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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Digital Euro and other Digital Euro-related topics:

Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Digital Euro and other Digital Euro-related topics:

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Worldline delivers a front-end prototype for the digital euro

News | Cryptocurrencies | 30 May 2023

France-based payment services operator Worldline has provided the European Central Bank with a front-end prototype for the digital euro.

CBDC, digital euro, cryptocurrency, central bank, payment processing

SG-FORGE's EUR CoinVertible: bridging traditional capital markets and digital assets

Interviews | Cryptocurrencies | 23 May 2023

Interview with Jean-Marc Stenger, Chief Executive Officer at SG-FORGE on the issuance of the EUR CoinVertible

stablecoin, digital euro, banks, KYC, AML, digital currency

CBDC: threat or opportunity

Voice of the Industry | Cryptocurrencies | 13 Mar 2023

Dominika Duziak, Head of Product and Strategy at OneStep Financial, a member of The Payments Association, clarifies the most common misconceptions about CBDCs and advocates for enhanced digitalisation with their help.

CBDC, NFT, digitalisation, online payments, payments , mobile payments, mobile money, digital currency, digital wallet, digital euro, digital payments, e-wallet, cryptocurrency

Membrane Finance launches a regulated Euro stablecoin

News | Cryptocurrencies | 06 Feb 2023

Finland-based fintech company Membrane Finance has launched a fully reserved, EU-regulated stablecoin and payments network. 

stablecoin, cryptocurrency, product launch, digital euro, fintech

Bank of Spain allows MONEI to launch its own digital euro

News | Cryptocurrencies | 19 Jan 2023

Spain-based digital payments fintech MONEI has received the go-ahead from the Bank of Spain to issue its own digital euro in a sandbox.

cryptocurrency, stablecoin, central bank, digital euro, regulatory sandbox

EU to propose digital euro legislation in 2023

News | Online Payments | 05 Oct 2022

The European Commission has announced they will propose the legislation for the digital euro to be introduced as a CBDC issued by ECB in 2023.

digital euro, CBDC, central bank, banking, ecommerce, P2P payments

EBA shares report on dependency on non-EU financing

News | Payments General | 04 Oct 2022

The European Banking Authority (EBA) has published a report on the reliance of the EU financial sector on counterparties, operators, and financing originating from outside the Single Market.

report, central bank, banking, digital euro

ECB selects Nexi and Worldline to develop payments solution for digital euro

News | Payments General | 16 Sep 2022

The European Central Bank has chosen paytechs Nexi and Worldline to develop a front-end prototype for making payments with digital euros. 

digital euro, CBDC, central bank, P2P payments, ecommerce

ECB paper explores solutions for cross border payment challenges

News | Cryptocurrencies | 03 Aug 2022

The European Central Bank (ECB) has published a paper exploring the current inefficiencies of cross border payments, suggesting possible soutions through crypto, blockchain, or interlinked national payment rails.

digital euro, Bitcoin, CBDC, instant payments, instant settlement

European Central Bank president pushes for crypto regulation

News | Payments General | 25 May 2022

European Central Bank president Christine Lagarde has stated, according to Bloomberg, that crypto-currencies should be regulated to steer people away from speculating on them with their life savings.

digital euro, regulation, cryptocurrency, central bank

ECB pushes digital coin despite mixed feelings from population

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 18 May 2022

The European Central Bank has released another working paper on the digital euro, despite Europeans’ concerns regarding a central bank digital currency (CBDC)

central bank, digital euro, digital currency, cash, cashless, regulation, bank transfer, GDPR, CBDC

Navigating Terra Nova: The role of commercial banks in a future CBDC ecosystem

Voice of the Industry | Cryptocurrencies | 19 Apr 2022

What could the issuance of retail CBDCs mean for the role of commercial banks? The Euro Banking Association explores where commercial banks could offer compelling value propositions in a future CBDC ecosystem

banks, CBDC, retail, payments , mobile payments, fintech, financial institutions, central bank, digital euro, online payments

Survey: contactless P2P payments increase adoption of digital euro

News | Payments General | 05 Apr 2022

The European Central Bank’s (ECB) research has explained that the ability to make instant payments, including P2P, is a priority for a digital euro.

European Commission, digital euro, biometric authentication, multi-factor authentication

Will CBDC gain popularity across the globe?

Voice of the Industry | Cryptocurrencies | 20 Sep 2021

As CDBCs are being explored by several governments, Petr Kozyakov from Mercuryo explores some of the benefits they offer such as improved economical transparency, traceability, and security

CBDC, cryptocurrency, blockchain, digital currency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, banks, digital euro, online security, fraud management

Green lights for the digital euro project from ECB

News | Cryptocurrencies | 15 Jul 2021

The European Central Bank has given the green light to a multi-year project to create a digital version of the euro, according to Reuters.

digital euro, cashless, payment processing, e-wallet, banks, fintech, blockchain

German Banking Industry Committee is in favour of e-euros, position paper shows

News | Cryptocurrencies | 08 Jul 2021

The German Banking Industry Committee (GBIC) has released a position paper speaking out in favour of the E-Euro.

report, digital euro, CBDC, digital currency

Europe risks monetary sovereignty erosion if it doesn't push for digital euro

News | Cryptocurrencies | 30 Jun 2021

Europe's sovereign control over its money is at risk if it does not push ahead with plans for a digital euro and a European payments system, Reuters cited France's central bank head.

CBDC, digital euro, bigtech, payment processing, instant payments

The digital euro offers better data protection than private stablecoins, ECB states

News | Cryptocurrencies | 22 Jun 2021

European Central Bank (ECB) board member Fabio Panetta has stated believing that a digital euro would offer better data protection than privately issued stablecoins.

digital euro, cybersecurity, stablecoin, data protection

Germans are sceptical about the digital euro, survey shows

News | Cryptocurrencies | 17 Jun 2021

The Germany-based Bundesbank has released a survey showing that 56% of all German households are cautious in their initial assessment of the possible introduction of a digital euro. 

report, survey, digital euro, cryptocurrency

ECB wants digital euro as competition for 'artificial currencies'

News | Cryptocurrencies | 07 Jun 2021

The European Central Bank (ECB) has announced that a central bank digital currency (CBDC) is needed in order to contest ‘artificial currencies’ in international payments. 

report, CBDC, digital euro, digital currency