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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Curve and other Curve-related topics:

Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Curve and other Curve-related topics:

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UK-based Yapily announces expansion in Lithuania

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 14 Jan 2021

UK-based fintech Yapily has announced plans to set up the company’s third European office in Vilnius, Lithuania, according to the official press release.

UK, Yapily, expansion, Lithuania, fintech, Revolut, Curve, Square, PSD2, API, Open Banking, banks, financial institutions

Curve raises USD 95 mln in Series C funding round

News | Online Payments | 12 Jan 2021

UK-based fintech Curve has announced that it has raised USD 95 million in a Series C funding round led by IDC Ventures, Fuel Venture Capital, and Vulcan Capital.

Curve, funding round, series C, debit and credit cards, online payments

Curve and Plaid team up

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 16 Dec 2020

Fintech Plaid has joined forces with Curve to help give people in the UK a holistic view of their money, make the most of their spending, and improve their overall financial wellbeing.

Plaid , Curve, finance management, spending, financial wellbeing, categorisation

Thought Machine, Curve team up to provide new credit and loan offering

News | Payments General | 19 Oct 2020

UK-based core banking technology provider Thought Machine has announced that it has been selected by Curve to power its new credit and loan offering, Curve Credit. 

Thought Machine, Curve, Curve Credit, credit, loan, instalments, purchasing, credit scoring, transactions

Curve extends its card to Google Pay in 14 countries in Europe

News | Mobile Payments | 11 Sep 2020

Curve has extended its Curve card to Google Pay in 14 countries in Europe, as per IBS Intelligence news.

Curve, Google Pay, contactless payments, credit and debit cards, fintech

Samsung launches its digital-first Samsung Pay Card

News | Cards | 18 Aug 2020

Samsung has announced that the new Samsung Pay Card, powered by Curve, and in conjunction with global payments technology company Mastercard, will be available from 18 August 2020 in the UK.

Samsung, Curve, MasterCard, Samsung Pay Card, launch, UK, cards, Samsung Pay, smartphone, smartwatch

Curve selects Onfido to provide streamlined onboarding for its customers

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 29 Jul 2020

Curve has partnered with Onfido, the global identity verification and authentication company, to speed up, simplify, and unify its Digital Identity and Know Your Customer (KYC) processes.

Curve, Onfido, digital identity, Know Your Customer, KYC, biometric, ID verification

Curve overhauls its refunding system due to the Wirecard scandal

News | Cards | 03 Jul 2020

All-your-cards-in-one fintech Curve has announced updates regarding its refunding system amid the Wirecard scandal.

Curve, Wirecard, cards, Curve Cash Card, cashback, retailers, cardholders, virtual card

Connect Ventures announces USD 80 mln fund for 'product-led' seed-stage founders

News | Payments General | 25 Jun 2020

UK-based seed-stage VC Connect Ventures has announced a new USD 80 million fund to continue investing in ‘product-led’ founders.

Connect Ventures, funding, seed-stage, product-led, Top Tier Capital Partners, Isomer Capital, British Patient Capital, De Agostini, Big Society Capital, Draper Esprit, Korelya Capital, B2B software, consumer software, SaaS, fintech, future of work, digital health, Citymapper, Typeform, Curve, TrueLayer

Samsung, Curve, Mastercard to launch the Samsung Pay Card

News | Cards | 24 Jun 2020

Samsung’s digital banking platform Samsung Pay has partnered with fintech Curve and Mastercard to launch the Samsung Pay Card.

Samsung, Curve, MasterCard, Samsung Pay, Samsung Pay Card, digital banking, fintech, view of spend, cards, loyalty cards, bank cards, digital wallet

Curve rolls out credit waitlist for Curve Credit

News | Cards | 12 Jun 2020

Curve Credit, the credit subsidiary of Curve, has opened its waitlist for customers who want early access to its Curve Credit product when it hits the market later in 2020.

Curve Credit, Curve, instalments, merchants, credit card, debit card, commerce, credit list, instalments

Curve Metal launches in Europe

News | Cards | 20 May 2020

Curve, a UK-based banking platform, has announced that its premium Curve Metal card is available to its customers in the European Economic Area (EEA).

Curve, Premium Metal Card, Europe, UK, cards, European Economic Area, EEA, banking, transactions , MasterCard

Curve extends its partnership with Mastercard

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 01 May 2020

Curve, a UK-based banking platform, has announced an expanded partnership with Mastercard that sees Curve become a principal member of scheme.

Curve, MasterCard, partnership, UK, card, e-money, Wirecard

Curve expands Go Back in Time feature to 90 days

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 23 Apr 2020

Curve, a UK-based banking platform has expanded a feature called Go Back in Time that will allow users to switch old purchases up to 90 days back onto a different card. 

Curve, COVID-19, coronavirus, banking, UK, Go Back in Time, card, fintech

Curve announces it will offer cards that are numberless

News | Cards | 07 Apr 2020

UK-based banking app Curve has announced it will start providing users with numberless cards.

fintech, Curve, cards, UK, PIN, contactless, technology, merchants, PAN, online transactions

Curve to launch banking platform in the US

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 11 Feb 2020

UK-based banking app Curve has announced it will launch in the US during 2020 according to a statement by the company’s CEO.

Curve, expansion, banking app, US, UK, United States, online banking, banking platform, digital banking, lending, foreign exchange

Apple Pay coming to Curve customers across Europe

News | Mobile Payments | 28 Jan 2020

Banking platform Curve has announced it now brings its customers Apple Pay, aiming to streamline payments with a new way to pay.

Apple Pay, Curve, launch, Europe, cards, app, Apple

Curve enables users to send and receive money fee free from any account

News | Payments General | 23 Dec 2019

Curve, the banking platform that gathers multiple cards and accounts into one smart card, has launched Curve Send, enabling customers to send and receive money from any account to any account free of charge and without any currency conversion fees.

Curve, money transfer, smart card, banking platform

UK-based fintech Curve signs up Garmin, Fitbit, and Sony's Wena pay

News | Online Payments | 16 Dec 2019

UK-based banking platform Curve has has expanded its wearables offering by partnering with Garmin, Fitbit and Sony’s Wena pay.

Curve, UK, Garmin, Fitbit, Wena pay, Sony, IOT, internet of things, online payments, banking app, banking platform, e-wallet, bank account, bank card, online transaction, IoT payments, United Kingdom, Europe

Curve launches Google Pay integration; enables G Pay to work with all banks

News | Cards | 07 Nov 2019

UK customers of Curve, the banking platform that consolidates multiple cards and accounts into one smart card and app, can now connect all their accounts and pay using Curve with Google Pay (G Pay).

Curve, Google Pay, NFC, payments , app, banking, G Pay, banks