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BitPay expands wallet app features with Wyre integration

17 Sep 2020 | Cryptocurrencies

US-based crypto payments provider BitPay has issued a new feature enabling users to buy cryptocurrency from within the BitPay Wallet App using Wyre

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Visa to offer Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple payments

27 Jul 2020 | Cryptocurrencies

Payments provider Visa has announced plans to incorporate cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) into its payments network.

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Bud launches open banking payments, partners with for crypto trial

30 Jun 2020 | Payments General

UK-based fintech Bud has launched an open banking and PSD2 payment API and partnered with for crypto payments in Europe.

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Scotland-based Zumo partners with Modulr

29 Jun 2020 | Cryptocurrencies

Crypto wallet and exchange platform Zumo has partnered with digital payments platform Modulr to launch a GBP functionality on the former’s system.

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Samsung to focus on blockchain business opportunities via Gemini partnership

02 Jun 2020 | Cryptocurrencies

Samsung Electronics has formed a partnership with virtual asset exchange Gemini to provide Galaxy smartphone-based virtual asset trading services in the US and Canada.

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Infinito, Paxful to support crypto adoption globally

11 May 2020 | Cryptocurrencies

Infinito, a multi-crypto wallet for investing in digital assets, has teamed up with Paxful, a peer-to-peer bitcoin (BTC) marketplace that aims to provide financial inclusion around the globe.

Infinito, Paxful, cryptocurrency, crypto wallet, P2P payments, partnership, blockchain, Vietnam

Lloyd's of London, crypto startup Coincover to launch insurance product

10 Mar 2020 | Cryptocurrencies

Lloyd’s of London, a UK-based insurance market, has partnered with Coincover for launching an insurance policy to protect cryptocurrency held in online wallets against theft or other hacks.

Lloyd’s, London, insurance, cryptocurrency, startup, Coincover, UK, crypto wallets

Onchain Custodian outsources entire key management and storage process to IBM's public cloud

05 Mar 2020 | Cryptocurrencies

Onchain Custodian, Singapore-based custody provider, has released the latest version of its hardware-based vault, hosted entirely on IBM’s banking-grade public cloud.

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05 Feb 2020 | Cryptocurrencies has announced that their new Bitcoin wallet app is available for users to download globally on Google Play and iOs stores.

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Skrill adds new crypto-to-crypto buy and sell feature

28 Nov 2019 | Cryptocurrencies

Skrill, a digital wallet provider, has announced that customers can use Bitcoin to buy other cryptocurrencies using the Skrill Cryptocurrency Service.

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Cryptocurrencies - the page in the economics book that people (should) read

25 Nov 2019 | Cryptocurrencies

Payment Methods Report 2019

Bitcoin may be a product of computer science, but it is a very human story’ Larry Summers, American economist

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Bobby Lee to roll out Ballet, a crypto hardware wallet for the masses

12 Sep 2019 | Cryptocurrencies

Bobby Lee, co-founder and former CEO of BTCC, has announced the Ballet, a hardware wallet supporting multiple cryptocurrencies.

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Bank of America files patent security system for crypto wallet

20 Aug 2019 | Cryptocurrencies

Bank of America has been seeking to patent a security system for digital currency wallets that gives different users different levels of access to the stored funds.

Bank of America, crypto wallet, payments security, patent, blockchain, cryptocurrency, US, digital currency wallet

BitKan, reveal strategic partnership

12 Aug 2019 | Cryptocurrencies

BitKan and have signed a strategic collaboration agreement to leverage on each other’s global resources for a mutually beneficial win-win relationship.

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Samsung to include new crypto apps in its Blockchain Keystore

06 Aug 2019 | Cryptocurrencies

Samsung has included over a dozen new apps in its Blockchain Keystore online app market.

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Rakuten selects CipherTrace as compliance partner for new crypto exchange

30 May 2019 | Cryptocurrencies

Rakuten, a Japan-based ecommerce company, has partnered with blockchain analytics company CipherTrace to help ensure compliance for its soon-to-go-live cryptocurrency exchange.

Rakuten, Rakuten Wallet, cryptocurrency, crypto wallet, crypto exchange, Bitcoin, CipherTrace, Japan

Unikeys unveils flagship crypto wallet presale, powered by IDEMIA biometrics

14 May 2019 | Cryptocurrencies

Fintech startup Unikeys has launched the global presale of its flagship UKey card, a hardware wallet for crypto assets, secured with biometric fingerprint authentication.

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Rakuten rolls out its new cryptocurrency exchange to customers

18 Apr 2019 | Cryptocurrencies

Japanese ecommerce company Rakuten has started accepting account registrations for its new cryptocurrency exchange, Rakuten Wallet.

Rakuten, Rakuten Wallet, cryptocurrency, crypto wallet, crypto exchange, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency payments, Japan

Russian social media platform may launch its own cryptocurrency

02 Apr 2019 | Cryptocurrencies

Vkontakte, a Russian social media platform, has been working on developing its own cryptocurrency, Crypto Slate cited RNS, a Russian news outlet.

Vkontakte, Russia, social media, cryptocurrency, crypto wallet

digitec and Galaxus accept cryptocurrency payments

21 Mar 2019 | Cryptocurrencies

digitec and Galaxus have introduced cryptocurrencies as a method of payment, allowing customers in Switzerland to pay with Bitcoin and Altcoins.

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