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The American Central Bank Digital Currency plan – quiet, powerful, imminent

Voice of the Industry | Cryptocurrencies | 02 Sep 2020

Douwe Lycklama, Innopay: After years of cash reduction in favour of commercial banks debt money, now central banks can regain some of their position once held in a cash society

Douwe Lycklama, Innopay, CBDC, central bank digital currency, programmable money, digital wallet, tokens, decentralised finance, DeFi, US, Central banks

Data Sharing Days 2020 - in conversation with the co-hosts

Voice of the Industry | Payments General | 05 Feb 2020

‘Afsprakenstelsel’ could be the next Dutch word to go global!

Innopay, Mariane ter Veen, Everything Transactions, Douwe Lycklama, data sharing, iSHARE, trust, Data Sharing Days

[VIDEO] In the transactional internet we will have control of our own data: interview with Douwe Lycklama, INNOPAY

Interviews | Payments General | 06 Dec 2019

The Paypers talks with Douwe Lycklama, Innopay, co-author of ‘Everything Transaction’ about the transactional Internet, data, trust and more

Chiel Liezenberg, Douwe Lycklama, Shikko Nijland, Innopay, blockchain, big data, internet of things, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, biometrics, data, trust, transactional internet

Management book 'Everything Transaction' released

News | Ecommerce | 23 Oct 2019

The management book 'Everything Transaction' by Shikko Nijland, Douwe Lycklama, and Chiel Liezenberg has been released and will be available as an English-language hard copy and e-book starting with October 15th.

Shikko Nijland, Douwe Lycklama, Chiel Liezenberg, Everything Transaction

Data, trust, and the unprecedented opportunities of the transactional Internet

Interviews | Online Payments | 21 Oct 2019

The Paypers has sat with Douwe Lycklama, Innopay, co-author of Everything Transactionto find out more about the book, and learn about concepts such as transaction data, data, and trust

digital transactions, digital identity, datasharing, platform economy, Innopay, data, trust, transactional internet, Chiel Liezenberg, Douwe Lycklama, Shikko Nijland

New perspectives on Facebook Libra: Bitcoin vs. Libra and data sovereignty

Voice of the Industry | Expert Opinion | 30 Aug 2019

The Paypers has been closely following how the Facebook Libra story is unwrapping, and it wasn’t surprising to find out that there are so many different perspectives on the story

PayKademy, Daniel Chatelain, Libra, Facebook, Bitcoin, B2B payments, proof of work, proof of stake, Douwe Lycklama, Innopay, data sovereignty, transactional internet, tokens, governance

Adventures in technology: use cases in financial services

Voice of the Industry | Expert Opinion | 14 Jul 2017

Money 20/20: Jack Dorsey, Square “I can’t wait for a time when plastic doesn’t exist.”

Money 2020 Europe, Markus Eichinger, Wirecard, Omnichannel ePOS, retail, ecommerce, AI, VR, Nick Dryden, Sthaler, biometrics, Visa, Jim McCarthy, Douwe Lycklama, Innopay, Cristina Soviany, Feature Analytics

Money 20/20 Europe: Digital banking is only 1 percent on its way

Voice of the Industry | Expert Opinion | 13 Jul 2017

Money 20/20 Europe: Where Europe fintech superheroes come together to build the future of money

Money 20/20 Europe, fintech, Douwe Lycklama, Innopay, PSD2, SCA, Open Banking, Tomas Likar, hyperWALLET, Marten Nelson, Token, Danny Klein, EverCompliant, 4MLD, KYC, Onfido, Eamon Jubbawy, Sarah Clark, Mitek, regtech, FacePhi, EyeVerify, Jumio