun 2021

The Governor of the Bank of Ghana has announced that the central bank has been working on a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

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Paysera partners with N26 to streamline e-shop payments

News | Cards | 04 Jun 2021

Lithuania-based fintech Paysera has integrated the Germany-based neobank N26 into its payment gateway. 

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Woolworths launches standalone payment business named Wpay

News | Online Payments | 03 Jun 2021

Woolworths Group has announced the launch of a new standalone payment business named Wpay.

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Merchantrade selects IDEMIA to boost the onboarding of customers for its mobile-enabled services

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 02 Jun 2021

Merchantrade, a Malaysia-based money service business operator, has announced that it has selected IDEMIA to boost the onboarding of customers for two of its mobile-enabled services.

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EU planning on using a digital wallet

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 02 Jun 2021

The European Union (EU) is set to unveil plans for a bloc-wide digital wallet, following requests from member states to find a safe way for citizens to access public and private services online.

e-wallet, digitalisation, identity verification, digital identity, regulation

Klever chooses Jumio for KYC and AML compliance

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 02 Jun 2021

Jumio has been chosen by cryptocurrency wallet Klever to provide biometric identity verification for automated user onboarding compliant with KYC and AML regulations.

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Tred teams up with Nium to launch green debit cards

News | Cards | 02 Jun 2021

UK-based fintech Tred has selected B2B payments company Nium to be its card-issuance partner for its new sustainable product – the Tred green debit card.

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Stripe, Grab partner online payments GrabPay in Southeast Asia

News | Mobile Payments | 27 May 2021

Stripe has announced a partnership with Grab to enable businesses across Southeast Asia to offer consumers online payments through the GrabPay e-wallet.

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Diem aims to replace USD stablecoin with gov digital dollar

News | Cryptocurrencies | 27 May 2021

The recently announced Diem USD stablecoin is intended as an interim step until the US Federal Reserve issues a central bank digital currency (CBDC) or digital dollar.

Diem, Diem Association, stablecoin, digital dollar, e-wallet, data privacy

ICICI Bank links UPI ID to its e-wallet

News | Mobile Payments | 26 May 2021

ICICI Bank has linked a UPI ID to its e-wallet, Pockets, providing users an alternative to IDs linked with a savings bank account.

e-wallet, UPI, mobile payments

Bank of Korea invites firms to become the bank's CBDC DLT technology provider

News | Payments General | 26 May 2021

Bank of Korea (BOK) has invited firms to become the technology provider for a central bank digital currency (CBDC) based on distributed ledger technology (DLT) and shared quite a few details.

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Stellar invests USD 15 mln in AirTM to boost digital payments in Latam

News | Online Payments | 26 May 2021

The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) has invested USD 15 million in AirTM, a digital wallet and peer-to-peer exchange platform based in Mexico.

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RS2 receives E-Money Institution license from the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority

News | Online Payments | 25 May 2021

Malta-based global payments processing and technology provider RS2 has announced that its German subsidiary, RS2 Financial Services, has been granted an E-Money Institution (EMI) license by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority.

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4ARTechnologies launches marketplace for NFTs and digital art

News | Cryptocurrencies | 25 May 2021

4ARTechnologies has launched the 4ART marketplace for NFTs and digital art, a new module in their all-in-one tool.

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Vodacom to launch super app Vodapay in South Africa

News | Mobile Payments | 24 May 2021

Vodacom has announced the launch of its super app Vodapay, in South Africa.

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